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A Vampire's transformation is not nearly as startling as their Lycan counterparts. When they transform, their eyes turn a startling shade of electric blue or bright gold, while their canine teeth lengthen to become pointed fangs. At all times, the lateral incisors on all vampires are elongated and come to a sharp point. The Underworld vampires display most of the prominent vampire traits seen in popular culture: superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, agility, coordination, endurance, regeneration process and heightened senses.

  • Amelia - the only known female Vampire Elder in the Underworld series. She appeared briefly in Underworld and appeared in a flashback sequence in Underworld: Evolution. She is portrayed by Zita Görög. Amelia was bitten by the first vampire Markus. She was turned in order to help control the chaos created by Markus's brother William, the first lycan. William's inability to change back into human form caused trouble among the human society. William's rage could not be controlled, as the lycan virus spread across the land, it turned people into lycans or killed all in its path. Amelia had supported locking William within a coffin-like prison, in a remote place where Markus could not find him. Capture of William would not have happened without Amelia's help. She became one of the three Vampire Elders, alongside Markus and Viktor, but somewhat allied with Viktor who sought to undermine Markus' authority. She did not keep control during her last reign, allowing Lucian to work deals with Tanis for weapons to kill vampires.
  • Andreas Tanis is a character in the 2006 movie Underworld: Evolution. He is portrayed by Steven Mackintosh. Tanis is a vampire of considerable age and is the official Coven Historian. However, 300 years prior to the events that occurred within the first Underworld movie, he had been accused of recording "malicious lies" about Viktor, one of the Coven Elders. For his trouble, he was exiled by Selene to an abandoned monastery. 300 years later, Selene would learn the truth about Viktor and realize that what Tanis had recorded years earlier was, in fact, true.
  • Erika is a character in the Underworld film series as well as in the novelization of the film.[1] She is a vampire seductress, a social-climbing courtier in Viktor's mansion, obsessed with rising through the ranks of the vampire aristocracy. Her position within the aristocracy is unclear, but she most recently began seeking the attentions of Kraven.
  • Kraven is a fictional character from the movies Underworld and Underworld: Evolution. He is the main antagonist of the first film. He is portrayed by actor Shane Brolly. The name Kraven is a derivation of the English word "craven" meaning coward, a reference to Kraven's spineless nature. Kevin L. Nault writes that this one "significant character, Kraven (played by Shane Brolly), was consistently flat or simply off. Almost without fail, he came across with an emotion that I didn't buy, given the circumstances, or merely came across emotionally flat when I was expecting real terror."[2]
  • Markus Corvinus is the first vampire in the Underworld storyline, portrayed by Tony Curran in the film. He also appears in the novelization of the sequel.[3] He is the son of the first immortal and was bitten by a bat, thus making him into a Vampire. Markus was one of three sons of Helena and Alexander Corvinus. He, along with his twin brother William, inherited the same virus which transformed his father into the first true immortal. Markus had a strong bond with William. While William was bitten by a wolf which resulted in him becoming the first Lycan, or werewolf, Markus was bitten by a bat which transformed him into the first Vampire. William went on to ravage the countryside of Hungary, infecting the populace with his highly infectious lycanthropy virus. In order to combat the growing lycan threat Markus approached Viktor, a dying warlord, to borrow his military genius and army (who became the Death Dealers) in exchange for immortality. Viktor accepted and became one of the Vampire Elders. Markus also personally infected Amelia, making her the first Vampiress Elder.
  • Selene is a fictional character from Underworld and Underworld: Evolution. She is the main protagonist in the films and is portrayed by Kate Beckinsale. Selene was born to a Hungarian family. Her father was a well-known architect who helped design the fortress for a general named Viktor. The fortress was actually a dungeon intended for the imprisonment of the Lycan Elder, William Corvinus, condemned for his bloody and destructive behavior as a definite persona non grata for Viktor. After Lycans presumably killed her family, Selene was the only one left alive who had walked through the corridors of the fortress. However, she did not know that her family was slain by Viktor himself, and believed Viktor had saved her from the Lycans. The night her family was killed, she was made into a vampire by Viktor.
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  • Sonja is a fictional character from the Underworld series of films. This character is the daughter of the vampire elder Viktor, introduced by flashback, in Underworld. The character is heavily featured in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, and will be played by Rhona Mitra.[4] Sonja was the daughter of the powerful vampire elder, Viktor. She fell in love with the lycan slave, Lucian, despite the fact that she knew her father would disapprove. She eventually married Lucian in secret, and became pregnant with his child. This was done without Viktor's knowledge or blessing. She was executed by exposure to sunlight, as her husband was forced to watch. Viktor murdered her and her unborn child for breaking the Covenant. He viewed the child as an abomination and was acting to protect the vampire line's purity, though Sonja's death haunted him for the rest of his life. His guilt over this led him to spare Selene, who bore an uncanny resemblance to Sonja, from the slaughter of the rest of her family. Sonja wore a pendant, which was given to her by her father. After her death, Lucian took that pendent as a keepsake of his beloved wife. This pendant proved to be vitally important to the events that unfolded in Underworld: Evolution. Her death started the war between vampires and lycans that lasted for centuries afterward.
  • Soren is a fictional character and vampire in the Underworld mythos, including being referenced in the novelization of the sequel[5] and also appearing in the comic book prequel,[6] Kraven's janissary and the rival of Raze. He is played by Scott McElroy. Not much is ever revealed about Soren's past. What is known is that he is almost as old as Viktor himself (and was probably bitten by the Vampire Elder), he has a surprising lack of personal ambition, and, being two of a kind, he has a great rivalry with Raze. Soren was originally Viktor's bodyguard, a position he may have held since before either were vampires. He lost his position as Viktor's bodyguard after he left Viktor's daughter Sonja, whom he was charged to protect and watch over, alone during an ambush by mortals who were hateful of vampires. He also remained ignorant of the fact that Sonja was in love with the lycan Lucian until he was informed by a lycan woman who had been obsessed with Lucian and resented him falling for Sonja. Soren informed Viktor, who then executed his daughter. Viktor blamed Soren for not protecting her. Later, he served as the head torturer in Viktor's employ. He proved to be very skilled in taming Lycan slaves with silver edged whips, and even used them on Lucian at Viktor's request prior to Sonja's execution.


In the Underworld films, Lycans display a number of greatly enhanced physical attributes. They possess enhanced superhuman strength, reflexes, coordination, speed, agility, durability, endurance and regenerative abilities superior to that of most vampires while in their Lycan forms and are able to crawl across walls with great ease and speed, and have equal or greater physical abilities to Vampires in their human forms. Their bite releases the Lycan virus, which can aggressively overtake a normal human's physiology, causing them to become a Lycan as well. As explained by Selene in the first Underworld film though, a bite by either a Lycan or Vampire is typically lethal, suggesting that the majority of those bitten die rather than transform into either immortal race.

  • Lucian is a fictional character and second-generation Lycan, the leader of the Lycan horde in the movie Underworld. He is portrayed by actor Michael Sheen. Lucian was born the son of a captured female werewolf killed when Lucian was a young boy. He was branded with Viktor's mark signifying that he was put into slavery under one of Viktor's early reigns. Being born of two werewolves, he was a pure-blood Lycan. Lucian was once a Lycan servant to Viktor's clan. He was instrumental in the tracking of rogue Lycans. The next time he met those angry mortals was in an ambush while on the way to Viktor's castle with vampires and lycans, where Viktor's wife was killed and when his relationship with Sonja truly began, the two of them forced to hide together in a crypt when the sun rose while they were hiding from the mortals and a crazy preacher. Lucian and Sonja began an affair shortly after Sonja's arranged marriage to Markus's son Nicolae was announced, and it was revealed later that Sonja was pregnant with his child, making their child a Lycan-Vampire hybrid. Before Sonja was killed, Lucian had married Sonja in the Chapel they used for their many secret rendezvous, in a ceremony just between the two. Frustrated at being spurned, she went to Soren and told him of the yellow ribbon Sonja had given to Lucian, which she had taken from Lucian's chambers. Soren then went to Viktor and told him of this. Sonja was then executed. After Sonja's death and Lucian's escape, he raised an army of rogue Lycans and those who wished to fight against the vampires.
  • Razahir Khemse "Raze" is a fictional character from the Underworld films and novelization of the film.[7] He is an older Lycan who is the right hand man of the Lycan leader Lucian. He is played by Kevin Grevioux.[8] Kevin L. Nault also notes that "a powerful performance by Kevin Grevioux (also one of two writers for the movie) as the werewolf Raze was partially wasted by the fact that I constantly wondered who he was. He was clearly an important part of the werewolf group, but didn't appear to be exactly second in command or anything."[2] Raze, whose full name is Razahir Khemse, was born in Sudan in East Africa during the 14th century. Raze was the son of a powerful Sultan but his families lands were taken during a period of wars that spread into Africa. He was forced into slavery and taken to Hungary to be given as payment to Viktor the Vampire Elder. Upon traveling into Ördögház his caravan was escorted by Death Dealers including Viktor's daughter Sonja. Once the caravan traveled deeper in the forest it was attacked by first generation Lycans. Lucian swiftly arrived to battle the Lycans and save Sonja from being killed. Raze bravely fought the Lycans and Lucian was impressed with his battle prowess and courage despite the human's lack of enhanced abilities. Raze and Lucian were both imprisoned together shortly after the attack and joined forces against the Death Dealers. Lucian then saved his life from a werewolf when it was about to attack him from behind, and the two formed a special friendship.
  • William Corvinus is the first and only Lycan Elder in the Underworld mythos. He is the son of the first immortal and was bitten by a wolf, thus turning him into a Lycan. He is played by Brian Steele. William was the son of Alexander Corvinus and the twin brother of Marcus Corvinus. Both were born sometime in the 5th century. He, along with Marcus, inherited the immortality strain from his father. Marcus and William both shared a bond that Alexander never truly saw. Marcus was bitten by a bat and William by a wolf. He thus became the first true Lycan. Unlike later Lycans, he was an albino Lycan and could not transform back to human form. His lycanthropy virus was much more infectious than Marcus' vampire virus, even allowing dead victims to transform.


Other characters include:

  • Michael Corvin (in hungarian: Corvin Mihály) is a fictional character from the Underworld films, portrayed by Scott Speedman.[11] He also appears in the novelizations of these films.[12][13] He is the first Lycan/Vampire Hybrid from the mythos and the second protagonist. Michael was born sometime in 1975. He grew up and married Samantha Corvin, who died after a car accident. He took up residency as a trauma surgeon at a hospital in Budapest. According to the Underworld novelization, he lived in Long Island before moving to Hungary. Kevin L. Nault describes the Michael Corvin as "'Romeo' in this story, Michael Corvin (played by Scott Speedman), is a medical intern. He's not a gunfighter, nor a ninja, and most importantly, when attacked by werewolves and vampires, he does not turn into one."[14] As an actor, Scott Speedman also notes that he did not know what he was doing with firearms, and that his hardest task was enduring the werewolf make-up.[15]

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