The Space Pirates were an antagonistic group/race in the Metroid game series and the enemies Aran, because her parents were killed in one of their raids. Most of their plans involved the use of alien organisms known as metroids as a form of bioweapon.



In the first game, Metroid, they stole a lifeform from a research facility to their base on Zebes in order to use them as a bioweapon.

The design of the pirates have changed during the series. They were absent during the first iteration of the game, with only the leaders of the space pirates: Ridley, Kraid and Motherbrain were present. However, they appear in the remake


  • Zebesians
  • Space pirate trooper
  • Shadow Pirate
  • stealthed pirates armed with only a sword.
  • Space Pirate beam troopers
  • Elite Pirate

pirates enhanced by phazon to create a super trooper

  • Phazon elite
  • Omega pirate
  • Flying Pirate
  • Space Pirate grenadier
  • Pirate commando
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