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In the original Mega Man series, the term "Robot Master" refers to a special kind of robot or android that possesses a very advanced level of artificial intelligence.[citation needed] There are roughly one hundred thirty six Robot Masters. According to series canon,[citation needed] the Robot Master AI system is jointly credited to Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily. Most Robot Masters possess a unique identification code, consisting of a two-letter "series code" followed by one of N, No, or #, then a three-digit "serial number" (except for the Genesis Unit, which uses two digits).

Robot Masters have AIs vastly superior to the smaller, minor robots within the Mega Man universe.[citation needed] This, even more than their generally humanoid appearance (Sniper Joes are also humanoid in appearance, yet obviously inferior to Robot Masters) is what separates Robot Masters from other advanced robots. They often are designed with a particular strength or element in mind, thus allowing them to thrive in specific environments. Robot Masters tend to be programmed with human-like personalities and quirks, advanced enough to fool most people into believing them to think and act of their own accord. However, this is not true, as the Mega Man X series states X as the first robot to truly be able to think for himself. Robot Masters have a certain capability of thought and will—this allows them to be decisive on the battlefield, yet cannot generally operate beyond certain guidelines. There have been some exceptions, but every one of these occurrences has been explained in some way—such as the robot being faulty to begin with or could have malfunctioned due to damage incurred.

Another telling feature of a Robot Master is their special "weapons", which are generally specialized for that robot and his environment.

NOTE: Some of these Robot Masters have NetNavi counterparts in the Mega Man Battle Network series. The ones that have them will be noted.

It must also be noted that the term "Robot Master" is not used in Japan.

List of Robot Masters

DRN is the series code for Light Labs, literally standing for "Dr. Right Number". The code has remained the same despite the fact that "Dr. Light" is the official English spelling of his name (in the first game, he is referred to in the U.S. manual as "Dr. Wright").

DRN series

000-008 (Mega Man)

Series Number Japanese Name Short Description Weapon
DRN-000 Proto Man Blues (ブルース)
Main article: Proto Man
Proto/Blues Buster, Proto/Blues Shield
DRN-001 Mega Man Rockman (ロックマン)
Main article: Mega Man (character)
Mega/Rock Kick (as Mega/Rock), Mega/Rock Buster (as Mega Man/Rockman)
DRN-002 Roll Roll (ロール)
Main article: List of characters in the Mega Man series#Roll
Roll Swing
DRN-003 Cut Man[1] Cut Man (カットマン) Cut Man was originally designed for land reclamation work (particularly deforestation).[2] His battle abilities center around his advanced jumping abilities and the pair of boomerang-like shears on his head.[3] As revealed in Mega Man: Powered Up, he is easily fooled, and can turn his scissors into a more shuriken-like weapon. Cut Man also made a prominent cameo in the Captain N: The Game Master episode "Mega Trouble for Megaland", albeit with a completely different design and misnamed Cuts Man, and was one of the only two Robot Masters to appear in every episode of the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon. Cut Man is shown as a red-pink and white robot master with white shears on his head. He also has a cameo appearance in the Sega Saturn version of Mega Man 8 where he can be fought for a Bolt. Rolling Cutter[4] (ローリングカッター)
DRN-004 Guts Man[1] Guts Man (ガッツマン) Guts Man was also designed for land reclamation work, but was created specifically for construction of public works. By far the strongest of any robot, Guts Man is able to lift objects of up to 80 tons over his head and hurl them at his foe with startling accuracy. In Mega Man: Powered Up, he's a little dim-witted, but always well-meaning robot. He is also the only other Robot Master to appear in every episode of the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon. Guts Man is a giant robot with yellow and red armor and a large square jaw mouth. Super Arm [4] (スーパーアーム)
DRN-005 Ice Man[1] Ice Man (アイスマン) Originally designed for the exploration and mapping of regions far below the temperature that humans can withstand, Ice Man also supervises transportation of supplies to various research teams on the continent. Afterwards, he got the job of transporting materials in frozen food warehouses. He has the ability to shoot waves of super-chilled air from his mouth which is laced with liquid nitrogen, that then crystallizes into a projectile. Mega Man: Powered Up reveals Ice Man to possibly have a bipolar disorder. Ice Man resembles a hooded Inuit. Ice Slasher [4] (アイススラッシャー)
DRN-006 Bomb Man[1] Bomb Man (ボンバーマン Bomber Man) Bomb Man was also designed for land reclamation work, specifically demolition. He and Guts Man were originally intended to work as a pair with Guts Man functioning as a foreman. He can make various forms of explosives, most of which are deadly. Bomb Man is an orange robot with a black spherical body and red mohawk head. Hyper Bomb [4] (ハイパーボム)
DRN-007 Fire Man[1] Fire Man (ファイアーマン) Fire Man was designed for waste management work (namely incineration). He can withstand temperatures in excess of 8000 °C. Fire Man attacks by surrounding himself in a circle of flame and shooting balls of fire with impressive destructive properties. Fire Man is a red and grey robot with a torch-like head. Fire Storm [4] (ファイヤーストーム)
DRN-008 Elec Man[1] Elec Man (エレキマン) Elec Man was designed to oversee and control atomic energy power plants. At the time of his creation, Elec Man was often hailed as Dr. Light's greatest creation and boasts superhuman calculation speed and razor-sharp judgement, as well as a physical agility that would not be matched for some time. He is very conceited and egotistical, but is otherwise very responsible and competent. His mode of attack centers around him throwing electrically charged wires and later, compressed balls of electric energy. Elec Man is a black and yellow robot with a yellow mask around his eyes. Thunder Beam [4] (サンダービーム)

The following Robot Masters are from Mega Man Powered Up. Their actual numbers are not known, but their presence at the time of the first game would logically make them part of the DRN series. The series of Mega Man comics by Archie Comics labels them as "DRN-00A" and "DRN-00B", respectively.

Name Short Description Weapon
DRN-00A Time Man (タイムマン) Time Man is Dr. Light's pioneering experiment in the creation of time travelling. He can slow the passage of time for brief intervals. He is also very concerned about wasting time, telling people that they are early or late for their battle. Time Man is purple in color, with an alarm-clock like head. Time Slow (タイムスロー)
DRN-00B Oil Man (オイルマン) Oil Man is a new type of high performance robot designed for maintenance. Oil for robots can be made inside his body and output through his arm cannon. He uses this oil to attack and can ride an oil slick much like a snowboard. In the Japanese version and the demo given in Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, Oilman looks like a blackface character. He has been changed in other versions to be dark blue with yellow lips instead of the possibly offensive black with pink lips. Oil Slider (オイルスライダー)

065-072 (Mega Man 9)

Like most games in the series, Mega Man faces eight new Robot Masters. This lineup includes the first ever female boss character in the original series, Splash Woman.[5] Like the Robot Masters from Mega Man 4, while they are not the creation of Wily, their numbers match perfectly in his lineup.

Name Short Description Weapon
DRN-065 Concrete Man (コンクリートマン)[6][7] Concrete Man was a robot who took charge in constructing dams. He was very proud of his craftsmanship, and berated any worker robots he discovered cutting corners.[8]

Concrete Man resembles Guts Man, but has an orange and grey body.

Concrete Shot (コンクリートショット)
DRN-066 Tornado Man (トルネードマン)[7] Originally a robot stationed in a weather control center. With the ability to create powerful tornadoes, he used them to offset the formation of typhoons.[8]

Tornado Man is green with two fan blade-like arms.

Tornado Blow (トルネードブロー)
DRN-067 Splash Woman (スプラッシュウーマン)[7] Splash Woman rescues those involved in accidents at sea.[6] Even though she is the first female Robot Master boss character in the original series, she is actually the second female boss character to date (after Virgo from Rockman Strategy). Her design is inspired by the appearance of a mermaid.[9] Laser Trident (レーザートライデント)
DRN-068 Plug Man (プラグマン)[7] A line inspection robot at a television set factory. He carries out the final check on the products with a sharp eye. Plug Man has a plug-liked head and shoulders and a plug-like right arm. Plug Ball (プラグボール)
DRN-069 Jewel Man (ジュエルマン)[7] A robot that works in a diamond mine. He is in charge of polishing work with his skilled fingers. Jewel Satellite (ジュエルサテライト)
DRN-070 Hornet Man (ホーネットマン)[7] Hornet Man is the supervisor at a flower theme park. He knows everything there is to know about flowers from all over the world. His upper-body appears to be made of large, honeycomb-like structures.[6][9] Hornet Chaser (ホーネットチェイサー)
DRN-071 Magma Man (マグママン)[7] Once a worker security robot at a geothermal power station, he can withstand magma thousands of degrees in temperature.[8] Magma Bazooka (マグマバズーカ)
DRN-072 Galaxy Man (ギャラクシーマン)[7] An assistant robot at a space laboratory. He has a brain that can instantly perform calculations of rocket trajectories. Galaxy Man resembles a UFO. Black Hole Bomb[5] (ブラックホールボム)

DWN series

DWN is the series code for Robot Masters that have been built or modified by Dr. Wily.

For each game from Mega Man 2 through Mega Man 8, Capcom ran a Robot Master design contest. Nintendo Power magazine ran a similar contest, but only for Mega Man 6. The DWN series is the result of these contests. The original designer's name is listed in parentheses at the end of each entry.

009-016 (Mega Man 2)

Name Short Description Weapon
DWN-009 Metal Man (メタルマン) Metal Man was designed by Wily as a modification of Cut Man's design. Unfortunately, due to an error in design, Metal Man developed a weakness to Mega Man's Mega Buster and, ironically, to his own weapon, which will kill him instantly. His weapon, the Metal Blade, is a buzzsaw-type projectile that easily slices through most materials, including his own body. Metal Man is red and gold, with a white sawblade on his head and gold antenna, giving him some resemblance to Optimus Prime in Transformers. (Masanori Satou) Metal Blade (メタルブレード)
DWN-010 Air Man (エアーマン) Air Man resulted from Wily's experiments in creating Robot Masters that did not use the same internal architecture as the general humanoid model. He can create a wall of small tornadoes that fly forward and block projectiles. Air Man is essentially a giant fan connected with two arms and two legs. His eyes are above the fan, since his head is fused with his body. As defeating him may be hard, there is a dōjin song and Internet meme from Japan titled Air Man ga Taosenai, roughly "Can't Beat Air Man" in English. (Yuji Kanazawa) Air Shooter (エアーシューター)
DWN-011 Bubble Man (バブルマン) Wily designed Bubble Man for underwater combat, but due to an error in design, Bubble Man's internal buoyancy system made it impossible for him to swim or walk properly, hampering his underwater mobility. This mistake has apparently been fixed in Mega Man: The Power Fighters. Bubble Man's weapon is Bubble Lead, bubbles that roll forward along the ground. Bubble Man is a green diver with a bubble shooter arm. (Takashi Tanaka) Bubble Lead (バブルリード)
DWN-012 Quick Man (クイックマン) Quick Man was designed by Wily as a modification of Elec Man's design. Wily vastly improved Elec Man's already lightning-fast reflexes and general design mobility, making Quick Man the fastest Robot Master. He is able to launch multiple Quick Boomerangs that are even faster than he is. Quick Man wears a gold boomerang above his eyes and has a red and black body. (Hirofumi Mizoguchi) Quick Boomerang (クイックブーメラン)
DWN-013 Crash/Clash Man (クラッシュマン) Crash Man was designed by Wily to withstand strong explosions. For this purpose, he has superhuman agility and a special armor coating. He takes advantage of this resistance by use of heavy-duty Crash Bombers. These bombs are able to burrow into any surface and detonate on a short timer. Crash Man wears an open visor helmet, has red armor, and has drill-like arms. (Akira Yoshida) Crash/Clash Bomber (クラッシュボム)
DWN-014 Flash Man (フラッシュマン) In an experiment attempting to develop control over time, Wily built Flash Man. He can freeze time momentarily with the Time Stopper, as opposed to merely slowing it down like Time Man. His battle abilities are below par, and he cannot sustain too much damage. Flash Man is a blue and yellow robot master with a translucent dome on his head, a white dial on his right arm and an arm cannon instead of a right hand. (Tomoo Yamaguchi) Time Stopper (タイムストッパー)
DWN-015 Heat Man (ヒートマン) Wily, utilizing the schematics of Fire Man, created Heat Man as a high-temperature combat robot. Heat Man's armored container is impervious to temperatures in excess of 12000 °C, but to be fully effective, he must remain sealed. This gives his body a rather amusing Zippo lighter shape: he looks like a cigarette lighter with two arms and two legs sticking out of it. Heat Man's weapon, Atomic Fire, creates a slowly-growing flame that surrounds Heat Man's armored container. He may also ignite his body and hurl himself at opponents with startlingly destructive results. (Toshiyuki Kataoka) Atomic Fire (アトミックファイヤー)
DWN-016 Wood Man (ウッドマン) Wily made Wood Man entirely of Hinoki Cypress. Wood Man also has a thin protective coating, but cannot withstand high temperatures. He has the ability to call together a razor-sharp Leaf Shield that can also be used as a projectile. He uses this shield in unison with a series of four more leaves that drift from the ceiling. Wood Man has a tree trunk body and trunk-like head. He beats his chest when summoning Leaf Shield. He, along with Cut Man, also has a special cameo appearance in the Sega Saturn version of Mega Man 8 where he can be fought, to a remixed tune of his stage music, for a Bolt. (Masakatsu Ichikawa) Leaf Shield (リーフシールド)

017-024 (Mega Man 3)

This lineup of Robot Masters was designed jointly by Drs. Light and Wily to collect resources for their ultimate project, Gamma, a large peacekeeping robot. In Japan, they are therefore referred to as the DRWN series, though other versions of Mega Man 3 place them under the Dr. Wily lineup.

Name Short Description Weapon
DWN-017 Needle Man (ニードルマン) Needle Man is designed for work in mines, being able to pierce 10-inch thick pieces of stone easily with his weapon, the Needle Cannon. This launches heavy, armor-piercing needles in rapid succession. He has impressive jumping abilities despite his size, and has formidable melee skills, able to strike forward with the spikes crowning his head. Like Air Man, Needle Man's head is fused with his body. (Nobuhiko Akatsuka) Needle Cannon (ニードルキャノン)
DWN-018 Magnet Man (マグネットマン) A magnet on Magnet Man's head can attract metal opponents to their doom. His main method of attack is to jump high into the air and launch Magnet Missiles that then rain down on his opponent. Magnet Man resembles Metal Man, but has a magnet on his head and smoother armor. (Nagashi Kii) Magnet Missile (マグネットミサイル)
DWN-019 Gemini Man (ジェミニマン) Geological robot, good at identifying rocks. With a hologram-generating device, Gemini Man can duplicate himself and fire powerful reflecting laser blasts. As a result of his duplication, Gemini Man is a narcissist. Gemini Man has a four-sectioned white crystal on his head and black and blue armor. (Yoshihito Hattori) Gemini Laser (ジェミニレーザー)
DWN-020 Hard Man (ハードマン) Made from ceramic titanium, Hard Man possesses a virtually unbreakable helmet, shell and fists, and uses his own weight of 3 tons to attack. A propulsion system running through the center of his body gives him incredible jumping abilities. He can fire his forearms like missiles, which immediately return to him. Hard Man has a large blue drum-like body. (Kazuhiko Oguro) Hard Knuckle (ハードナックル)
DWN-021 Top Man (タップマン) Originally a dance robot, Top Man can spin like a human top due to his auto-balance system and throw spinning tops as weapons. The wheels on his feet make him very fast, and while spinning, projectiles are reflected away from him. He is notably the only Robot Master from Mega Man 3 to appear in the game's adaptation on Captain N, "A Tale of Two Dogs". Top Man has a head similar to a top and an orange body. (Yasushi Konjiki) Top Spin (タップスピン)
DWN-022 Snake Man (スネークマン) A unique zoological robot designed to observe or capture animals that hide in small, narrow places, Snake Man and the area he is found in also feature a snake motif. He launches mechanical Search Snakes which move and scale walls in search of a target. Though he enjoys the company of Toad Man, the feeling is not mutual, since snakes prey on toads. Snake Man's head is a long snake with his face in the snake's mouth, and his body is green.(Yuhjiro Ishitani) Search Snake (サーチスネーク)
DWN-023 Spark Man (スパークマン) Spark Man is an electric robot who generates spark currents. Spark Man can generate almost 13,000 volts, more than twice the power of Elec Man. He channels this immense power into his Spark Shock, which overloads robots and stuns them while dealing severe damage to their systems. Spark Man's body is very much like a giant spark plug (electrodes at his head). (Mikihiro Suzuki) Spark Shock (スパークショック)
DWN-024 Shadow Man (シャドーマン) The only Robot Master of the Mega Man 3 lineup not designed by Light and Wily, Shadow Man is a mysterious ninja robot made with extraterrestrial materials. He is very fast, can darken the room, and throw shurikens covered in a special kind of liquid that can induce insanity. His melee abilities are also potent, as he knows several forms of martial arts. (Takumine Yoshida) Shadow Blade (シャドーブレード)

033-040 (Mega Man 5)

Name Short Description Weapon
DWN-033 Gravity Man (グラビティーマン) A robot dedicated to research, Gravity Man can manipulate local gravity with an internal gravitation control device. His Gravity Hold hurls airborne enemies into the upper atmosphere by unleashing a gravitational force of up to 20 g, immediately followed by a minus pull (upward/reversed/anti-gravity). Gravity Man is red (in the game, purple) and has a meter on his chest. (Yukiko Mori) Gravity Hold (グラビティーホールド)
DWN-034 Wave Man (ウェーブマン) Wave Man occupies a water quality control facility. He wields a powerful harpoon launcher on his arm. His Water Wave unleashes a surge of water along the ground. He is just as potent on land as he is underwater, unlike the previous aquatic Robot Masters. Wave Man resembles a harpoon diver and has a gold trident on his head. (Hideyuki Monno) Water Wave (ウオーターウェーブ)
DWN-035 Stone Man (ストーンマン) Stone Man has a body made of separable stones. He also has a jumping ability that he uses to crush things under his weight. He can manipulate the rock on his body, hurling it at foes or repairing damaged bricks on his body. (Kenta Oonishi) Power Stone (パワーストーン)
DWN-036 Gyro Man (ジャイロマン) Dr. Wily gave Gyro Man propeller-driven flight. He often injures others unintentionally with his propeller blades. He can throw the propeller on his head like a razor-bladed boomerang. (Katsunari Oguri) Gyro Attack (ジャイロアタック)
DWN-037 Star Man (スターマン) Designed for space exploration, Star Man occupies a satellite base. His Star Crash ability creates an energy barrier that protects him against enemy attacks. It can also be flung at enemies. Star Man's body is a yellow inverted star, and he is brown. (Tatsumi Saegusa) Star Crash (スタークラッシュ)
DWN-038 Charge Man (チャージマン) Designed for global transport, Charge Man is coal-powered, thus costing a fortune to keep powered but reducing his operational cost. His Charge Kick ability provides a quick burst of speed, and he can fire red-hot coal rocks out of his smokestack. Charge Man's head looks like a train engine. (Toshiaki Sugiura) Charge Kick (チャージキック)
DWN-039 Napalm Man (ナパームマン) Napalm Man was built for heavy jungle combat and as a guard for Dr. Wily's secret arsenal. He is equipped with heavily destructive dual Napalm Bomb launchers on his arms that throw pairs of explosives upward in an arc. He is also able to launch straight-flying rockets. Napalm Man is built like a tank with a bomb launcher on his head. (Shinichirou Seki) Napalm Bomb (ナパームボム)
DWN-040 Crystal Man (クリスタルマン) Designed to provide income for Wily's operations, Crystal Man has the ability to create artificial crystals, which double as dangerous rebounding weapons capable of splitting into smaller orbs. He has a crystal orb on his chest and another above his eyes. (Yusuke Murata) Crystal Eye (クリスタルアイ)

041-048 (Mega Man 6)

The catalyst of the plot for Mega Man 6 was an international robotics competition sponsored by the mysterious Mr. X (later revealed to be Dr. Wily in disguise). Mr. X steals the eight finalists and reprograms them, turning them into the new Robot Masters. Consequently, the 8 Robot Masters from Mega Man 6 were known as the "MXN" series in the original release of the game.

Name Short Description Weapon
DWN-041 Blizzard Man (ブリザードマン) An Antarctic exploration robot, Blizzard Man was once a ski instructor in Canada. After being modified for combat, he was given the ability to create snow. He also attacks by rolling into a ball and running his opponents over with his massive size. Blizzard Man is a large robot on skis with ski poles and an orange hat. (Hirofumi Ogawa) Blizzard Attack (ブリザードアタック)
DWN-042 Centaur Man (ケンタウロスマン Kentauros Man) Centaur Man was built by a Greek company to serve as a guide around the monuments of ancient Greece. He was given a time/space distorter that allowed him to teleport or cause stretches in the time/space continuum which could temporarily freeze enemies. He is also equipped with a plasma rifle whose shots break into seven bullets when they rebound off a wall. He often tramples foes as a follow-up to his time distortion. In Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, his time/space distorter is replaced with a naginata and an ability known as Centaur Arrow. He is modeled after a centaur.(Kazuki Kidoguchi) Centaur/Kentauros Flash (ケンタウロスフラッシュ), Centaur/Kentauros Arrow (ケンタウロスアロー)
DWN-043 Flame Man (フレイムマン) In Saudi Arabia, Flame Man was originally a refinery worker. Unlike most robots, Flame Man doesn't depend on a solar power core for his power, instead relying on a special steam system run by petroleum, requiring him to stay near oil sources to refill his energy. He is fitted with an oil-powered flamethrower which can be used to shoot fireballs or unleash a wall of flame on his opponent that blocks most incoming attacks. Flame Man resembles a genie with a flamethrower arm. (Noritsugu Kurokawa) Flame Blast (フレイムブラスト)
DWN-044 Knight Man (ナイトマン) Knight Man is a stereotypical medieval knight. Originally a fighter entered by England, his main method of attack is using the mace, a large spiked ball attached to a chain, on his left arm. In his right hand, he carries a nearly-invincible shield. He swings his mace weapon with great efficiency, but this leaves him open to attack. Tomahawk Man and Knight Man were the only Robot Masters in the game specifically designed for combat. Unlike Tomahawk Man, however, Knight Man was not built specifically for the tournament. Yamato Man holds great respect for him because of his chivalric beliefs.(Daniel Vallie) Knight Crush (ナイトクラッシャー)
DWN-045 Plant Man (プラントマン) Plant Man was originally a mascot of a botanical garden hailing from Brazil. He creates a shield of petal-shaped panels of energy, and hurls the shield at opponents. Although he is equipped with an arm cannon, it serves merely as a discharger for his Plant Barrier. However, in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, his arm cannon function like Mega Man's. Unlike Centaur Man, Plant Man's weapon in that game remains identical to his original one. Plant Man has a flower-like head, and his body is wrapped in vines covered in thorns. (Nobuhiro Hoshino) Plant Barrier (プラントバリア)
DWN-046 Tomahawk Man (トマホークマン) Tomahawk Man's main weapon is his arm-mounted tomahawk, which is thrown in an arc, leaving a gap for opponents to hide in. To compensate for this weakness, he can also fling razor-edged feathers from his headdress. He hails from the Southwestern United States, as he possesses a Native American motif. Tomahawk Man and Knight Man were the only Robot Masters in the game specifically designed for combat, although he was the only robot of the eight to be specifically designed for the tournament. Despite his weapon's name, neither Mega Man's version nor his version is actually silver in color.(Yoshinobu Suda) Silver Tomahawk (シルバートマホーク)
DWN-047 Wind Man (ウィンドマン) Wind Man was entered from China. He has the ability to fire his shoulder-mounted propellers at foes. He can also create winds of up to 720kph, lift into the air despite his large size, and use his great mass to crush his opponents under his feet. Wind Man is a pink-orange robot with fan-like shoulders, a cap resembling a rice bowl, and a stereotypical Chinese pigtail.(Michael Leader) Wind Storm (ウィンドストーム)
DWN-048 Yamato Man (ヤマトマン) Yamato Man wields a Japanese spear in combat. He can use his spear with great finesse in melee combat and throw spearheads at enemies from a distance, however the heads must be retrieved after use. He also possesses above average agility, which he uses by jumping high in the air while launching a volley of spearheads. According to his data card in Mega Man and Bass, he holds great respect for Knight Man because they abide by similar codes of warfare. He resembles an armored samurai, complete with a kabuto, although his armor is mainly for show only. He was called as Japan Man in the original North American release of Mega Man 6, but this was later changed to avoid confusion with his NetNavi counterpart.(Rai Ichikawa) Yamato Spear (ヤマトスピア)

049-056 (Mega Man 7)

Name Short Description Weapon
DWN-049 Freeze Man (フリーズマン) Freeze Man was originally created as part of an experiment to design a method to harvest the thermal energy of the surrounding environment. Freeze Man's job was to reduce the temperature of the energy collection system to allow for optimal energy absorption and to work the physical aspects of the experiment. He uses various ice attacks in combat. (Shigeaki Sakamoto) Freeze Cracker (フリーズクラッカー)
DWN-050 Junk Man (ジャンクマン) Junk Man's body is held together by a series of electromagnets. He was designed to collect parts from garbage that could be used for building robots. He throws said junk at foes. (Jun Akiba). Junk Shield (ジャンクシールド)
DWN-051 Burst Man (バーストマン) Burst Man is a deep sea combat robot armed with mines. The mines are encased in bubbles that wrap around their target, preventing escape. In the manga, he is shown to have a hobby of creating fireworks. (Keishi Tsuchiya) Danger Wrap (デンジャーラップ)
DWN-052 Cloud Man (クラウドマン) Cloud Man floats through the air with the aid of an anti-gravity device concealed by a cloud-like shape. He was originally created as an experimental weather monitoring and control device. He can create rain and channel bolts of lightning. (Isao Nakagiri) Thunder Bolt/Thunder Strike (サンダーストライク)
DWN-053 Spring Man (スプリングマン) Spring Man's body is composed of 2,000 springs, which gives him unprecedented jumping capabilities. He can also launch springs at enemies. (Akira Ito) Wild Coil (ワイルドコイル)
DWN-054 Slash Man (スラッシュマン) Slash Man is an animal-like robot designed for jungle exploration. His claws are lethally sharp and long, and he uses them for a deadly slash attack. Wily based his design off of a previous robot, the Stardroid Pluto. (Yoichi Amano) Slash Claw (スラッシュクロー)
DWN-055 Shade Man (シェードマン) Shade Man is a vampire robot designed as a fun house attraction. His Noise Crush attack bounces off walls much like a bat's sonar. Upon receiving the amplified sounds waves, he can blast them back out at incredible force. Shade man's level and music are a reference to one of Capcom's other franchises: Ghosts N' Goblins. (Tetsuya Watada) Noise Crush/Crush Noise (クラッシュノイズ)
DWN-056 Turbo Man (ターボマン) Turbo Man is an automobile-themed robot able to change between a humanoid form and a car form. It is said Dr. Wily created him out of his own car. His signature weapon is the Scorch Wheel, which is a group of spinning fireballs that rotate in a 'wheel' fashion. (Takashi Kino) Scorch Wheel/Burning Wheel (バーニングホイール)

057-064 (Mega Man 8)

Mega Man 8 was the last game to hold a Robot Master design contest. The only Robot Masters from this game designed by the staff were Tengu Man and Astro Man.

Name Short Description Weapon
DWN-057 Tengu Man (テングマン) Tengu Man is an experimental weather-control robot modeled after the tengu. His attacks are Tornado Hold (which causes a small tornado and sometimes encases enemies in the vortex) and Tengu Blade (a blade that throws a whirlwind after being swung). He is extremely boastful and cocky. He reappears in Mega Man & Bass. His head resembles a hummingbird's to some extent. Tornado Hold (トルネードホールド), Tengu Blade (テングブレード)
DWN-058 Astro Man (アストロマン) Built from abandoned planetarium parts, Wily intended Astro Man to hypnotize observers in the planetarium. By manipulating the dimensional space around him, Astro Man can create a virtual-reality subspace, an ability which makes him incredibly talented at hide-and-seek. Astro Man was not built for battle, resulting in the indirect nature of his attacks and his often cowardly persona. He reappears in Mega Man & Bass where he now possesses the Copy Vision ability. Astro Crush (アストロクラッシュ), Copy Vision (コピービジョン)
DWN-059 Sword Man (ソードマン) Wily once stole an ancient sword from a museum. The sword was so large, however, that he could find no use for it, so he made Sword Man to use it as a weapon. However, the sword was still too heavy for Sword Man to lift. For this reason, Sword Man's upper body and lower body were split, allowing them to move independently, and a gyroscopic stabilizer was installed in the upper half. His attack channels energy through the sword to cause a burst of flame. (Keigo Matsuo) Flame Sword (フレイムソード)
DWN-060 Clown Man (クラウンマン) Wily stole Clown Man from the set of a canceled science fiction show and remodeled him using props. His arms are able to extend several times longer than his own body. His attacks are electricity-based. Although he has a clown-like motif, his personality is fitting for his jester-like appearance. (Hiroshige Sakai) Thunder Claw (サンダークロー)
DWN-061 Search Man (サーチマン) Using parts from a decommissioned security robot, Wily added an extra head to Search Man, intended to give him two brains. However, instead of adding to the abilities of this surveillance robot, the heads tend to watch (and squabble with) each other rather than look for intruders. He uses guerrilla tactics, trying to ambush opponents with a barrage of missiles. (Yuuta Hata) Homing Sniper (ホーミングスナイパー)
DWN-062 Frost Man (フロストマン) During Clown Man's remodeling, Wily went a little overboard ordering parts. Frost Man was built to use the extras. Wily had enough spare parts so that he could install an ice machine inside Frost Man, allowing him to produce icicle spikes on the ground in an attack called the Ice Wave. Although he shows limited intelligence, he seems to make ice sculptures as a hobby. Frost Man's body is based on an igloo. (Akifumi Nomura) Ice Wave (アイスウェーブ)
DWN-063 Grenade Man (グレネードマン) Due to Grenade Man's faulty programming, he cannot discriminate between targets and allies, and tends to attack anyone and anything, including himself. His personality is that of a masochistic drill seargant. His attack, Flash Bomb, is a stunning concussion grenade. Like his name suggests, he is modeled after the grenade. (Kenichirou Komaki) Flash Bomb (フラッシュボム)
DWN-064 Aqua Man (アクアマン) Aqua Man is the result of Wily's first attempt to build Frost Man's ice machine. Instead of scrapping him, Wily gave him a water tank and sent him to a water treatment facility to train. His personality is that of a showboating trickster. His attacks involve manipulating water. (Morito Kuriki) Water Balloon (ウォーターバルーン)

DCN series

025-032 (Mega Man 4)

Each of the Robot Masters numbered 025-032 were designed by Dr. Cossack and later modified by Dr. Wily at the time when he captured Dr. Cossack's daughter. The game lists three of the Robot Masters with the wrong identification codes.[10] Interestingly, although they officially bear Dr. Cossack's identification code, their numbers fit in the lineup of the DWN series, and Mega Man 4 reflect this by listing them under the DWN series.

Name Short Description Weapon
DCN-025 Bright Man (ブライトマン) Bright Man was created for emergency illumination and rescue work. His weapon, the Flash Stopper, sends out a powerful wave of electricity of up to 10 million watts in the form of a brief and instantaneous flash of light. This flash temporarily stuns opponents. Bright Man resembles a control panel with arms and legs, with a lightbulb attached to his head. (Yoshitaka Enomoto) Flash Stopper (フラッシュストッパー)
DCN-026 Toad Man (トードマン) Toad Man is a toad themed robot created for terraforming. His Rain Flush is caused by floating devices that can expel tremendous amounts of liquid in the form of raindrops over large areas. However after Dr. Wily converted him, the devices were modified to unleash acid rain instead. The game incorrectly lists his identification code as DCN-029, Ring Man's number. (Atsushi Ootsuka) Rain Flush (レインフラッシュ)
DCN-027 Drill Man (ドリルマン) Drill Man was designed for underground tunnel construction work, with heavy armor and a specially-made weapon. His Drill Bomb punctures through rock and metals, and then explodes within them to break up as much material as possible with one blast. He can cut through solid rock like a shark through water. Drill Man has a drill-like head and drill arms. (Masayuki Hoshi) Drill Bomb (ドリルボム)
DCN-028 Pharaoh Man (ファラオマン) Pharaoh Man was created for archaeological excavation. The pharaoh-motif was intended to ward off curses. His Pharaoh Shot, originally installed as a defense mechanism against tomb robbers, can be charged to unleash bursts of solar energy. He was given the ability to teleport and float in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, where his weapon was replaced with the Pharaoh Wave, which sends out his energy in a pair of waves behind and in front of him instead of in a ball like the Pharaoh Shot. Mega Man 4 incorrectly lists his identification code as DCN-026, Toad Man's number. (Takayuki Ebara) Pharaoh Shot (ファラオショット), Pharaoh Wave (ファラオウェーブ)
DCN-029 Ring Man (リングマン) Ring Man was created expressly for anti-Mega Man combat as a modification of an earlier police-robot design. The Ring Boomerang acts much like a chakram. As their name implies, they return to the user after being thrown. The game incorrectly lists his identification code as DCN-028, Pharaoh Man's number. Ring Man is similar in design to Magnet Man and Metal Man, but he attacks like Quick Man. (Hiromi Uchida) Ring Boomerang (リングブーメラン)
DCN-030 Dust Man (ダストマン) Dust Man was created for industrial sanitation projects. His weapon is a bomb covered in thick layers of scrap metal. Its explosion sends debris off in several directions, making it a difficult to avoid attack. The large vent on his head can draw air in very fast, moving physical matter towards him. Dust Man is modeled after a vacuum cleaner. (Yusuke Murata) Dust Crusher/Dust Crasher (ダストクラッシャー)
DCN-031 Dive Man (ダイブマン) Created for deep sea exploration, Dive Man is installed with a propulsion system. This system launches him forward, crashing into any target. His Dive Missiles possess homing abilities and work in and out of the water. Due to a design error, Dive Man cannot completely transform into a submarine (his legs and arms remain). He utilizes this design flaw by throwing himself at opponents and trying to smash them. Dive Man resembles a submarine. (Suguru Nakayama) Dive Missile (ダイブミサイル)
DCN-032 Skull Man (スカルマン) Skull Man was created for wartime combat purposes. He balances offensive and defensive strengths. His skull-motif is used as a kind of psychological warfare tactic. His Skull Barrier is not only nearly impenetrable but is also capable of damaging enemies that come in contact with it. He can also attack with a powerful arm cannon similar to the Mega Buster, but cannot use both at the same time, leaving an opening to attack.(Toshiyuki Miyachi) Skull Barrier (スカルバリアー)

Other series

KGN series

KGN is the series code for the King Guardians, elite Robot Masters who enlisted in King's army and were promoted to ranks of prominence, evidenced by the fact that they guard the entrance to his castle, hence their name. The KGN series appeared in Mega Man & Bass, alongside Tengu Man and Astro Man.

Name Short Description Weapon
KGN-001 Dynamo Man (ダイナモマン) Dynamo Man was originally a tour guide for children at a power plant. King modified him with an internal power generator. The power from this generator is too much for his body to stand, causing unstable feedback to anyone who goes near him. He uses various electricity based attacks. Lightning Bolt (ライトニングボルト)
KGN-002 Cold Man (コールドマン) Cold Man was originally designed by Dr. Light to monitor the freezers for dinosaur DNA. King modified him to be a guardian. The center of his body is always at close to absolute zero, causing him to have slow movement. His attack, Ice Wall, allows him to make a brick of ice and push it as a projectile. Ice Wall (アイスウォール)
KGN-003 Ground Man (グランドマン) Ground Man was designed to excavate ruins. He joined King's army in order to collect treasures. Like Turbo Man, he can change between a humanoid form and a vehicular form outfitted with drills. Spread Drill (スプレッドドリル)
KGN-004 Pirate Man (パイレーツマン) Pirate Man is a pirate-themed robot who was built to raid cargo ships in the open sea, known for his merciless behavior and cruel attitude. He is said to have a massive stash of goods underwater. His attack is Remote Mine, an electromagnetic mine that attaches to the enemy and then explodes. Remote Mine (リモートマイン)
KGN-005 Burner Man (バーナーマン) Burner Man is a pyromaniac. Using an experimental type of gas in the tanks on his body which yield high flamability, his primary means of attack is using a flamethrower mounted on his arm. King forces him to burn forests, otherwise the self-destruct mechanism in his body would explode. Because of this, he is mentally unstable. Wave Burner (ウェーブバーナー)
KGN-006 Magic Man (マジックマン) A former member of the King Army Circus Group, Magic Man is a magician-themed robot who was enlisted as a guardian thinking it would make him cool. He likes to research magic and illusions as well as fortune telling, but just to impress his peers. His Magic Card attack is a razor sharp playing card that shoots in a straight path and returns to him in boomerang fashion. Also steals energy from Mega Man if hit by it. Magic Card (マジックカード)

RKN series

Main article: List of Mega Man characters#Mega Man Killers

RKN is the series code for "Rockman Killers". In the English versions, they were called "Mega Man Hunters" in the games for the Game Boy, but "Megaman Killers" in Mega Man & Bass. Regardless, the code remained the same. Each RKN robot is named after a musical genre. While considered as an analog, Quint is technically not part of the RKN series. Similarly, Terra is also an analog but is part of the SRN series of Stardroids as he was not designed by Wily.

Name Weapon
RKN-001 Enker (エンカー) Mirror Buster (ミラーバスター)
RKN-002 Punk (パンク) Screw Crusher (スクリュークラッシャー)
RKN-003 Ballade (バラード) Ballade Cracker (バラードクラッカー)

SRN series

SRN is the series code for the "Space Rulers" that appeared in Mega Man V. The Space Rulers were called "Stardroids" in the English releases. Each SRN robot is named after one of the nine planets in the solar system at the time of Mega Man V's release. (Pluto was redesignated as a dwarf planet in 2006.) None of the SRN Robot Masters have Net Navi counterparts.

Name Short Description Weapon
SRN-001 Terra (Earth) (アース) The leader of the Stardroids, Terra is very greedy and self-centered. His Spark Chaser has two forms: a high-damage laser beam or a ball of electricity that follows an opponent and deals moderate damage every time it hits. He can also teleport. He is immune to almost everything, even Mega Man's standard charged shot. Only the charged Mega Arm has been proven to be able to damage him. Despite being named after the earth goddess of Roman mythology, Terra is male. Spark Chaser (スパークチェイサー)
SRN-002 Mercury (マーキュリー) Mercury is a weapons manufacturer, a kleptomaniac and a follower of communism. His powers reference his planet's name in Japanese, "water star" (水星 Suisei?), as he is able to transform from solid to liquid or vice versa much like the Yellow Devil. His only means of ranged attack is the Grab Buster, a spark of light than can absorb a foe's energy and restore his health or be used to steal a powerup. Grab Buster/Snatch Buster (スナッチバスター)
SRN-003 Venus (ビーナス) Venus is the grumpy weapons manufacturer of the Stardroids. He fires Bubble Bombs in two sizes; the small ones can home in on a target, but the large ones are stationary. He bears a distinct resemblance to Toad Man from Mega Man 4, though he is modelled after a crab instead of a toad. Bubble Bomb (バブルボム)
SRN-004 Mars (マース) Mars is well armed with a number of weapons. He can fire several types of missiles, a powerful autocannon of strength comprable to the Mega Buster, or perform an invincible dash, leaving landmines in the path behind him. His most powerful attack is the Photon Missile, a powerful high-speed rocket that slices through anything once in motion. Mars' design bears a resemblance to Napalm Man from Mega Man 5. Notably, both of them have the same-shaped head and are mounted on tank-like treads. Photon Missile (フォトンミサイル)
SRN-005 Jupiter (ジュピター) Jupiter rules the sky, though ironically he has no control over the weather. Like Tengu Man from Mega Man 8, he has a pair of powerful jet engines that allow him to fly and perform extreme maneuvers. Originally, Jupiter was equipped with an electromagnetic bomb with a yield of several megatons, but, feeling it was too dangerous for him to use in combat, he modified it to channel energy for his then-secondary attack, the Electric Shock, a powerful thunder bolt rivaling Elec Man's Thunder Beam in strength. He can also fired a spread of sparks from his arm cannon. Jupiter has a dislike of explosives, possibly attributed to the fact that Venus' Bubble Bomb is his weakness. He is modeled after a falcon. Electric Shock (エレクトリックショック)
SRN-006 Saturn (サターン) Saturn, like his mythological namesake, has control over time and space. His Black Hole generates a void that obliterates most enemies and fires a powerful ring of energy blasts as a secondary attack. He can also stop time and slide, being one of four characters in the entire classic series to have this ability (the others are Mega Man, Proto Man, and Shadow Man). Saturn ironically has a dislike of all things electronic (as he is a robot) due to the fact Jupiter's Electric Shock is his weakness. Black Hole (ブラックホール)
SRN-007 Uranus (ウラノス) Uranus's attacks are earth-based, despite being named after the sky diety in Roman mythology. Shaped like a bull, he is the largest and strongest of the Stardroids by far and is capable of hurling huge rocks or causing a fatal cave-in with a single high jump. Uranus is also quite tough, taking minimal damage from most attacks and surviving his own weapon with minimal damage. His attack pattern is similar to that of Guts Man. Deep Digger (ディープディガー)
SRN-008 Pluto (プルート) Pluto is modeled after a leopard. He can use his claws to slash the enemy, fire homing missiles, or launch short-range fireballs, dash rapidly towards a foe to destroy them up close or for protection, and use his agility and tail to reach places where he can imperviously attack his enemy. Wily used his design as the basis for Slash Man from Mega Man 7. Break Dash (ブレイクダッシュ)
SRN-009 Neptune (ネプチューン) Neptune is an aquatic Robot Master. He is the second-largest of the Stardroids after Uranus and is heavy enough to cause the ground to shake by jumping high. His Salt Water projectiles can split into three smaller ones upon hitting a wall and dissolve most known materials, including Mars' tough armor. The reason Neptune is last in the SRN series isntead of Pluto is because at the time of the game's development and release, Neptune's orbit had taken it further from the Sun than Pluto. Salt Water (ソルトウォーター)

MWN series

MWN is the series code for the "Megaworld Corps" that appeared in Mega Man: The Wily Wars. In Mega Man & Bass, they are referred to as the "Genesis Unit". Each MWN robot is based on a character from the Chinese epic work Journey to the West.

Name Short Description
MWN-01 Buster Rod.G Leader of the Megaworld army. The G is for Son Gokū, the Japanese reading of the name Sun Wukong. He resembles a monkey and uses an extendable staff as a weapon. He also uses an standard arm cannon. He must be fought twice to be successfully defeated.
MWN-02 Mega Water.S Head of the Megaworld Army Mental Ops. The S is for Sagojō, the Japanese reading of the name Sha Wujing. Resembles a Kappa. He shoot harpoons and pushes his targets afar with water.
MWN-03 Hyper Storm.H Boar-shaped leader of the Megaworld Army Physical Ops. The H is for Cho Hakkai, the Japanese reading of the name Zhu Bajie. He attacks by using his breath to pull in, or push off and shoot his target, as well as making Mets fall. He is the only Robot Master that has two energy meters.

Mega Man (PC)

These Robot Masters appeared in the PC version of Mega Man.

Name Description Weapon
Dyna Man Dyna Man's level is an explosives factory. He is a master of explosives. He is weak to Volt Man's Force Field. Nuclear Detonator
Sonic Man Sonic Man's level is a marine laboratory. He is an expert in the field of sonar. He is weak to Dyna Man's Nuclear Detonator. Sonic Wave
Volt Man Volt Man's level is a hydroelectric dam. He controls electricity. He is weak to Sonic Man's Sonic Wave. Force Field

Mega Man 3 (PC)

These Robot Masters appeared in the PC version of Mega Man 3.

Name Description Weapon
Shark Man Shark Man's level is underwater, and his design is based on sharks. He is weak to Bit Man's Bit Cannon. His in-game sprite is based on Crash Man. He is the only robot of this franchise to have a NetNavi counterpart. Shark Boomerang
Wave Man Wave Man's level is a cargo ship. Wave Man resembles Air Man, except for whereas Air Man had a turbine on his chest, Wave Man has six circles. He is weak to Oil Man's Oil Stream. He is not the same Wave Man who later appears in Mega Man 5. Water Shooter
Torch Man Torch Man's level is, oddly enough, in a flower-filled sewer. Even though he is fought in a water-filled room, he is weak to Wave Man's Water Shooter. His sprite is based on Magnet Man. Torch Arm
Bit Man Bit Man's level is a flying fortress. Bit Man was supposed to look like Spark Man, but his in-game sprite on the level select screen more resembles a yellow Hard Man. His weapon is the Bit Cannon, and he is weak to Torch Man's Torch Arm. Bit Cannon
Blade Man Blade Man's level select screen sprite resembles Metal Man, to whom he also attacks similarly. His level is a water treatment facility. He is weak to Shark Man's Shark Boomerang. He is not the same Blade Man seen in Mega Man 10. Blade Launcher
Oil Man Oil Man vaguely resembles Flash Man, but otherwise the two have no relation. Oil Man's stage is an oil refinery. He is weak to Blade Man's Blade Launcher. He is not the same as the Oil Man in Mega Man: Powered Up. Oil Stream

Special series

Generally, these robots have unknown or special origins, and have unique numbers or no number at all.

Name Short Description Weapon
Doc Robot (Docman) A strange robot that has the ability to mimic the traits and abilities of other robots. It appeared in Mega Man 3 where Dr. Wily used several of them to distract Mega Man while he tried to steal Gamma. In each battle, Doc Robot mimics the attacks and movements of a Robot Master from Mega Man 2. Various Mega Man 2 weapons
Dark Man (ダークマン) Designed as another cover for his schemes, Dr. Wily copied Proto Man's data and programmed it into Dark Man, who was the presumed leader of an army of Robot Masters in Mega Man 5. He has the ability to don the appearance of others, and he is battle-capable. Later he was destroyed by Mega Man after being revealed as a fake by the real Proto Man. There are four forms that Dark Man takes: the first being a tank-like shooter, the second a barrier-using walker, the third a walking shooter that attacks in tandem with immobilizing projectiles, and the fourth is imperfectly disguised as Proto Man until the real one blasts away his disguise. This form is an amalgam of the previous three, which used enhanced versions of their abilities, with the total exception of the immobilizing projectiles used by the third version.
SWN-001 Bass (Forte) (フォルテ)
Main article: List of Mega Man characters#Bass
Bass/Forte Buster
Auto (Rightot) Dr. Light's personal assistant. Able to build various devices from bolts and screws. Likes to wave around a Japanese flag fan.
Main article: List of Mega Man characters#Duo
A robot from outer space.
Quint (クイント)
Main article: List of Mega Man characters#Quint
Sakugarne (サクガーン)
Sunstar (Sungod) An extremely powerful and advanced android of extraterrestrial origins discovered by Wily. He commands incredible power, but exists only to destroy. He refuses to obey Wily's orders upon being activated and, after shooting down the watching scientist, challenges Mega Man to a final battle. In his final moments, Sunstar finds himself questioning his existence after Mega Man refuses to finish him, though his systems are too critically damaged for it to make any difference. He is one of the few characters that have been the final boss of a game in the original series besides Dr. Wily.
DWN-097(?) King A king-themed robot created by Dr. Wily to eventually use as a cover for one of his schemes for world domination. He considers himself to be quite intellectual, and desires to unite all robots under his rule. Although built and controlled by Wily, King actually has a sense of nobility, which shines through during his final moments. It is revealed in Mega Man's ending that King is still alive and wishes to atone for the trouble he had caused. His CD Data from Mega Man & Bass states his number is DWN-097, but it cannot be found anywhere else.
Chest One of three announcer robots for the Battle and Chase racing tournament. Chest is the "anchor" of the group. He is largely absent from the American and European versions. None
Plum Plum is the second of the three Battle and Chase announcers. She is a mobile interviewer, equipped with high-speed wheels on both feet to cover the races from the ground. None
Report The diminutive aerial reporter for the Battle and Chase tournament. He works with Plum and Chest to cover the tournament. None
NWN-001 Ra Thor A underdeveloped character who is the penultimate boss of Superadventure Rockman. He is an extraterrestrial robot built by Ra Moon, along with fellow creation, the New Yellow Devil, or Ra Devil. He is the only New Wily Number in existence, although there is debate as to whether Zero should be under the same category.
Mega Man? In Mega Man Powered Up, if the player plays as one of the boss Robot Masters, Dr. Wily will apparently steal Mega Man as well. However on the stage select screen, there is a question mark after his name, and after choosing him, Dr. Wily's "W" symbol appears next to his name, rather than Dr. Light's "L" symbol, as is the case with the other Robot Masters. His appearance differs slightly from that of the real Mega Man: his helmet has a triangle instead of a square, his pupils are thinner, he wears a purple scarf, and he is prone to bearing a psychotic expression on his face. Resembles Mega Buster, only his shots are green.
Copy Robot Although appearing to be merely an exact replica of Mega Man in the original Mega Man game, in Mega Man Powered Up it is revealed as a robot who can copy the appearance, abilities, but at the same time also the weaknesses of any adversary. Whatever weapon the original has.
Fake Man (フェイクマン) A fake police robot created by Dr. Wily,[11] it is the boss of the downloadable Special Stage from Mega Man 9.

Dimensions series

A mysterious robot force which serves Rockman Shadow, a prototype robot based on early Mega Man redesigns (Quint). They arrived from the future and destroyed Symphony City. Although they do not have a specific series code, they are known collectively as the Dimensions. These RMs appear in the WonderSwan game Rockman & Forte: Challengers From the Future.

Name Weapon given to Mega Man Weapon given to Bass
Dangan Man (ダンガンマン) Rock Vulcan (ロックバルカン) Forte Vulcan (フォルテバルカン)
Konro Man (コンロマン) Flame Shower (フレイムシャワー) Flame Mixer (フレイムミキサー)
Aircon Man (エアコンマン) Barrier Wind (バリアウィンド) Forte Cyclone (フォルテサイクロン)
Komusou Man (コムソウマン) Doppel Crush (ドッペルクラッシュ) Doppler Attack (ドップラーアタック)
Clock Men (クロックメン) Time Switch (タイムスイッチ) Time Bomb (タイムボム)
Compass Man (コンパスマン) None None

Rockman Strategy

  • Aries - A ram-like Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters at the Iron Works in Mongolia. His weapon is Heat Wave. Aries is accompanied by Bomb Man and Flame Man.
  • Aquarius - A water-bearer Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters on the African Coast. His Weapon is Storm Surge.
  • Cancer - A crab-like Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters on the floating islands in the Indian Ocean. His weapon is Bubble Beam. Cancer is accompanied by Elec Man and Spark Man.
  • Capricorn - A goat-like Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters in Africa. His Weapon is Flaming Sword.
  • Gemini - A Constellation Droid that's one half female, one half male. His Twin Laser is inspired by Gemini Man's attack. Mega Man encounters him in a mine in India. Gemini is accompanied by Guts Man and Metal Man.
  • Leo - A lion-like Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters in an erupting volcano in Borneo. His weapon is Whirlwind. Leo is accompanied by Heat Man and Napalm Man.
  • Libra - A scales-like Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters in the Great Indian Desert. His weapon is U.V. Ray. Libra is accompanied by Cut Man and Hard Man.
  • Pisces - A Robot Master with a dolphin for a bottom. Mega Man encounters Pisces on the coasts of the Caspian Sea. His Weapon is Hydro Cannon.
  • Sagittarius - A winged centaur-like Constellation Droid. His design is based on Centaur Man. Mega Man encounters Sagittarius in northern Africa. His weapon is Blazing Arrow.
  • Scorpio - A scorpion-like Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters on a Flying Fortress over the Pacific Ocean. His weapon is Hail Storm. Scorpio is accompanied by Cloud Man and Yamato Man.
  • Taurus - A bull-like Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters on the Chinese Coast. His weapon is Sandstorm. Taurus is accompanied by Frost Man and Ice Man.
  • Virgo - A virgin-like Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters on a sunken highway in the Pacific Ocean. Her weapon is Maelstrom. Virgo is accompanied by Bubble Man and Freeze Man.
  • Apollo -
  • Luna -


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