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Raoul Silva[1] is a fictional character and the primary antagonist in the James Bond film Skyfall. He will be portrayed by Spanish actor Javier Bardem.[2]

Character history

Javier Bardem was first linked to a role in the film — then known under the working title of Bond 23 — in January 2011.[3] He confirmed that he had been cast in the film in October of the same year.[4] The principal cast of Skyfall were assembled at a press conference in London in November 2011, with Bardem in attendance.[5] Director Sam Mendes admitted that he could not reveal any details about the character beyond Bardem's involvement in the role,[6] fuelling speculation that he would be playing a re-imagined version of James Bond's nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld.[7][8] The first photos of Bardem on-set were released in March 2012, showing the actor dressed in a police uniform and wearing a blond wig.[9] These were accompanied by claims that the character's name was "Silva".[10][11] In an April 2012 interview with Spanish television network TVE, Bardem confirmed that his character's name would be "Raoul Silva".[1]


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