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List of Warhammer Super heavy units


  • List of Titans

Space marines

Imperial Guard

  • Baneblade variants
    • Hellblade
    • Shadowsword
    • Stormsword
    • Stormlord
    • Imperial Knight
    • Banesword
    • Doomhammer
    • Banehammer

Space Orks

  • Stompa


  • Khorne Lord of Skulls: top half of a huge figure in armour with the lower half consisting of tank treads.


  • Tesseract Vault
  • Necron Obelisk
  • Transcendent C'tan: These Ctan shards are more powerful than normal shards. In desperate times, Necron forces can unlseash the imprisoned C'tan to unleash its fury at its foes.


  • Sporocyte: acts as a dropship for the tyranids.
  • Tyranocyte: fortification that deplys ticklike into the ground.