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The Nephilem were a fusion of angel and demons that were created by the demon Lillith, and fought a war against creation.

  • War: the playable protagonist in Darksiders and is the youngest of the four horsemen. His main weapon is his sword Chaoseater and can transform into a large fiery demon.
    • Ruin: War's steed
  • Death: The oldest of the four horsemen and the leader. he is the playing protagonist in Darksiders II. he is armed with the reaper, and transforms into the Grim reaper
  • Fury: The only female horseman
  • Strife
  • Absolom

The Old Ones



Also known as the Black Hammer. Responsible for the creation of teh Armageddon sword and encountered

The Burning Council

a set of 3 stone heads that breathe fire and are in charge of the horsemen. They were responsible for maintaining the balance between heaven and Hell. The four horsemen are their enforcers.


The watchers are the servants of the Charred council. The most notable one was the watcher that accompanied the horseman War.

The Watcher (voiced by Mark Hamil)


  • Vulgrim: a demon merchant
  • Samael: red skinned demon with horns who had great power rivaling the prince of darkness. After the Armegeddon war, he was imprisoned and and had his power taken away and instilled into the destroyer's chosen.
  • Prince of Darkness
  • Lillith

The Chosen

    • Tiamat: also known as the Bat Queen. She is a huge bat.
    • The Griever: large insect-like creature that is able to spawn small flying insects
    • The Stygian; The king of the sandworms that infest the Ashlands.[1] As such it is the largest and deadliest of its ilk. It was subdued by the demons living there in order to use it for their arena entertainment, not knowing the significance of the creature.
    • Silitha: A huge spider who is the queen of spiders in the Iron Canopy. said to be the collector of stories from her prisoners.
    • Straga:


  • Uriel
  • Azrael
  • Nathaniel


  • Ulthane: [2]
  • Wardens: also known as Tormented gates: giant beings made of stone.


  1. Samael: The Stygian is the King of ancient worms that now plague the Ashlands. It won't be easy. The worms grow well in such fertile ground.
  2. "Ulthane is an Old One with a unique perspective on the endless machinations between Heaven and Hell – they don't concern him one bit. He greets Demons and Angels alike with a wink, a merry whistle, and the business end of his black hammer. Through the dark lens of his twisted humor, all is a lark.". Description of Ulthane in "The Art of Darksiders