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    Many of the fictional characters in J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium are Dwarves, a short stocky race inhabiting the world of Arda (the Earth in an imagined mythological past). Dwarves lived in the continent Middle-earth, mostly under its mountains.

    The names of many of Tolkien's Dwarves are derived from Norse mythology. Tolkien did not use diacritical marks for any names in The Hobbit, but in The Lord of the Rings he accentuated a number of names, including some which had appeared in The Hobbit. Thus, for example, Fili became Fíli, and Thrain became Thráin.

    Thorin's company consisted of the following 13 dwarves; their quest in The Hobbit is the main impetus of the plot of that story. Their quest, which occurred in , was joined by Bilbo Baggins (a hobbit) …

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    June 20, 2015 by Sclera1

    Borusa is a fictional character in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. He was a Time Lord, and a former teacher of the Doctor. Contents [hide] 1 Character Overview 2 Character Appearances 2.1 The Deadly Assassin 2.2 The Invasion of Time 2.3 Arc of Infinity 2.4 The Five Doctors 3 Appearances in Other Media Character Overview Borusa appeared in four serials throughout the course of Doctor Who: The Deadly Assassin, The Invasion of Time, Arc of Infinity and The Five Doctors. Each time, Borusa was portrayed by a different actor, it being implied that the character had regenerated in the time between these serials and thus his appearance and personality were different in each story. It is said that Borusa was one of the D…

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    Birdo- blog version

    April 16, 2015 by Sclera1

    Birdo, known in Japan as , is a fictional, anthropomorphic dinosaur-like creature featured in Nintendo's Mario series of video games. Nintendo has never made the exact nature of Birdo clear, appearing as both a particular character and a species of character, just as Yoshi from Super Mario World can refer either to a class of video game dinosaurs or a particular one. Birdo first appeared in the Japanese game Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic as a minor boss appearing at the end of many of the levels. Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic was later remade into Super Mario Bros. 2 for worldwide release, later known as Super Mario USA in Japan.

    Birdo is most frequently depicted as pink, although red, green, blue, yellow, orange, and gray Birdos are also seen in Super Mari…

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    TY the Tasmanian Tiger

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    Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is the first title in a video game series for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube produced by Krome Studios in 2002.

    In 2004 a sequel, Bush Rescue was released on all the above platforms, in addition to Game Boy Advance. Also in 2004, DPS Film Roman and Krome Studios announced they would produce an animated cartoon series based on the game. In May 2005, Activision and Krome Studios signed a co-publishing agreement for the third installment of the series: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan. It was released in October of the same year.

    Once, long ago, an epic battle ensued between Boss Cass, a Cassowary, and a family of Tasmanian Tigers (Thylacines). Boss Cass managed to trap all Thylacines except one in the Dr…

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    List of Warhammer Super heavy units

    • List of Titans

    • Baneblade variants
      • Hellblade
      • Shadowsword
      • Stormsword
      • Stormlord
      • Imperial Knight
      • Banesword
      • Doomhammer
      • Banehammer

    • Stompa

    • Khorne Lord of Skulls: top half of a huge figure in armour with the lower half consisting of tank treads.

    • Tesseract Vault
    • Necron Obelisk
    • Transcendent C'tan: These Ctan shards are more powerful than normal shards. In desperate times, Necron forces can unlseash the imprisoned C'tan to unleash its fury at its foes.

    • Sporocyte: acts as a dropship for the tyranids.
    • Tyranocyte: fortification that deplys ticklike into the ground.
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