Tommy Himi
(氷見友樹 Tomoki Himi)

Voice actor(s):Kumiko Watanabe (Japanese)
Brianne Siddall (English)
Digimon forms

Tommy Himi, known in Japan as "Tommy" Tomoki Himi (氷見 友樹 Himi Tomoki?), is a main character in the Digimon anime series Digimon Frontier. In this series, a group of chosen human children were given the ability to turn into Digimon.


Tommy is the youngest member of the group, being in third grade and was chosen to wield AncientMegatheriumon's power through the Spirits of ice. When the audience first sees Tommy, he is being bullied by two older boys, who push him onto the Trailmon that brings the Chosen Children into the Digital World. During the course of the adventure he encounters the two again and they try to bully him again, but Tommy points out that he's stronger than they are now as he can fight for himself and doesn't hide behind others. After he saved one and digivolved to Korikakumon to protect them, they realized he was right and apologized to him for their actions. Tommy became friends with his former bullies and later got a little revenge by pushing one on the train when he went home so the two were even at the former bully's own suggestion.

Tommy is always genuine in his feelings and looks up to Takuya Kanbara as his hero. As the series progresses, Tommy learns to stand up for himself, even fighting his own battles. He learns to become more brave and self-reliant over the course of the series. Unlike the others Tommy only ever defeated a foe on his own once to the point of destruction. He purified the Chamelemon and defeated them, but they reverted to Armadilomon. The only evil Digimon he ever killed was Asuramon when he was in Sakkakumon's Fire Sphere. It was also the only time he ever battled by himself. Before he didn't understand the true meaning of friendship and was somewhat spoiled which his brother tried to stop, but after Asuramon tried to use him and Tommy killed him, Tommy finally understood what his brother meant.

Digimon forms

Tommy wields AncientMegatheriumon's power through the "Spirits of Ice". The two together can form Daipenmon and they are transferred to Takuya's D-Tector so he can become EmperorGreymon.



Kumamon (Chakkumon)


Tommy can become this bear-like Digimon when he uses the Human Spirit of Ice. He first appeared on "Kumamon Baby, Light My Fire". Kumamon resembles a small ice bear with a green headband around his head. Tommy first Spirit Evolves into Kumamon to help Agunimon fight against a Candlemon. Kumamon helps Agunimon locate the real Wizardmon, who had digivolved from one of the Candlemon. Kumamon is the smallest of all 10 legendary warriors.

Kumamon's original, Japanese name is Chakkumon.


  • Blizzard Blaster (Snow Bomber): Kumamon swiftly fires a barrage of snowballs from a snowball gun which he always carry with him.
  • Crystal Breeze (Kachikachi Kachin): Kumamon blows cold wind from his mouth to freeze his opponents.
  • Frozen Tundra (Tsurararara (Icicle Lalala)): Kumamon attacks by turning into an icicle.



Korikakumon (Blizzarmon)


Tommy turns into this Digimon when he uses the Beast Spirit of Ice. Korikakumon possesses the most raw, non-elemental power out of all the Beast Spirit Digimon. He wields two battle axes, named "Eji" and "Oji". Tommy receives his Beast Spirit from Datamon in "Bizarre Bazarr", when it was found as a prize in a game cartridge after Tommy won, and digivolves into Korikakumon for the first time to fight Arbormon. Though it never went into a fit of rage with lack of control from Tommy persona, when not in control it does stop to pray.

Korikakumon's original, Japanese name is Blizzarmon.


  • Avalanche Axes (Avalanche Step): Korikakumon attacks with a barrage of cutting-attacks using his two axes. This attack also can be used to fire a blast of ice and snow shaped into an arrow.
  • Frozen Arrowheads (Glacier Torpedo): Korikakumon wraps the arrow heads on his braids around an enemy, holding them in place.


Susanoomon is created when all ten spirits left by the Ancient Warriors are fused together, and possesses the combined powers of all 10 Legendary Warriors. The name "Susanoomon" comes from the Shinto Storms God Susanoo.

When Koichi sacrificed himself to save the others from Lucemon Chaos Mode, he gave his Spirits of Darkness to his brother Koji. Takuya and Koji then brought all twenty Spirits together and became Susanoomon. Later on, in the real world, all five children (Takuya, Koji, J.P, Tommy and Zoe) fused to form Susanoomon again, this time to stop Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode from entering the human world. In this second fight against Lucemon, Susanoomon and was able to penetrate the shadow-sphere where Lucemon Larva was hiding. In the final battle, Susanoomon managed to shatter the shadow-sphere, destroy Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode, and then split into the 10 separate Legendary Warriors and destroyed Lucemon for good.


  • Celestial Blade (Amanohabakiri): Susanoomon fires a blade of energy from his sword that can be used to cut his enemies in two.
  • Heaven's Thunder (Yakusanoikazuchi): Susanoomon creates clouds which fire enormous bolts of energy down onto his enemies.


Tommy's theme-song is called: "Say Yes!".

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