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When to use

You may add this template only to articles that contain zero sources of any kind.

Do not add this template
  • Be bold! Consider searching for references and adding them to the article, instead of this template.
  • In articles about people and businesses, consider using the more specific {{third-party sources}} template, to encourage citation of WP:Independent sources rather than the subject's own website.
  • See Wikipedia:Biographies of living people for guidance on dealing with unreferenced biographies of living people.
  • Consider not adding this template to very brief stubs, since anyone visiting the page can see, in a single glance, that it contains no citations.

How to use

{{Unreferenced|date=August 2020}}



Substitution of this template will automatically fill the date parameter.

To flag an individual section as being unreferenced, use:

{{Unreferenced|section|date=August 2020}}
Date parameter
The date parameter is (generally[1]) used to indicate when the template was added to a page. An example of its usage is {{Unreferenced|date=August 2020}}. Adding this parameter sorts the article into monthly subcategories of Category:Articles lacking sources, rather than adding it to Category:Articles lacking sources itself, allowing the oldest problems to be identified and dealt with first. If the date parameter is omitted, a bot will add it later.

General information

This template can either be placed at the top of an article, at the bottom of the article page (in an empty "References" or "Notes" section—usually just before a Template:Reflist (talk, links, edit) template), or on the article's talk page.


This template adds the article to Category:Articles lacking sources and Category:Articles lacking sources from August 2020, both hidden categories.

Differences from related templates

The similar template Template:Refimprove (talk, links, edit) adds an article to Category:Articles needing additional references.


See also

The following templates are useful in cases where there are some sources, but these are in some way inadequate or insufficient:


  1. Because of the nature of the workflow using the current date makes sense, it is simpler to add, especially for the WP:bots it means that older dated categories do not have to be constantly created and deleted, and it enables some measure of progress. Moreover it is "good enough" to get the articles into the workflow and the intention is to ensure they are cleaned up eventually. Occasionally however it may be useful to bulk add items, to older categories, for example when the system was initially set up, when merging two schemes or when adding to the current month would swamp it disproportionately.

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