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Partner(s): Miki Kurosaki (Black)
Megumi Shirokawa (White)
Rookie PawnChessmon
Champion KnightChessmon
Ultimate RookChessmon (black)
BishopChessmon (white)
Mega QueenChessmon (black)
KingChessmon (white)

PawnChessmon is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise, a Rookie-level Puppet Digimon born from the data of a chess program. PawnChessmon's personality is one of a person making his impression in the world by achievements. PawnChessmon come in two colors, black and white - naturally, they are modeled after the Pawn Chess piece. The two types are rivals. PawnChessmon are Puppet type Digimon who were born from data inside a chess game on a supercomputer. It may have a weak amount of power, but this general infantry soldier of mystery becomes more popular in the world with each achievement listed, thus giving it powers equal to a Mega. Its motto is "Only to advance!"


They look like miniature Knights, except with a large helm and large bottoms. Their weapons are spears and they carry a small shield that can create barriers. As shown in Digimon Data Squad episode 32, they are able to lift their helmet up to reveal a pair of small yellow eyes and a mouth.



Two PawnChessmon are the partners of two women that are members of the DATS organization, Miki and Megumi. They help in DATS' attempt to keep Digimon from damaging the peace of the real world, and can often be seen working at computer terminals. In episode 21, they digivolve to help protect the city from the army led by Gotsumon under SaberLeomon's command. In episode 36, they warp digivolved into RookChessmon and BishopChessmon in order to help fight off Belphemon and remained in this state for the remainder of the three episodes, however Belphemon managed to grab them with his chains de-digivolving them into their basic forms. They later fought against Gallantmon of the Royal Knights in their ultimate forms but were easily defeated. Later, the PawnChessmon were present in the battle against Yggdrasil but did little fighting. They eventually returned to the Digital World with the other digimon and their current location is unknown, although it is assumed they either stayed with the other digimon or travelled to the Chessmon village.


  • Pawn Buckler
  • Pawn Spear: Attacks with the small spear.
  • Pawn Dash: Dashes with the shield held to bash enemy.

Twin Attacks

  • Pyramid Formation: Allows them to obtain the opponent's logistics via a special formation, of which they can perform against even those at the Ultimate level.

Other Forms

The name "PawnChessmon" refers only to the Rookie form of these Digimon. Throughout the series the PawnChessmon gain the ability to Digivolve into a number of more powerful forms, each with a different name and special attack. However, the Rookie level is their preferred form and the one they spend most of their time in.


KnightChessmon (ナイトチェスモン)

KnightChessmon are PawnChessmon's Champion forms. They first appeared in episode 21 to help protecting the city from the army of Boarmon and Pteramon led by Gotsumon under SaberLeomon's command. In the English dub, Miki and Megumi state the name of their new digivolution states, as the two do not speak while they digivolve. The same things happen whenever they use their attacks. The two girls command them in battle move for move they use. This is reminiscent how one directs their pieces in a chess game. It is also notable that Knightchessmon more closely resemble centaurs than they do horses.


  • Knight Lancer: Points the dart ahead and rushes.[1]
  • Big Darts: Throws the dart at the enemy.
  • Gallop Hall/Hole: Jumps and tramples the opponent.


RookChessmon (ルークチェスモン)

RookChessmon is the Ultimate form of PawnChessmon Black. She first appears to fight Belphemon, but despite managing to put a good fight, her defending attack Castle Wall is destroyed by Belphemon. Belphemon constricts RookChessmon with his chains, reducing her back to her rookie level. She next appeared in battle against the Royal Knight Gallantmon but was defeated easily.


  • Rook Gatling: Rapid fire with gattling guns from its head, arms and chest.
  • Castle Wall: Creates a screen of energy to protect itself.
  • Strong Fold


BishopChessmon (ビショップチェスモン)

BishopChessmon is the Ultimate form of PawnChessmon White. Same as RookChessmon, BishopChessmon first appears to fight Belphemon. He manages to put up a good fight in the battle but is reduced back to a Pawnchessmon by Belphemon's chains. He next appeared in battle against the Royal Knight Gallantmon but was defeated easily.


  • Bishop Laser: Fires a blast from its staff.
  • Bishop Cross: Fires a cross shapes beam of holy light from his staff.


  1. name from D.V.R / used by KnightChessmon(B) in episode 21 without naming the attack.

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