Oromë is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium. He appears in The Silmarillion.

Template:Middle-earth portalOromë was a Vala, one of the deity-like beings who created Middle-earth. He is also known as Araw in Tolkien's fictional language of Sindarin, Aldaron ("Lord of the Trees"), Arum, Béma, Tauron, Arāmē, Araume, The Huntsman of the Valar, and The Great Rider. He is the brother of Nessa and the husband of Vána.

During the Years of the Trees, after most of the Valar had withdrawn completely from Middle-earth and hidden themselves in Aman, Oromë still hunted in the forests of Middle-earth on occasion. Thus, he was responsible for finding the Elves when they were created at Cuiviénen, and the first to name them the Eldar. Being a powerful huntsman, he was active in the struggles against Morgoth, the evil Vala.

He had a great horn (the Valaróma) and a great steed (Nahar or Nækhærra). He was renowned for his anger, being the most terrible of the Valar in wrath. Oromë is one of the Aratar, the High Ones, the 8 greater spirits of the Valar. This means his power is on a much higher plane than other angelic spirits such as the Maiar, and even the powers of his wife and sister.

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