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Xros Heart

Taiki Kudou

Voiced by: Minami Takayama

Taiki Kudou (工藤 タイキ Kudō Taiki?) is the protagonist of the anime, an upbeat seventh grade boy who helps anyone in need. He excels in all sports and has a charming personality that wins over humans and Digimon alike, though he has a tendency to overexert himself. His Digimon partner is Shoutmon and he is given a red Xros Loader to enable Shoutmon to DigiXros with other Digimon. Taiki forms Team Xros Heart with Shoutmon and other allied Digimon, with the sole goal of making the Digital World a better place. Aside from his charisma, Taiki has proven himself to be an excellent strategist and can see through the enemy's plan and counters them accordingly, making his presence a necessity for the team. Unlike the other members of Xros Heart, Taiki is able to hear the 'melody' of Digimon that are in life-threatening danger. During their travels they meet many friendly Digimon who join their cause and they face the evil minions of the Bagra Army as well as the rival groups Blue Flare and Twilight, allowing the group's former general Nene and her Digimon friends to join their group. However, once all 108 Code Crowns were claimed, Bagramon manages to take all the Code Crowns for himself before sending Taiki, Akari, Zenjirou, and Shoutmon.

In the real world, Taiki learns that time in the real world is slower than in the Digital World before he attempts to find a way back to the Digital World. By then, the one who gave him his Xros Loader is revealed to be Omnimon, who reveals the origin of the DigiMemories and the history of the digital world and tells them how he ended up in the human world as a digimemory and has been searching for Taiki as only he hear the digital melody. After enabling Shoutmon to Digivolve into OmegaShoutmon to defeat Tactimon, Taiki leaves to the digital world with Shoutmon. Upon returning to the Digital World, Taiki and Shoutmon learn that Bagramon had it reconstructed into a realm surrounding by Seven Kingdoms, each ruled by a Digimon general with their own Darkness Loaders. Reunited with their Xros Heart allies, Taiki and Nene convince Kiriha to join forces with them and they set to travel together through the Kingdoms to challenge the generals and liberate the Digital World from the Bagramon Army's oppression.[1][2] After the final battle of DarknessBagramon, the Xros Heart Digimon return back to the Digital World.

One year later, Taiki, now in the eighth grade, formed the "Xros Heart Street Basketball Team" with Yuu and Tagiru.


Voiced by: Chika Sakamoto

Shoutmon (シャウトモン Shautomon?) is a ferocious dragon Digimon with extremely high aggressiveness due to hot-blooded enthusiasm, yet friendly towards his comrades. He enjoys singing and wields a microphone for leisure and to help in combat, his chances of winning depending on the amount of passion he has. When wounded while protecting the Village of Smiles from the Bagra Army's invasion of the Green Zone, Shoutmon met Taiki as the two eventually join forces to save his home from the invaders. Becoming Taiki's Digimon partner, Shoutmon's goal is to become Digimon King in order to better protect others, seeing the Code Crowns as a mean to fulfill his desire. Shoutmon acts as the core component all Xros Heart's main DigiXrosses, ultimately fusing himself with all the Digimon he met during his journey to take down Bagramon and save the Digital World.[3][4][2] After the battle against DarknessBagramon, Shoutmon works hard to improve the newly reformed Digital World as the new Digimon King, until several Digimon start disapearing into DigiQuartz and he joins forces with Taiki once again looking to find the reason for it.

Shoutmon ×2 (シャウトモン×2 Shautomon Kurosu Tsū?)
The DigiXros of Shoutmon and Ballistamon, a humanoid mechanical Digimon. His signature move is Buddy Blaster, firing a beam from the horn on his chest. This form is occasionally equipped with the Star Axe.[5] By executing DigiXros with ChibiKamemon, Shoutmon ×2 becomes the water-capable Shoutmon ×2 Plus M (シャウトモン×2プラスM Shautomon Kurosu Tsu Purusu M?).
Shoutmon ×3 (シャウトモン×3 Shautomon Kurosu Surī?)
A powerful, human-shaped Composition Digimon that is the Physical Mode DigiXros of Shoutmon, Ballistamon and Dorulumon. Combining his components' attributes, Shoutmon X3 is a flexible fighter with "V" on his chest as an all-purpose weapon in his Three Victorize and Victorize Boomerang attacks.[6]
Shoutmon ×4 (シャウトモン×4 Shautomon Kurosu Fō?)
A form assumed by Shoutmon ✕3 equipped with the Star Sword, able to execute the Burning Star Crusher slash attack.[7]Shoutmon ✕4 can DigiXros with Knightmon and his PawnChessmon to become the knight-like Shoutmon ×4K (シャウトモン×4K Shautomon Kurosu Fō Naito?). He can also DigiXros with Beelzemon to become the centaur-like warrior Shoutmon ×4B (シャウトモン×4B Shautomon Kurosu Fō Bi?) , armed with several rifles, performing the Star's Blade Celestrike attack.[8] With Spadamon, Shoutmon ×4S (シャウトモン×4S Shautomon Kurosu Fō Ēsu?) is formed, armed with a lance.
Shoutmon ×5 (シャトモン×5 Shautomon Kurosu Faibu?)
Shoutmon ✕4 DigiXrossed with Sparrowmon, gaining a new helmet, a shield and wings. He can DigiXros with Beelzemon to become Shoutmon ×5B (シャウトモン×5B Shautomon Kurosu Faibu Bi?), where he becomes a winged centaur-like warrior armed with several rifles.[9]
During Xros Heart's time in the Shinobi Zone, Shoutmon DigiXrossed with other members of Xros Heart. These forms are ShouCutemon (シャキュートモン Shaukyūtomon?, with Cutemon), DonShoutmon (ドンシャウトモン Donshautomon?, with Dondokomon), JijiShoutmon (ジジシャウトモン Jijishautomon?, with Jijimon), PawnShoutmon (ポーンシャウトモン Pōnshautomon?, with a PawnChessmon), and Shonitamon (シャニタモン Shaunitamon?, with a Monitamon).
OmegaShoutmon (オメガシャウトモン Omega Shautomon?)
Shoutmon's natural digivolved form, a Dragonoid Digimon with a glowing golden body infused with Omnimon's power. Shoutmon first naturally digivolved while in the real world when Taiki's Xros Loader absorbs the energy of Zenjiro and Akari's emotions. As a result, Shoutmon becomes able to fight on his own with more power than any of his Xros forms possessed. From then on, OmegaShoutmon became Shoutmon's primary fighting form. Among his attacks is Victorize Banking beam attack.[10]
Shoutmon DX (シャウトモンDX Shautomon Di Kurosu?)
The DoubleXros between OmegaShoutmon and ZekeGreymon, a Crusade Mode armed with the "Electric Buster Xros" bayonets on his left arm, and the giant "Trident JusFang" claws on his right. His signature move is Brave Beat Rock DoubleXros, consuming himself in energy while ramming an opponent.
Shoutmon ×7 (シャウトモン×7 Shautomon Kurosu Sebun?)
The GreatXros of OmegaShoutmon with ZekeGreymon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, the Star Sword, and Sparrowmon. An Ardor-burst mode armed with such attacks as "Xros Burning Rocker", "Double Flare Buster", "Seven Victorize" and "Seven Victorize Maximum". In the final battle against DarknessBagramon, using the "Final Xros" he becomes Shoutmon ×7 Superior Mode (シャウトモン×7スペリオルモード Shautomon Kurosu Sebun Superioru Mōdo?) by digixrossing all members of the Xros Heart United Army, their allies, and the DigiMemories, attacking with "Final Xros Blade".

Other Digimon

Ballistamon (バリスタモン Barisutamon?)
Voiced by: Takeshi Kusao
Ballistamon is Shoutmon's best friend; a noble, taciturn warrior who resembles a robotic rhinoceros beetle. He was originally DarkVolumon (DakuVoryumon), a robotic stag beetle equipped with powerful gatling cannons and a large loudspeaker on his chest, who was Olegmon's first mate until a test of his sonic powers went awry and sent him into the Green Zone. The force of the impact caused DarkVolumon to shut down. He was found by Shoutmon, who repaired and reconfigured him. With his memory lost, DarkVolumon was rechristened "Ballistamon" by Shoutmon and became his friend. Though Olegmon later restores his minion's memory, Shoutmon snaps Ballistamon to his senses. As a member of Xros Heart, Ballistamon forms the main body of Shoutmon ×2 and the left shoulder, lower torso, and arms of Shoutmon ×3 and subsequent forms.
BalliPersiamon (BariBasutemon, BalliBastemon)
DigiXros of Ballistamon and Persiamon.
Dorulumon (ドルルモン Dorulumon?)
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai
Dorulumon is a strong wolf-like Digimon with drills on his body who is also Cutemon's guardian. He once served with the Bagra Army as Tactimon's right-hand man until leaving the organization due to its cruel methods. Though he rejected repeated offers from Taiki to join Xros Heart, Dorulumon became a member to honor BlueMeramon's final request. He forms the lower body and right shoulder of Shoutmon ×3 and subsequent forms. He can also become Dorulu Cannon (ドルルキャノン Doruru Kyanon?) for Shoutmon or OmegaShoutmon's use or DigiXros with Starmon and several silver Pickmon to give his tail propeller-like properties, allowing him to fly.
Starmon (スターモン Sutāmon?)
Voiced by: Bin Shimada
Starmon is a small, star-shaped Digimon with sunglasses who serves as the Pickmons' leader. He forms the hilt of the Star Sword, Rare Star Sword and Star Axe. He also becomes the gunsight of the Meteor Cannon when DigiXrossed with Beelzemon and several silver Pickmon. He calls Shoutmon "brother".
Pickmon (ピックモンズ Pikkumonzu?)
Voiced by: Kokoro Kikuchi
The Pickmons are a group of small Digimon who view Starmon as their leader. The Pickmon come in three varieties: yellow, silver, and red. The yellow Pickmon DigiXros with Starmon to form the Star Axe (Suta Akkusu) and release Chibickmons (チビックモン Chibikkumonzu?) from their mouths with whom they can telepathically communicate. Several silver Pickmon can DigiXros into the Digimon Slingshot (デジモン パチンコ Dejimon Pachinko?) and can also DigiXros with Starmon to form the Star Sword (Suta Sodo). The silver Pickmon can also DigiXros with the lone red Pickmon to form the Rare Star Sword (Rea Suta Sodo), a special sword which is wielded by Zenjirou or Shoutmon.
Cutemon (キュートモン Kyūtomon?)
Voiced by: Houko Kuwashima
Cutemon is a mischievous and peppy but timid pink rabbit-like Fairy Digimon whose ears are actually a means for him to sense nearby Digimon to hide from.[11] Being the only one of his village to have escaped the Bagra Army, Cutemon was founded by Dorulumon as the two search for his captured parents. Cutemon encountered Xros Heart while in the Village of Smiles, taking a liking to them and eventually joining the team. In the process, Cutemon manages to find his parents but remains with Xros Heart. As a member of Xros Heart, Cutemon has the ability to heal wounds, able to heal nearby Digimon and humans alike.
Greatest Cutemon (グレイテストキュートモン Gureitesuto Kyūtomon?)
The DigiXros of Cutemon with Dondokomon, Jijimon, ChibiKamemon, Persiamon, Knightmon and the PawnChessmons.
Dondokomon (ドンドコモン?)
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai
Dondokomon is a small Digimon shaped like a taikō drum with drum sticks for arms. Several of these live in the Village of Smiles, but one has chosen to travel with Xros Heart.
Jijimon (ジジモン?)
Voiced by: Bin Shimada
Jijimon is an elderly Digimon who serves as a sage-like figure in the Village of Smiles. He accompanies Xros Heart and acts as their guide. Later DigiXroses with ChibiKamemon and Golemon as GolemJijiKamemon.
ChibiKamemon (チビカメモン?)
Voiced by: Ryoko Shiraishi
ChibiKamemon is a small turtle Digimon who lived in the Island Zone. Says "Kame" at the end of his sentences. After some inspiring words from Shoutmon, ChibiKamemon volunteers to help fight Octomon by forming a protective shell on the back of Shoutmon ×2. When Xros Heart leaves the Island Zone, ChibiKamemon officially joins the team. ChibiKamemon serves as an underwater scout for Xros Heart.
GolemJijiKamemon (Goremjijikamemon)
Digixros of Golemon, Jijimon and ChibiKamemon.
Persiamon (バステモン Bastemon?)
Voiced by: Tomomi Kasai
Persiamon is a Bakeneko catgirl Digimon who is the princess of the Lake Zone. She also developed a crush on Taiki, whom she refers to as "Lord Taiki" (タイキ様 Taiki-sama?). When Xros Heart left the Lake Zone after defeating Daipenmon and IceDevimon, Persiamon left with them. Later in the show Persiamon eats Tyutyumon, due to being a cat Digimon and Tyutyumon a mouse.
Knightmon (ナイトモン Naitomon?)
Voiced by: Masaki Terasoma
Knightmon is a knight Digimon who serves Persiamon. He can DigiXros with several PawnChessmon and Shoutmon ×4 to create Shoutmon ×4K. After the battle in the Lake Zone, Knightmon and his band of PawnChessmon chose to travel with Xros Heart. Refers to Taiki as "Master Taiki" (タイキどの Taiki-dono?) and Persiamon as "Lady Persiamon" (バステモン様 Bastemon-sama?). He serves as the leader of the PawnChessmon unit.
Knightmon Wise Sword Mode (Naitomon Waizu Sodo Modo)
The DigiXros of Knightmon and Wisemon.
PawnChessmon (ポーンチェスモンズ Pōnchesumon?)
The PawnChessmon are eight small white pawn Digimon under Knightmon's leadership who also join Xros Heart, tending to say "Chess" at the end of their sentences. Refer to Knightmon as "Lord Knightmon" (Naitomon-sama).
Deputymon (リボルモン Reborumon, Revolmon?)
Voiced by: Junko Minagawa
Deputymon is a gunslinger Digimon that Xros Heart met in the Sand Zone. He was looking for a treasure in a diamond mine when he ran into Xros Heart. Deputymon later gave the Sand Zone's Code Crown and four DigiMemories to Taiki. When Lilithmon forcibly teleported Xros Heart out of the Sand Zone, Deputymon was taken with them officially making him a part of the team. Once DigiXroses with Beelzemon, giving him an extra gun. Acts as Xros Heart's tracker.
Beelzemon (ベルゼブモン Beruzebumon, Beelzebumon?, 14-48, 54)
Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio
Formely Baalmon (バアルモン Baarumon?, 1-14), an elusive rifle-wielding Digimon raised by the Goddess's Warriors (a goddess-worshipping sect led by Baalmon's mentor Angemon). The Bagra Army's deception led to the sect's downfall leading to Baalmon joining the Bagra Army with the intent of hunting and destroying the ones responsible earning the nickname of the "Reaper" (死神 Shinigami, lit. "Death Spirit"?) due to his role as the Army's assassin. He occasionally assisted the Three Head Officers, fighting both Blue Flare and Xros Heart until Baalmon realized that it was Ebemon (a member of the Army) who had mind-controlled the Goddess's Warriors in order to recruit him. He then betrayed the Army to assist Xros Heart but was quickly and fatally injured by Lilithmon. Taiki attempted to revive Baalmon but Baalmon refused using the last of his energy to stop HiMachinedramon from destroying Shoutmon ×4K at which point the Goddess used her power to reincarnate Baalmon into a new version of Beelzemon. In his new form, Beelzemon is a powerful Demon Lord Digimon armed with a large gun attached to his right arm and the ability to move through Zones on his own. Beelzemon can DigiXros with Shoutmon x4 to form Shoutmon x4B or with Shoutmon x5 to form Shoutmon x5B. He can also DigiXros with Starmon and several silver Pickmon to equip himself with the powerful Meteor Cannon (Meteo Kyanon) or with Deputymon to gain an additional gun attached to his left arm. In Hell's Field, Beelzemon sacrificed himself so the rest of Xros Heart could escape Hell's Field. He is eventually revived in the final battle with DarknessBagramon.
Wisemon (ワイズモン Waizumon?)
Voiced by: Show Hayami
Wisemon is a researcher of the Digital World who Taiki encounters upon colliding with his book after being separated from Team Xros Heart by Arkadimon. He assists Taiki in saving the rest of Team Xros Heart at the cost of his book. Taiki discovered upon arrival in the Shinobi Zone that Wisemon has joined up with them. Wisemon serves as Xros Heart's advisor and researcher and possesses telekinetic abilities.
Lillymon (リリモン Ririmon?)
Voiced by: Kororo Kikuchi
Lillymon is a flower fairy Digimon who is Shoutmon's childhood friend in the Village of Smiles. She assists Taiki and Shoutmon when they returned to the DigiWorld, updating them on what occurred in their absence and rescuing the other Team Xros Heart Digimon from Dorbickmon. Lillymon joins up with Taiki following Dorbickmon's destruction. In the manga, Lillymon alongside a Sunflowmon went with Team Xros Heart following MachLeomon's destruction.

Akari Hinomoto

Voiced by: Ryoko Shiraishi

Akari Hinomoto (陽ノ本 アカリ Hinomoto Akari?) is a kind student a year younger than Taiki who often ends up taking care of him when he tires himself out. She has proven herself to be strong-willed and courageous, such as when she overcame Lilithmon's mind-control by slashing her in the face. Akari lives with her family helping take care of her three younger siblings, one of them she stated to play shooting games with, which helped in the Island Zone arc. At one point she met Taiki and they became close friends.[12] She acts as Xros Heart's peacemaker, often cheering on the backup members of the team in battle and forming a special bond with Cutemon. In the beginning of the series, she immediately freaks out about missing Marine Day and wants them all to go back home. She even suggests they track down another human when hearing about two other Generals being in the Digital World, thinking that they might know how to get home. When hearing about the Code Crowns and the dreams of being Digimon King, she goes with it thinking that if Shoutmon becomes King, they'll be able to go home. When attacked by Tactimon in the human world, it is Akari's courage that helps Shoutmon to digivolve into OmegaShoutmon. After the battle with Tactimon, Akari remains in the human world with Zenjirou and Omnimon's DigiMemory. WarGreymon and Examon rescued her and Zenjirou when D5 was activated. They both rescued the rest of Xros Heart and are a separate subspace, and during these events she and Cutemon are reunited. She was present during the final battle against DarknessBagramon and comforted Taiki after the battle's conclusion.

Zenjirou Tsurugi

Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio

Zenjirou Tsurugi (剣ゼンジロウ Tsurugi Zenjirou?) is Taiki's classmate. After losing to the then-amateur Taiki at a kendo championship competition, he has been tailing him ever since to settle the score. He proclaims himself to be Taiki's eternal rival. An exceedingly sensible person, he insists on troublesome things like how etiquette in a duel should be properly implemented. Because of this, Taiki feels awkward around his presence, and Akari very obviously tries to chase him away. On the other hand, he grows familiar with the enemy's mentality and becomes a supporter for the good-hearted Taiki and Digimon. His parent runs a mechanic-type business. Thanks to this, he is knowledgeable about machines and does repairs to Ballistamon. After ending up back with the others in the real world by Bagramon's attack, Zenijirou is forced to stay behind with Akari as Taiki assures them that they'll be with Xros Heart in spirit. WarGreymon and Examon rescued him and Akari when D5 was activated. They both rescued the rest of Xros Heart and are in a separate subspace.[13] He was present during the final battle against DarknessBagramon and comforted Taiki after the battle's conclusion.

Kiriha Aonuma

Voiced by: Takeshi Kusao

Kiriha Aonuma (青沼 キリハ Aonuma Kiriha?) is a blond teenage warlord who conquers others by coldly eliminating them. Before coming to the Digital World, Kiriha was an eighth-grade student at an elite school. As the General of Blue Flare, a group that reflects his ambition to be strong and undisputed, Kiriha possesses a blue Xros Loader Digivice, given to him by Bagramon, which allows his soldiers to "DigiXros". Kiriha originally had an interest in Taiki Kudou because of his strength and abilities, helping him at times to persuade Taiki to join his army before being turned down. Kiriha decided to join forces with Nene Amano after before ending their partnership in the Forest Zone when she tries to force him to torture a defeated Stingmon for information, seeing such an action beneath him. He soon ended being controlled by DarkKnightmon's Darkness Loader to serve him as the new general of Twilight before Taiki snaps him out of it. Since then, now seeing Taiki as a worthy rival to him, Kiriha aided Xros Heart prior to losing his Code Crowns to Bagramon with his group the only active resistance against the Death Generals by the time Taiki and Shoutmon return from the real world. After helping them free the rest of Xros Heart from Dorbickmon, Kiriha allies himself with Taiki and Nene to deal with the remaining Death Generals, having his group be dissolved into the Xros Heart United Army.[14][2]

Blue Flare

Kiriha's Digimon comprised the Blue Flare army. Blue Flare was later dissolved when Kiriha and Taiki joined forces to create the Xros Heart United Army.

Greymon (グレイモン Gureimon?)
The main Digimon in Kiriha's Blue Flare army. Like his human partner, Greymon valued strength above everything else and has no respect for Shoutmon as he tends to insult his size. Prior to being formerly introduced to Xros Heart at the Lake Zone, Greymon appeared when Kiriha needed to execute hit and run attacks on the Bagra Army. During the collapse of the Disc Zone, Greymon and his comrade MailBirdramon got separated from Kiriha and accepted their fate. But seeing the determination Shoutmon, who was trapped with them, in a bleak situation convinces Greymon to respect him to the point of helping Shoutmon out without Kiriha having him be DigiXrosed or with Kiriha's knowing, when Kiriha asks him why he helped Shoutmon ×4K, Greymon simply replies "I was returning the favor.". Eventually, during the reign of the Seven Death Generals, Greymon gains the ability to digivolve while as MetalGreymon into ZekeGreymon.
MetalGreymon (メタルグレイモン MetaruGureimon?)
The "Tactical-enhancement Mode" DigiXros of Greymon and MailBirdramon.
ZekeGreymon (ジークグレイモン JikuGureimon?)
ZekeGreymon is the Super Digivolution of MetalGreymon, made possible through Kiriha's pride and Dracomon's hope. Clad in golden armor. Can Double Xros with OmegaShoutmon to become Shoutmon DX or Great Xros with OmegaShoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon and the Starmons to become Shoutmon X7.
DeckerGreymon (Dekkagureimon)
The "Assault-strike Mode" DigiXros of MetalGreymon and Deckerdramon.
MailBirdramon (メイルバードラモン MeiruBādoramon?)
A metal bird-like Digimon who serves as Kiriha's main mode of transportation and forms the armor of MetalGreymon.
Golemon (Goremon)
A bunch of Golemon make up Kiriha's foot soldiers. One was used in Kiriha's first encounter with Taiki. Later DigiXroses with ChibiKamemon and Jijimon as GoleJijiKamemon.
Cyberdramon (サイバードラモン Saibādoramon?)
A fearsome cyborg dragonoid with a lance as his weapon. Cyberdramon can transform into the Cyber Launcher (サイバーランチャー Saibā Ranchā?) to be used by MetalGreymon. Later DigiXroses with Dracomon.
Deckerdramon (デッカードラモン Dekkādoramon?, 19-43, 54)
The Forest Zone's former Guardian Deity of Love. An armored, metallic crocodile Digimon armed with powerful weaponry. He was sought out by DarkKnightmon for the purpose of allying but chose to join Kiriha and Blue Flare instead. He forms the tank treads and arm-mounted cannon of DeckerGreymon. Deckerdramon can also transform into Deckerdramon Float Mode (デッカードラモン フロートモード Dekkādoramon Furōto Mōdo?) for water transportation. While in Canyon Land, Deckerdramon was destroyed by Gravimon, giving the Xros Heart United Army the power to "Great Xros" into Shoutmon X7. He is eventually revived in the final battle with DarknessBagramon.
Gaossmon (Gaosumon)
A bunch of Gaossmon make up Kiriha's foot soldiers.
PawnGaossmon (Pongaosumon)
The DigiXros of the PawnChessmons and Gaossmons.
Bommon (Bomumon)
A bunch of Bommon make up Kiriha's foot soldiers.
Dracomon (ドラコモン Dorakomon?)
A small dragon Digimon encountered by Taiki and Shoutmon in Dragon Land after deserting the Bagra Army. After meeting with and talking to Kiriha, Dracomon decided to join him upon leaving Dragon Land. Once being a part of the Bagra Army, he knows how to make plans to help the United Army stop the Death Generals. Later DigiXroses with Cyberdramon.

Nene Amano

Voiced by: Houko Kuwashima

Nene Amano (天野 ネネ Amano Nene?) is a mysterious brown-haired girl who led the mysterious Team Twilight, owning the black Xros Loader, given to her by DarkKnightmon. Nene was actually a pawn of Twilight's true leader, DarkKnightmon, who offered to reunite her with her brother Yuu if she aid him in his agenda. On DarkKnightmon's orders, Nene continuously spies and assists Taiki and Kiriha, forming an alliance with the latter in the Lake Zone. She later reveals her relationship to DarkKnightmon while in the Forest Zone before later being trapped in a tower during Team Xros Heart and Team Blue Flare's fight with DarkKnightmon's forces in the Dust Zone. Following the battle, Nene joins Xros Heart, however her Xros Loader was damaged. In Shinobi Zone, upon accepting her role as a member of Xros Heart, her Xros Loader regains its function as it changes color from black to lavender. She helps Xros Heart whenever she can, though she also continues alone to search for her brother. She was separated from Taiki and the others after he was sent to the human world by Bagramon. Since Bagramon reformatted the Digital World, Nene made it a habit to don disguises to move incognito. While in Honey Land, gaining Mervamon as an ally, Nene finally finds her brother Yuu, and learns that he is deceived by DarkKnightmon into believe that the Digital World and its inhabitants are all part of a videogame where killing Digimon and humans alike will bear no consequences. Upon learning of this, Nene vowed to make Yuu realize the truth and bring him back home.[15][2]

A year later, Nene is in Hong Kong and became an Idol.[16]

Nene's Digimon

Sparrowmon (スパロウモン Suparōmon?)
Voiced by: Kokoro Kikuchi
A mechanical yellow sparrow Digimon with a trigger-happy personality that is loyal to Nene. After the battle in the Heaven Zone, Taiki give Sparrowmon a Wrister as a symbol of their friendship and later officially joined Team Xros Heart with Nene after the battle in the Dust Zone. He can perform a DigiXros with Shoutmon ×4 into Shoutmon ×5 or transform into Jet Sparrow (ジェットスパロウ Jetto Suparō?) to give Shoutmon a flying platform.
Monitamon (モニタモンズ Monitamonzu?)
A bunch of ninja Digimon with monitors for heads originally from the Shinobi Zone. Three green Monitamon work for Nene as her spies and partners. Despite their bumbling and comedic behavior, they are considered "elite" Monitamons. Three red-colored Monitamons encountered Xros Heart in the Shinobi Zone, joining Taiki to serve as a link to Nene's Monitamons (They usually call Zenjirou their "master"). The three red Monitamon can DigiXros to form Hi-Vision Monitamon (ハイビジョンモニタモン Haibijon Monitamon?), a black-colored version with stronger attacks and a miniature transmission tower on its head. Despite being carried in Taiki's Xros Loader, the three red Monitamons are always DigiXrossed by Nene. In the final battle against DarknessBagramon, the green Monitamon were DigiXrossed to form an additional Hi-Vision Monitamon.
Monimon (モニモン?)
A small green television-shaped Digimon with a leaf-like antenna who is carried by Nene.
Mervamon (メルヴァモン Meruvamon?)
Voiced by: Ryoko Shiraishi
A Shaman Digimon armed with the "Olympia Kai" blade and the snake-headed "Medulla" shield who has the habit of rushing into battle without a plan of attack. She resides in Honey Land as a rebel fighter, defending the land from Zamielmon and his forces. After she meets the Xros Heart United Army in Honey Land, she decides to align with Nene. While in Hell's Field, she develops a bond with Beelzemon and was upset when he sacrificed himself so they can escape. When Beelzemon was revived during the final battle, she was overjoyed. She can DigiXros with Sparrowmon to form JetMervamon (ジェットメルヴァモン JettoMeruvamon?) or Wisemon and Hi-Vision Monitamon with her sword to transform it into the Wide-Hi-Vision Sword (ワイズハイビジョンソード Waidohaibijon Sodo?).

Yuu Amano

Voiced by: Oki Kanae

Yuu Amano (天野ユウ Amano Yū?) is Nene's younger brother who was said to be held hostage by DarkKnightmon. But in reality, Yuu is a willing member of the Bagra Army who is both the previous user of Nene's Xros Loader and the eighth Death General, wielding a Darkness Loader from DarkKnightmon. Having been against playing with others in fear of hurting them, he was deceived by DarkKnightmon under the notion that the Digital World is just a game and destroying Digimon and humans alike have no real consequences. As a result, Yuu became a sadist who fights with no holds barred even against his own sister. During the events in the Hell's Field battleground under Bright Land, Taiki manages to convince Yuu that DarkKnightmon is using him and tricked him into hurting others. However, SkullKnightmon abducts Yuu and spirits him off to Bagramon. Yuu was later imprisoned by DarkKnightmon after he find out the truth, but Mervamon rescued him. Yuu later aligned with Taiki and the rest of the Xros Heart United Army in the final battle against DarknessBagramon, and his Darkness Loader changed into a yellow Xros Loader.

One year later, Yuu, now in the seventh grade, joins Taiki's basketball team with Tagiru. He looks up to Taiki as his senior and views Tagiru as brash and idiotic.


Voiced by: Kikuchi Masami

Damemon (ダメモン?) is a robotic Sukamon-based Digimon who possesses the ability to become Tuwarmon (ツワーモン Tsuwamon?), a robotic ninja Digimon. Accompanied by Tyutyumon, he served as DarkKnightmon's spy within the Bagra Army by playing the role of Lilithmon's pet to occasionally sit in on meetings with Bagramon and the Head Officers, criticizing them constantly. After the Bagra Army succeeded in conquering the Digital World, Damemon is reassigned as Yuu's personal bodyguard, starting to care for Yuu's safety to the point of considering to tell the boy the truth behind DarkKnightmon's lie. After Apollomon's defeat, Damemon succumbs to the wounds he received from Shoutmon x7 and dies in Yuu's arms. Unlike other previously destroyed Digimon, Damemon was not found among those resurrected during the final battle against DarknessBagramon.

While a member of Twilight, Tuwarmon could DigiXros with DarkKnightmon to form the cannon of MusouKnightmon. Tuwarmon can also DigiXrossed with DeadlyAxemon to become DeadlyTuwarmon (デッドリーツワーモン DeddorīTsuwamon?). From there, DeadlyTuwarmon can DigiXros with Sethmon, Dobermon, Grizzlymon, Bullmon, Oryxmon, and Gorillamon to become DeadlyTuwarmon Hell Mode (Deddoritwusamon Heru Modo).

Tagiru Akashi

Voiced by: Marina Inoue

Tagiru Akashi (明石タギル Akashi Tagiru?) is a seventh grade boy who owns a crimson Xros Loader, given to him by the mysterious Watchmaker. Tagiru is a teammate in Taiki and Yuu's Xros Heart basketball team. He is energetic and reckless and always does things without thinking, but despite his rash behavior, he is willing to risk anything to protect his friends. He holds Taiki on high regards and is determined to become as strong and reliable as him.


Voiced by: Kumiko Watanabe

Gumdramon (ガムドラモン Gamudoramon?) is a tiny blue dragon Digimon who became Tagiru's partner when he entered DigiQuartz. While he originally wanted to use Tagiru merely to obtain the power provided by a human partner, Gumdramon eventually becomes his real friend. Tagiru and Gumdramon are very similar as both are overly enthusiastic and reckless, and just like Tagiru aims to one day surpass Taiki, Gumdramon also aims to become stronger than Shoutmon, who ironically is also Taiki's partner.

Arresterdramon (Aresutadoramon): Gumdramon's digivolved form, a large dragon Digimon armed with powerful gauntlets. Arresterdramon can fire dragon-like projectiles from his tail.

Other Digimon

MetalTyrannomon (メタルティラノモン Metarutiranomon?)
A dinosaur cyborg Digimon who was hunted by Ryouma, Astamon, Ren and Airu after Gumdramon lured them into MetalTyrannomon's domain. MetalTyrannomon escaped and was later defeated by Arresterdramon and captured by Tagiru. When DigiXrossed onto Arresteradramon, MetalTyrannomon provides him with sturdy armor.
Sagomon (サゴモン?)
A Kappa-like Majin Digimon who was behind the incidents of students disappearing from Tagiru's school. He was defeated by Arresterdramon with the help of OmegaShoutmon, Dorulumon and MetalTyrannomon and captured by Tagiru.


Fifteen powerful warriors who attempted to stop the Digital World from being split into pieces. Upon their defeat, their spirits were imprisoned in tiny devices called DigiMemories which could be harnessed by a Xros Loader and used to summon the warrior for one attack. Some of the stronger warriors retained sentience in their DigiMemory form, summoning their own spirits at will for short periods of time without the usage of a Xros Loader. After Taiki reclaims the Code Crown from DarknessBagramon, they are all revived and help in the final battle against DarknessBagramon.

Omnimon (オメガモン Omegamon?, Voiced by Bin Shimada)
A legendary Digimon who led the fifteen warriors, whose DigiMemory was found in the human world. He was the one who gave Taiki his Xros Loader and later sent Taiki and Shoutmon back to the Digital World after the final battle with Tactimon.
Leviamon (リヴァイアモン Rivaiamon?, 5, 54)
Taiki once used Leviamon's Rostrum attack to save Shoutmon x2 from Ebidramon.
MarineAngemon (マリンエンジェモン Marinenjemon?, 6, 54)
A group of MarineAngemon use their Kahuna Waves to charm and bewitch a group of Seadramon during Xros Heart's fight with Neptunmon.
Agumon (アグモン?, 8, 54)
Three Agumon combine their Pepper Breath to attack AncientVolcamon.
Garurumon (ガルルモン?, 9, 54)
Garurumon uses his Howling Blaster to save Dorulumon from Fused AncientVolcamon's attack.
MagnaAngemon (ホーリーエンジェモン Hōrīenjemon, HolyAngemon?, 12, 54)
MagnaAngemon uses his Gate of Destiny to send Blastmon's SkullScorpiomon and Vilemon armies out of the cavern.
Veemon (ブイモン Buimon, V-mon?, 12, 54)
His DigiMemory appeared yet it wasn't used until he was revived for the final battle against DarknessBagramon. Veemon's DigiMemory was never used.
Guilmon (ギルモン Girumon?, 12-13, 54)
Guilmon uses his Rock 'n' Roll Breaker attack when Taiki activated it to clear a path so that Taiki and Baalmon could get through.
Patamon (パタモン?, 12, 17, 54)
Three Patamon used their Boom Bubbles on to Lucemon Shadowlord Mode in order to help Sparrowmon free Nene.
MetalGarurumon (メタルガルルモン Metarugarurumon?, 21, 54)
MetalGarurumon uses his Metal Wolf Claw to destroy the remaining Tankmon in Lilithmon's army.
Darkdramon (Dakudoramon, 12, 22, 30, 54)
Darkdramon uses his Gigastick Lance to help Shoutmon x5 destroy Arkadimon.
Impmon (インプモン Inpumon?, 24, 54)
Impmon uses his Pillar of Fire to assist in fighting Shurimon and the Ninjamon army.
Gatomon (テイルモン Teirumon, Tailmon?, 32, 54)
Gatomon uses her Neko Scratch in an attempt to break through a wall.
Examon (Eguzamon, 53, 54)
Introduced himself to the Xros Heart United Army during D5. He and WarGreymon saved Akari and Zenjirou after the beginning of D5.
WarGreymon (ウォーグレイモン Wōgureimon?, 53, 54)
Introduced himself to the Xros Heart United Army during D5. He and Examon saved Akari and Zenjirou after the beginning of D5.

Digimon Allies

Various Digimon who aided Xros Heart throughout their travels.

Archelomon (アーケロモン Ākeromon?, 4-6, 54)
A large turtle-shaped Digimon who is the chief of an island in the Island Zone and is an old friend of Jijimon. He was taken captive by Neptunmon's army and interrogated for the information on the location of the Island Zone's Code Crown. He was eventually rescued by Xros Heart.
KingWhamon (キングホエーモン Kingu Hoēmon?, 5-6, 54)
A gigantic whale Digimon whose face and back comprises the entire Island Zone. He protected the Island Zone's Code Crown within him and cured Shoutmon with his oil after he got stung by a Flymon. He also informed Xros Heart of the location of five DigiMemories.
Shakkoumon (シャッコウモン?, 15-17, 54)
A mysterious, human-sized statue-like Digimon who is the administrator of elections in the Heaven Zone. Shakkoumon's eyes can emit powerful beams that can both devastate those in their paths or teleport them to a location of Shakkoumon's choice. He saves Taiki's life after he falls off a cliff and is later seen observing various events from a distance. He officiated Lucemon's coronation and then helped Shoutmon x4B in his fight against Lucemon Chaos Mode.
Stingmon (スティングモン Sutingumon?, 18-19, 35-37, 54)
A green, humanoid Digimon with insect-like features who is the sworn guardian of Deckerdramon. After Deckerdramon joins Blue Flare, Stingmon becomes the new protector of the Forest Zone. After Bagramon take over the Digital World, Stingmon is among those victimized by Zamielmon and later becomes the new leader of Honey Land.
Lilamon (ライラモン Riramon?, 18-19, 35-37, 54)
A flowed-based fairy Digimon who lives in the Forest Zone who aids Stingmon out of love and proclaims herself as the Battle Cry Forest's Warrior of Love. She originally mistook Akari and Zenjrou for lovers upon their meeting before taking the two to safety.
Puppetmon (ピノッキモン Pinocchimon?, 20-21, 54)
A puppet Digimon who is a resident of the Dust Zone. His nose grows longer when he lies. Puppetmon made a deal with GrandLocomon to hand him Taiki's Xros Loader in exchange for ending his attacks on the Dust Zone residents. However, GrandLocomon goes back on their deal and Puppetmon sides with Xros Heart to get back the Xros Loader. Puppetmon will be reappearing in the new season.
Garbagemon (Garbamon, 20-21, 54)
A Dust resident who leads a gang of MetalMamemon, ShadowToyAgumon, and a Trailmon Kettle. They make off with Taiki's Xros Loader only for Puppetmon to steal it in order to keep GranLocomon from attacking the other Dust Zone inhabitants.
Lunamon (ルナモン Runamon?, 25-26, 40-41, 54)
A tiny fairy Digimon who lived in the Disc Zone. After being transferred to the Shinobi Zone following what the destruction of the Disc Zone, she developed romantic feelings for Shoutmon. She is later on seen being mind-controlled by Olegmon in Olegmon's Gold Land, but returns to her normal state eventually.
Mercurymon (メルキューレモン Merukyuremon, Mercuremon?, 25, 54)
The leader of the Disc Zone and keeper of its Code Crown. MetalGreymon, under Kiriha's orders, destroyed Mercurymon and received the Code Crown.
Seahomon (Shihomon, 25, 54)
A Seahomon was seen as a citizen of the Disk Zone.
Spadamon (スパーダモン Supādamon?, 27-28, 40-41, 54)
An armored Digimon who resides in the Sweets Zone. He seeks out Xros Heart's help in releasing the captured residents. Spadamon transform himself into a powerful lance for Shoutmon ×4S. After Matadormon and Brakedramon were destroyed, Spadamon decides to stay in the Sweets Zone to keep protecting it. He, Lunamon, and Coronamon later ended up under Olegmon's spell before Xros Heart breaks the Death General's hold over them.
Coronamon (Koronamon, 27-28, 40-41, 54)
A fire lion Digimon who resides in the Sweets Zone. He is later on seen being mind-controlled by Olegmon in Olegmon's Gold Land, but returns to his normal state eventually.
Lopmon (ロップモン Roppumon?, 33-34, 54)
A brown bunny Digimon who encounters the Xros Heart United Army in Vampire Land. Most of his kin were captured by NeoMyotismon who asborbed them to achieve a power even greater than death. Using the power of the legendary White Lopmon, Lopmon's death helps to enable OmegaShoutmon and ZeekGreymon to DoubleXros into Shoutmon DX.
Ignitemon (Igunitomon, 35-37, 54)
A resident of Honey land who is both Mervamon's younger brother and one of Zamielmon's soldiers, capable of emitting a wavelength that paralyzes any Digimon that hears it. This ability was useful in Zamielmon's plot to drain energy from Digimon in order to make DigiHoney. When Zamielmon used is Darkness Loader to combine GrandisKuwagamon and some Honeybeemon into GrandisKuwagamon Honey Mode to attack Mervamon, Zamielmon ordered Ignitemon to ride on GrandisKuwagamon's back. After forcefully dragging Ignitemon off of GrandisKuwagamon's back, Nene combined Sparrowmon with Mervamon to fight GrandisKuwagamon Honey Mode. After the defeat of GrandisKuwagamon Honey Mode, Ignitomon left the Army and fights Zamielmon alongside his sister. When Mervamon left to travel with the Xros Heart United Army, Ignitomon stayed behind in order to protect Honey Land with Stingmon.
Apollomon (アポロモン Aporomon?, 31, 45-49, 51, 54)
He is a humanoid fiery lion-based shaman Digimon who was forced into serving Bagramon as the seventh Death General by the virus entity called Whispered. Eventually, when Taiki and his friends learn the truth, they honor Apollomon's request to kill him to stop Whispered. Apollomon's Digicore eventually ends up in Prison Land along with Whispered, whom he destroys before helping Taiki, Shoutmon, Dorulumon, Ballistamon, Olegmon, and himself return to their bodies. His DigiCore was destroyed by the remaining DigiCoreless Death Generals, but was revived during the final battle.

Bagra Army

The Bagra Army (バグラ軍 Bagura Gun?) is a mysterious legion of villains led by Bagramon who serve as the main antagonists of the first series. They opposes both Xros Heart and Blue Flare before succeeding in conquering the entire Digital World. Following the demise of DarknessBagramon and the loss of the high-ranking members, the Bagra Army is currently disbanded.


Voiced by: Takeshi Kusao

Bagramon (バグラモン Baguramon?, 1-54) is a Demon Lord Digimon, half of his body replaced with one made of wood and a magical ruby eye, who seeks to collect all 108 Code Crowns and the Darkness Loader to remake the multiverse in his image. To that end, he leads the Bagra Army as its Emperor using his Head Officers and Team Twilight to carry out his work while he hides in the shadows. He also was the one who gave Kiriha his Xros Loader, believing his potential strength will favor his use. He later becomes more involved with his group's matters in response to the chain of events at the Dust Zone when his brother DarkKnightmon obtains the Darkness Loader, fearing the humans are proving to be too dangerous for him to ignore any longer, especially Taiki whom he is most wary of. He then reveals himself to both Xros Heart and Blue Flare when they were gathered at the Sword Zone, taking their collective 43 Code Crowns while sending Taiki, Zenjirou and Akari back to the human world along with Shoutmon and Tactimon. With DarkKnightmon joining him, Bagramon proceeds to remold the Digital World in his image. After the Digital World was rebuilt, Bagramon appointed each of his Seven Death Generals a different land to oversee while he resides in his lair to oversee his true plan: an attack on the human world through D5 (short for Dimension Delete Deadly Destruction Day) once the Death Generals amassed enough negative energy in the Code Crown to complete it. Though the plan succeeded, Bagramon is betrayed by DarkKnightmon and forcefully absorbed in DigiXros. However, Bagramon takes control of DarkKnightmon from the inside and converts him into his new body, Darkness Bagramon (ダークネスバグラモン Dākunesu Baguramon?). In the end, DarknessBagramon is destroyed by Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode.


Voiced by: Jūrōta Kosugi

DarkKnightmon (ダークナイトモン DākuNaitomon?, 16-53) is a large, powerful black knight Digimon armed with the dual-bladed Twin Lance. He is the DigiXros of SkullKnightmon (スカルナイトモン SukaruNaitomon?), a death knight Digimon who is DarkKnightmon's core being while his partner DeadlyAxemon (デッドリーアックスモン Deddorīakkusumon?) is a fast four-legged beast that can be DigiXrossed into a weapon for alternate formations such as SkullKnightmon Big Axe Mode (スカルナイトモン ビッグアックスモード Sukarunaitomon Biggu Akkusu Mōdo?). DarkKnightmon can DigiXros with SkullSatamon and SkullGreymon to become the winged Super DarkKnightmon (スーパーダークナイトモン Suupā DākuNaitomon?) or with Tuwarmon to become MusouKnightmon (ムソーナイトモン Musōnaitomon?). DarkKnightmon gave Nene her Xros Loader and used her as a pawn in his quest for power claiming that he can help Nene find her brother Yuu, who was actually allied with him. DarkKnightmon turns on her once he created his personal Darkness Loader in the Dust Zone. It is later revealed that DarkKnightmon is Bagramon's younger brother, rejoining Bagra Army with the title of "Admiral of the Demon Army" and created eight Darkness Loaders for each Death General. In Hell's field, DeadlyAxemon was wounded by rubble after being defeated by Shoutmon x7, forcing SkullKnightmon to abduct Yuu as he is while DeadlyAxemon healed so they could rejoin. As D5 is nearly ready, DarkKnightmon uses the revived soulless Death Generals to hold the Xros Heart United Army at bay while getting sending Taiki and Shoutmon into Prison Land so they would not interfere. He combined the soulless Death Generals into GrandGeneramon in order to fight the Xros Heart United Army. Though the scheme failed, DarkKnightmon succeeded in his mission before suddenly betraying Bagramon and using his Darkness Loader to absorb his brother. However, DarkKnightmon was not strong enough to maintain the union and Bagramon took control of the DigiXros, metaphysically destroying DarkKnightmon in the process.


An enigmatic group who collects dark energies in the Digital World. Originally, it was believed that Nene Amano was the leader, but it was later revealed that she was merely a figurehead manipulated by DarkKnightmon and that the group was actually a subsidiary of the Bagra Empire. Though the group's true nature is revealed, Twilight remains active as Yuu Amano's personal army until the events of Bright Land open Yuu's eyes to the truth.

Tyutyumon (チューチューモン Chuuchuumon?, 18-53)
Voiced by: Kenji Akabane
A tiny golden mouse puppet Digimon who was always found perched on Tuwarmon's back. Though his partner was having a change of heart in their group using Yuu, Tyutyumon was more loyal to DarkKnightmon as he leaves Tuwarmon to die from his injuries. Stationed to keep Yuu from being rescued, Tyutyumon enlarges into a giant before he is defeated and then eaten by Persiamon.
SkullSatamon (スカルサタモン SukaruSatamon?, 20-21)
A skeletal demon Digimon that serves as one of DarkKnightmon's commanders. When DigiXrossed onto DarkKnightmon, SkullSatamon's power enlarges the Shoulder Blade, giving it skeletal features.
SkullGreymon (スカルグレイモン SukaruGureimon?, 20-21)
A skeletal dinosaur Digimon that serves as one of DarkKnightmon's commanders. When DigiXrossed onto DarkKnightmon, SkullGreymon's power transforms the Twin Lance into a large skeletal staff.
The Guardromon (Gadoromon, 21)
Several Guardromon that serve as DarkKnightmon's foot soldiers.
Doumon (ドウモン Doumon?, 37)
A fox-faced majin Digimon who was used by Yuu to bewitch Nene with his illusionary magic. He was destroyed by Mervamon Wise-HiVision Sword.

Head Officers

Bagramon's direct subordinates who oversee the smaller operations of the Army, and were the first biggest enemies of Xros Heart and Blue Flare, before being replaced by the Death Generals.


Voiced by: Bin Shimada

Tactimon (タクティモン Takutimon?, 1-30) is a samurai-armored tactical genius who is the strongest of the Bagra Army's Head Officers, possessing 26 Code Crowns. His personal weapon is the powerful sword "Jatetsufūjinmaru", unable to be removed from its sheath as it was sealed by Bagramon. He was the first Head Officer to encounter Xros Heart, doing so in the Magma Zone. Though he managed to trap Taiki and Dorulumon, they were rescued by the other Xros Heart members as Tactimon fought Kiriha and MailBirdramon in a battle that ended in a draw. He later fought Shoutmon x4B in the Forest Zone when he arrived with his servant Kongoumon, the fight ending in a draw. Tactimon later asked Bagramon to remove the seal on Jatetsufūjinmaru as he believes he cannot defeat Xros Heart without using his sword's true power. After the seal was removed, Tactimon was easily able to overwhelm both Shoutmon X5 and DeckerGreymon and steals all of Taiki and Kiriha's Code Crowns. He was then overwhelmed by the entirety of Xros Heart's Digimon and blasted out of the Sword Zone by the combined might of Shoutmon X5B and Greymon. Pursuing Shoutmon and the human members of Xros Heart into the human world, Tactimon is destroyed by OmegaShoutmon while his sword fell into the water.


Voiced by: Houko Kuwashima

Lilithmon (リリスモン Ririsumon?, 1-48) is a female demon Digimon who is the most skilled manipulator of the Head Officers, possessing 24 Code Crowns. Her first encounter with Xros Heart was when she and her servant IceDevimon attacked the Lake Zone for its Code Crown. She controlled Akari to steal it for her, but she broke free at the last minute when Xros Heart arrived, slashing Lilithmon in the face in retaliation. She has proved to be merciless and cunning, such as fatally injuring Baalmon immediately after his defection. She rarely intervenes directly in battle, often letting her servants do the attacking while she stands on the sidelines. She is the only active Head Officer remaining by the time Bagramon gains the Code Crowns but was not selected to become a Death General, and is also angry after Tsuwamon revealed to used her to order to infiltrate the Bagra Army as DarkKnightmon's spy. After Zamielmon was destroyed, Bagramon transferred Lilithmon to work under DarkKnightmon and Yuu. Against her will at first, Lilithmon was DigiXrossed the Vilemon and Blastmon's head to assume a "Forced Digixros Form", her robes discarded to reveal a skin-tight outfit enhanced by the Vilemon trio as armor decorations and using Blastmon's head as a mace. She had a brief fight with Shoutmon X5B in Honey Land before returning to the Bagra Army Headquarters. Lilithmon later aids DarkKnightmon during the battle in BrightLand's Hellish Field, and was later Digixrossed by Whispered onto Blastmon's head to become MajuuLilithmon (魔獣リリスモン MajūRirisumon?). In her new form, absorbing the area's power, MajuuLilithmon tried to erase Hell's Field and kill everyone within the space. Though she endured Shoutmon x7's attack, MajuuLilithmon is fatally wounded by Beelzemon as they are consumed in the explosion that destroyed them both.


Voiced by: Daisuke Kishio

Blastmon (ブラストモン Burasutomon?, 1-48) is a crystalline brute who was the largest of the three Head Officers of the Bagra Army while armed with a club-tipped tail and powerful punching attacks. Able to make clones of himself out of his fragments and transfer his consciousness over to them. He had possessed 22 Code Crowns in his conquests. Xros Heart first encountered him in the Sand Zone where he bombarded them with hordes of SkullScorpiomon and Vilemon. Blastmon later fought Nene, Sparrowmon, Kiriha and Cyberdramon but survived the battle. In the Disc Zone, he absorbs many of his Mammothmon and Tankmon subordinates in order to increase the size of his arms, making them strong enough to create chasms. His body was destroyed in battle by Shoutmon ×5B with only his head remaining. Due to his defeat, Blastmon lost 21 of his Code Crowns to Taiki and was also demoted from his position as Head Officer because it would take years for him to fully regenerate. When DigiXrossed onto Lilithmon by Yuu, Blastmon's head becomes a mace for Lilithmon to use. While in Hell's field, Blastmon was used in the DigiXros of Lilithmon's Demon Beast form and ceased to be when she was destroyed by Beelzemon.


Troopmon (トループモン Torūpumon?, 1-2, 8, 10, 13, 25, 27, 29, 54)
A group of humanoid Digimon in gas masks that serve as the basic foot soldiers of the Bagra Army. They wield bazookas in battle. Two in the Green Zone were absorbed by MadLeomon to become Armed MadLeomon. Some of them assisted IceDevimon in his attack on Persiamon's castle where they wielded ice bazookas. Several Troopmon worked as guards for some of Matadormon's prisoners and one Troopmon was also seen as Lilithmon's personal masseuse. Some of them guarded Matadormon's prisoners until they were defeated by Nene's Monitamons. A bunch of Troopmon were present in DarknessBagramon's attack on Earth.

Zone Commanders

Elite members of the Bagra Army who are stationed in conquered Zones that serve the Head Officers. Each of them commanded their own army in order to keep the Zones under the Army's control. When Taiki claimed the last Code Crown in the Sword Zone, some of the fallen Zone Commanders were revived as pure good-hearted Digimon.


Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita

MadLeomon (マッドレオモン MaddoReomon?, 1-3, 29) is a powerful, zombie-esque, lion-like warrior who is one of Tactimon's commanders, the conqueror of the Green Zone and the first of the Bagra Army Generals to encounter Xros Heart. MadLeomon was originally Leomon (レオモン Reomon?, 29, 54), the kind-hearted guardian of the Green Zone before he joined the Bagra Army and became MadLeomon. MadLeomon then proceeded to terrorize the Zone he once protected with an army of Troopmon, Chikurimon, Mammothmon, Rhinomon, Pteramon, Apemon, four Minotarumon, an Orochimon, and a Drimogemon. MadLeomon is able to absorb other Digimon to gain new abilities and power. He became Armed MadLeomon (Amudo MaddoReomon, 1) upon absorbing some Chikurimon, two Troopmons, and two Mammothmons. He later absorbed Orochimon to become MadLeomon Orochi Mode (MaddoReomon Orochi Modo, 2). In his final battle, he absorbed three Apemons to become MadLeomon Final Mode (MaddoReomon Fainaru Modo, 3) while his servant Drimogemon was burrowing underneath the village of Smiles. He is destroyed by Shoutmon ×3 while trying to self-destruct allowing Xros Heart to gain possession of the Green Zone's Code Crown. He is later revived as Leomon after all the Code Crowns were claimed.


Voiced by: Mitsuaki Madono

Neptunmon (ネプトゥーンモン Neptūnmon?, 4-6, 29) is a merman-like shaman Digimon who is one of Tactimon's commanders. Neptunmon leads an army of Gizamon, Divermon, Flymon, Seadramon, an Octomon, an Ebidramon, and a fleet of large Mantaraymon (whose armors resembled aircraft carriers) in the Island Zone to find the area's Code Crown. He held Archelomon hostage in an attempt to acquire the Code Crown and DigiMemories from Xros Heart. He was killed by Shoutmon ×4 using his King's Bite trident against him. When all the Code Crowns were claimed, a purified Neptunmon returns to guard the Island Zone.


Voiced by: Kiyoyuki Yanada

AncientVolcamon (エンシェントボルケーモン EnshentoBorukēmon?, 7-9, 29) is the Bagra Army's volcanic commander in the Magma Zone and servant of Tactimon. He had enslaved its inhabitants with an army of Meramon in order to look for the Magma Zone's Code Crown. AncientVolcamon is served by SkullMeramon and BlueMeramon. AncientVolcamon has a large volcano on his back which erupts whenever he loses his temper causing SkullMeramon to use some Frigimon to cool him down. AncientVolcamon was thought to have self-destructed from the pressure when Shoutmon ×4 plugged up the volcanic hole in his back, but he survived the attack. When his Meramon army was defeated, he absorbed them to become Fused AncientVolcamon (合体エンシェントボルケーモン Gattai EnshentoBorukēmon?). He was later destroyed by Shoutmon ×3. When all the Code Crowns were claimed, a purified AncientVolcamon returns to guard the Magma Zone.

SkullMeramon (7-9)
A SkullMeramon serves as one of AncientVolcamon's lieutenant. After destroying BlueMeramon, SkullMeramon was destroyed by Shoutmon.
BlueMeramon (7-9)
A BlueMeramon serves as one of AncientVolcamon's lieutenant. He knew Dorulumon back when he was a member of the Bagra Army. He later helps Team Xros Heart to free Taiki and Dorulumon from AncientVolcamon. Before dying upon taking an attack from SkullMeramon, he told Dorulumon to help Team Xros Heart.


Voiced by: Yasuhiro Takato

IceDevimon (アイスデビモン Aisudebimon?, 10-11) is an ice-elemental devil Digimon who is one of Lilithmon's servants and assists her in attacking the Lake Zone with an army of Icemon, Pteramon, and ice bazooka-wielding Troopmon. In his first fight with Xros Heart, he absorbed the Icemon with him to increase his power, becoming IceDevimon Enhanced Absorbed Form. When Daipenmon was unleashed, IceDevimon was imprisoned in one of Daipenmon's popsicles. Lilithmon later merges him with Daipenmon into a powerful hybrid IceDevimon/Daipenmon Enhanced Absorbed Form in order to get the Lake Zone's Code Crown from Akari. The hybrid was destroyed by the newly-created Shoutmon ×4K.


SkullScorpiomon (Sukopiomon, 12-14) is a grey-colored scorpion Digimon that acted as the leader of a SkullScorpiomon squadron that served Blastmon in the Sand Zone. He was later killed by Lilithmon when she was displeased with his report.


Voiced by: Taiki Matsuno

Lucemon (ルーチェモン Rūchemon?, 15-17) is a child-like angel Digimon who aspires to become the new president of the Heaven Zone. After GuardiAngemon and Shoutmon ×4B's fight during Cupimon's execution, Lucemon was able to convince GuardiAngemon to spare Cupimon, resulting in Lucemon receiving the adoration of all Heaven Zone inhabitants, earning the title of president. Immediately after being declared the new president, Lucemon revealed his true nature as Lucemon Chaos Mode (ルーチェモンフォールダウンモード Rūchemon Fōrudaun Mōdo?), a member of the Bagra Army who works for Lilithmon and set up an alliance with Nene. He was defeated by Shoutmon ×4B but survived, kidnapping Nene before being engulfed by the dark power she was siphoning from the Heaven Zone for DarkKnightmon. This caused him to become the draconic Lucemon Shadowlord Mode (ルーチェモンサタンモード Ruchemon Satan Modo, Lucemon Satan Mode?) with Nene trapped in the dark energy ball that he carries. Due to absorbing the massive amount of dark power, Lucemon becomes a mindless feral beast who tries to consume the entire Heaven Zone. After Nene was rescued by Sparrowmon, Lucemon was destroyed for good by Shoutmon ×5.


Voiced by: Tetsu Inada

Kongoumon (コンゴウモン 18-19?) is a golden beetle Digimon who leads the Bagra Army branch in the Forest Zone and is a servant of Tactimon. He and Tactimon attacked Taiki and Shoutmon with an army of Blue MegaKabuterimon. He was defeated by MailBirdramon near the ruins, but survived the battle. Kongoumon later led an army of GranKuwagamon to go after Xros Heart. He and his GranKuwagamon army were destroyed by Beelzemon and the Meteor Cannon.


Voiced by: Takashi Nagasako

Musyamon (ムシャモン Mushamon?, 23-24) is a samurai Digimon who leads the Bagra Army branch in the Shinobi Zone and is a servant of Blastmon. He leads an army of Etemon, Ninjamon, a Kotemon, a Kabukimon, and a Chatsuramon and is served by, Asuramon, and Gaiomon. He often passes his time by watching samurai movies. Zenjirou used the Rare Star Sword to fight Musyamon while the red Monitormon freed the Shinobi Zone's princess. He tried to kill the Red Monitormon only to be tackled by Sparrowmon. Musyamon alongside Shurimon, Asuramon, and Gaiomon were destroyed by Shoutmon x5 with Hi-Vision Monitamon's help.

Shurimon (23-24)
A recolored Shurimon serves as Musyamon's second-in-command. He alongside Musyamon, Asuramon, and Gaiomon were destroyed by Shoutmon x5 with Hi-Vision Monitamon's help.


Voiced by: Hiroaki Hirata

Matadormon (Matadurumon, 27-28) is a matador Digimon who leads the Bagra Army branch in the Sweets Zone and is a servant of Tactimon. He leads an army of Monzaemon and his experiments to awaken the Digimon Brakedramon resulting in some of his captives becoming Raremon. Destroyed by Shoutmon ×5.


Voiced by: Ryotaro Okiayu

A corrupted Grademon (グレイドモン Gurademon?, 29, 54) served as the Bagra Army's Commander of the Sword Zone. He attacked Team Xros Heart with an army of Dinohyumon after Taiki found the Sword Zone's Code Crown. After suffering a near-fatal defeat at the hands of Shoutmon x4, he was healed and purified by the combined energies of Taiki's Code Crowns. He later sacrificed himself to destroy the Sword Tower that Tactimon summoned to the Sword Zone. He was later revived during the final battle and helped to make up Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode.

Death Generals

Seven elite Digimon that serve under Bagramon and DarkKnightmon, each ruling one of the seven lands surrounding Bagramon's domain. The Death Generals, composed of Dorbickmon, NeoMyotismon, Zamielmon, Splashmon, Olegmon, Gravimon, and Apollomon under Whispered's influence, are much stronger than the Zone Commanders that worked for the Head Officers. The Death Gernerals are assigned the task of collect a large supply of negative emotion from the Digimon they terrorize to fuel the Code Crown in preparation for D5, a future day of destruction. Owning Darkness Loaders of their own, the Seven Death Generals can assume a Darkness Mode (ダークネスモード Dākunesu Modo?) by executing a forced DigiXros with other Digimon. One by one, each Death General was defeated by the Xros Heart United Army

Using the Dark Stone to revive them yet without their DigiCores, the seven soulless Death Generals are all DigiXrossed by DarkKnightmon into the chimeric GrandGeneramon (グランドジェネラモン Gurandojeneramon?, 50-51). However, when Apollomon and Olegmon returned from Prison Land with Taiki, Shoutmon, Ballistamon, and Dorulumon, they regain their bodies and leave GrandGeneramon incomplete. Olegmon sacrifices his life so that he can help Shoutmon x7 destroy GrandGeneramon.


Voiced by: Hideyuki Hori

Dorbickmon (ドルビックモン Dorubikkumon?, 31-32, 51) is a Dragonoid Digimon who is the first Death General and ruler of Dragon Land. He uses his army of Brachiomon, DarkTyrannomon, Devidramon, Gigadramon, Megadramon, and Salamandemon to destroy his enemies with overwhelming battle strength in any situation. He can also combine with Fanglongmon for Dorbickmon's Darkness Mode. Dorbickmon was able to capture all the members of Xros Heart in Taiki's absence, however Taiki, Kiriha and Nene manage to rescue them before their planned execution. This forces Dorbickmon to DigiXros with his entire army, increasing his size and giving him wings. He was able to defeat both Shoutmon x5B and MetalGreymon in battle, nearly destroying MetalGreymon. MetalGreymon, fueled by the passion of Dracomon and Kiriha, was able to Super Evolve into ZeekGreymon and defeat Dorbickmon. Dorbickmon's data was sent to Bagramon's lair in five mechanical tubes. While Dorbickmon's body was revived by DarkKnightmon and used as an upper-body component for GrandGeneramon, Dorbickmon's Digicore was seen in Prison Land.

Fanglongmon (Fanronmon, Huanglongmon, 31-32)
Fanglongmon is Dorbickmon's second-in-command. Fanglongmon is a powerful dragon Digimon who can fight on his own or can DigiXros with Dorbickmon to create a centaur-like fusion with Fanglongmon comprising the lower half. In this form, Fanglongmon serves as Dorbickmon's mode of transportation. Fanglongmon was absorbed by Dorbickmon for his final DigiXros.


Voiced by: Takaya Kuroda

NeoMyotismon (ネオヴァンデモン NeoVamdemon?, 31, 33-34, 51) is an Undead Digimon who is the second Death General. He is the ruler of Vampire Land and commands an army of Devimon and LadyDevimon. He absorbed many Lopmon, using their special abilities to turn himself immortal. He later absorbed several of his troops and, to Xros Heart's dismay, MetalGreymon. Both Shoutmon and the lone surviving Lopmon allowed NeoMyotismon to absorb them, contacting MetalGreymon within NeoMyotismon and undoing the DigiXros, creating Shoutmon DX in the process. After Shoutmon DX destroys NeoMyotismon, Beelzemon destroys the Death General's remaining matter to ensure he would not be revived. While NeoMyotismon's body was revived by DarkKnightmon and used as left-arm and wings for GrandGeneramon, NeoMyotismon's Digicore was seen in Prison Land.


Voiced by: Kazuki Yao

Zamielmon (ザミエールモン Zamierumon?, 31, 35-36, 51) is an insectoid Digimon with arrow-themed armor who is the third Death General of ruler Honey Land. He commands an army of Honeybeemon, Flybeemon, and Blossomon. While he is naturally a giant, he steals energy from other Digimon, creating DigiHoney, a substance that reduces him to a miniscule size while retaining all of his power, rendering him virtually untouchable during battle. Zamielmon is also manipulative, recruiting Ignitomon to his forces in order to stop his sister rebel fighter Mervamon from attacking. When attacking Mervamon, he used his Darkness Loader to combine some of his Honeybeemon soldiers with his servant GrandisKuwagamon to form GrandisKuwagamon Honey Mode. After GrandisKuwagamon Honey Mode was destroyed, Zamielmon escaped vowing revenge. Zamielmon later set up a trap for Xros Heart but his plan was thwarted when Kiriha and Beelzemon destroyed Zamielmon's DigiHoney reserves. After being restored to his actual size, Zamielmon is destroyed by Shoutmon DX with JetMervamon's assistance. While Zamielmon's body was revived by DarkKnightmon and used as a waist and tail component for GrandGeneramon, Zamielmon's Digicore was seen in Prison Land.


Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa

Splashmon (スプラッシュモン Supurasshumon?, 31, 38-39, 51) is an Aquatic Beast Man Digimon who is the fourth Death General of ruler of Cyber Land. Splashmon is a shapeshifter who used his abilities along with his Drippins to stir mistrust among the original occupants of Cyber Land before tricking them into destroying each other. Splashmon's Drippins also possessed the robot duplicates of Andromon, MetalTyrannomon, and Sealsdramon as well as floating Whamon-like vessels. Splashmon attempted to repeat the process with Xros Heart with Ruka before personally infiltrating Xros Heart by assuming the forms of Dorulumon, Nene and Taiki. However, Taiki and Kiriha saw through Splashmon's tricks with the former playing along so the rest of their group can free Dorulumon and Nene. In the heated battle that followed, Splashmon absorbed all of the Drippins to assume Darkness Mode before revealing his true form of a large aquatic tiger. He was destroyed by Shoutmon DX. While Splashmon's Darkness Mode body was revived by DarkKnightmon and used as taur-style component for GrandGeneramon, Splashmon's Digicore was seen in Prison Land.


Voiced by: Kōzō Shioya

Olegmon (オレーグモン Oregumon?, 31, 40-41, 51, 54) is a viking-based Sea Animal Digimon who is the fifth Death General and ruler of Gold Land. He is a super-heavyweight Digimon whose body is clad in golden-steel armor with the treasure chests on his shoulders holding the fiends Surtr (スルト?) and Jormungand (ヨルムンガンド?). Prior to Bagramon reformatting the Digital World, Olegmon was ruler of the Gold Zone with DarkVolumon as his previous first mate. Since placed in charge of Gold Land, Olegmon terrorized his domain to loot treasure with his Golden Pirate Fleet of pirates consisting of Depthmon, MarineDevimon, and Scorpiomon. Olegmon can use his Dual Tomahawk axes in battle or can use a magic spell (Gappo gappo viva Oleg-na) to mind-control others into follow his orders. He originally offers the Xros Heart United Army a chance to willingly join his crew which they turn down, to which Olegmon responds by enslaving most of the other Digimon. In the resulting fight, it is revealed that Ballistamon was initially DarkVolumon and regains him. However, Shoutmon manages to reach Ballistamon via a Digi Xros and break Olegmon's spell on everyone else. Though he proved too much against Shoutmon x4S, Olegmon is destroyed by Ballistamon. Olegmon's Digicore eventually ends up in Prison Land along with the other Death Generals, eventually siding with Taiki out of respect as he fights against the others before being revived in his body as it was being used as a secondary right arm in GrandGeneramon. However, Olegmon dies helping Xros Heart defeat GrandGeneramon. Olegmon later returns from the dead in the final battle and helps to make up Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode.

Mermaimon (40-41)
A Mermaimon serves as Olegmon's first mate. She was responsible for reprogramming Ballistamon back into DarkVolumon. She was destroyed by JetMervamon.


Voiced by: Shigeru Nakahara

Gravimon (グラビモン Gurabimon?, 31, 42-44, 51) is an Unidentified-type Digimon, the sixth Death General and ruler of Canyon Land. He is a strategist who manipulates gravity and tends to be a step ahead of his opponents. His army consisted of various beast Digimon such as Hippogriffomon, Cerberumon, Wendigomon, Centarumon, Sagittarimon, Eaglemon, and Thunderbirmon. Learning of his fellow generals' defeat by Xros Heart, Gravimon had his forces on high alert to protect his castle, which holds the source of his immortality: his disembodied heart. Being a step ahead of him, Gravimon brainwashes Kiriha to work for him before Deckerdramon's intervention ruins his plan. He then absorbs his followers to assume Darkness Mode to battle Shoutmon x7, revealing he transfered his heart into Taiki for safe keeping. However, forced to removed his heart when Taiki played the condition to his advantage, Gravimon's thoughtless act of removing his heart resulted in his death when the organ was damaged by Shoutmon x7 and then destroyed by Kiriha. While Gravimon's body was revived by DarkKnightmon and used as a right arm component for GrandGeneramon, Gravimon's Digicore was seen in Prison Land.

Anubismon (アヌビモン Anubimon?, 42-44)
Two Anubismon serve as Gravimon's second-in-command.


A virus created by Bagramon to take over Apollomon's body, Whispered (45-49, 51) is the actual seventh member of the Death Generals. Though normally inactive, Whispered can take full control of Apollomon's body and forces a Mode Change into the blue-colored Apollomon Whispered Mode. His army consists of Dobermon, Grizzlymon, Reppamon, Gorillamon, Oryxmon, and Bullmon. Taiki and his friends first witness this transformation upon Yuu and DarkKnightmon's arrival where Whisphered took over the Digimon's body to kills his own henchman Marsmon and then send the Xros Heart United Army into the Hell's Field. Whisphered can also DigiXros with DeadlyAxemon to become Apollomon Darkness Mode (Aporomon Dākunesu Modo). After Xros Heart United Army escaped from the destruction of the Hell's Field, Taiki and Shoutmon went after Apollomon Whisphered Mode. Eventually at Apollomon's request, Shoutmon x7 destroys him in order to destroy Whispered. Whispered eventually ends up in Prison Land along with the other Death Generals. After Apollomon broke free from Whispered's control, Whispered was ultimately destroyed by Apollomon.

Marsmon (45)
A Marsmon serves as Apollomon's second in command. Marsmon is killed by Apollomon when Whispered starts to assume control over his host.

Bagra Army Soldiers

Besides the Troopmon, the following comprise the soldiers of the Bagra Army.

Pteramon (Puteranomon, Pteranomon, 1-3, 10, 54)
Several Pteramon serve as the air force of the Bagra Empire's army. There had been some who assisted MadLeomon's army and some who served IceDevimon's army. A bunch of Pteramon were present in DarknessBagramon's attack on Earth.
Rhinomon (Rainomon, 1, 54)
A Rhinomon was seen in Taiki's dream of his army fighting the Bagra Army. Several Rhinomon serve as the steeds for the Bagra Army. A bunch of Rhinomon were present in DarknessBagramon's attack on Earth.
Tankmon (Tankumon, 1, 21, 25, 54)
A Tankmon first appeared in Taiki's dream of his army fighting the Bagra Empire's army. Lilithmon and Damemon later brought an army of Tankmon to attack Team Xros Heart and Team Blue Flare in the Dust Zone. Several Tankmon accompanied Blastmon in his fight with Kiriha in the Disk Zone. Some Tankmon were absorbed by Blastmon to increase the size of his arms. A bunch of Tankmon were present in DarknessBagramon's attack on Earth.
Chikurimon (Chikurimon, 1)
Spore-like Digimon that serve as the foot soldiers of the Bagra Empire's army. Some of them were absorbed by MadLeomon to become Armed MadLeomon.
Mammothmon (Manmon, Mammon, 1, 25, 54)
Several Mammothmon were seen in Taiki's dream of his army fighting the Bagra Empire's army. Several Mammothmon serve as the steeds for the Bagra Army. Two Mammothmon were absorbed by MadLeomon to become Armed MadLeomon. Several Mammothmon accompanied Blastmon in his fight with Kiriha in the Disk Zone. Some Mammothmon were absorbed by Blastmon to increase the size of his arms. A bunch of Mammothmon were present in DarknessBagramon's attack on Earth.
Minotarumon (Minotarumon, 1-2, 54)
A Minotarumon was seen in Taiki's dream of his army fighting the Bagra Empire's army. Several Minotarumon serve the Bagra Army. Four were shown carrying Orochimon's cage. A bunch of Minotarumon were present in DarknessBagramon's attack on Earth.
Bulbmon (バルブモン Valvemon?, 1, 25, 54)
A Bulbmon was first seen in Taiki's dream where his army was fighting the Bagra Empire's army. A Bulbmon is later summoned to the Disc Zone by Blastmon to battle against Taiki and Kiriha. A Bulbmon was present in DarknessBagramon's attack on Earth. It was knocked down by Lillymon and Bommon as Bulbmon fell on some of the Troopmon.
Sealsdramon (Shiruzudoramon, 1, 38-39, 54)
A Sealsdramon first appeared in Taiki's dream of his army fighting the Bagra Empire's army. Robotic duplicates of Sealsdramon make up Splashmon's army.
Coelamon (Shiramon, 2)
An Earth-swimming Coelamon tried to attack Akari and Cutemon, but was deleted by Dorulumon.
Orochimon (2)
An Orochimon was used by MadLeomon to eliminate Xros Heart. MadLeomon absorbed it to become MadLeomon Orochi Mode.
Drimogemon (Dorimogemon, 3)
A Drimogemon was unleashed by Tactimon and MadLeomon to burrow under the Village of Smiles and awaken a dormant bamboo root that sprouted bamboo all over the Village of Smiles. Once Drimogemon was destroyed by Zenjirou using the Star Sword, the bamboo withdrew into the ground.
Apemon (Hanumon, Hanumon, 3)
Several Apemon accompanied MadLeomon in his latest attack on the Village of Smiles. After some of the Apemon were defeated by Shoutmon and Ballistamon, MadLeomon absorbed the remaining Apemon to become MadLeomon Final Mode.
Gizamon (Gizamon, 4-6)
Several Gizamon make up Neptunmon's army. One serves as Neptunmon's right-hand man.
Mantaraymon (Mantareimon, 4-6)
Several Mantaraymon larger than normal are shown to have been modified with armor resembling aircraft carriers. They make up Neptunmon's fleet.
Divermon (Hangyomon, Hangyomon, 4)
Several Divermon make up Neptunmon's army.
Octomon (Okutamon, Octmon, 4)
An Octomon was unleashed by Neptunmon after Xros Heart hijacked one of the Mantaraymon. It was destroyed by Shoutmon x2+.
Flymon (Furaimon, 5)
A swarm of Flymon were unleashed by Neptunmon in order to get into KingWhamon. One Flymon managed to sting Shoutmon near where the Island Zone's Code Crown is before the Flymon were flushed out of KingWhamon.
Ebidramon (Ebidoramon, 5)
An Ebidramon was unleashed by Neptunmon to claim the Island Zone's Code Crown from Taiki. When it had Shoutmon ×2 trapped in its claws, Taiki activated the Leviamon DigiMemory to free Shoutmon ×2 who then destroyed Ebidramon.
Seadramon (Shidoramon, 5-6)
Several Seadramon were summoned by Neptunmon to attack Xros Heart. Some of the Seadramon were seduced when Taiki activated the MarineAngemon DigiMemory while the rest were blasted by Kiriha's MailBirdramon.
Meramon (Meramon, 7-9)
Several Meramon make up AncientVolcamon's army. Most of the Meramon were destroyed during their fight with Xros Heart. The remaining Meramon were absorbed by AncientVolcamon to become Fused AncientVolcamon.
Frigimon (Yukidarumon, Yukidarumon, 7-8)
Several Frigimon were used by SkullMeramon to cool down AncientVolcamon when he overheats in anger.
Icemon (Aisumon, 10-11)
Several Icemon comprise IceDevimon's army during his attack on Persiamon's palace. Some Icemon were absorbed by IceDevimon to become IceDevimon Enhancement Absorbent.
Daipenmon (11)
A gigantic penguin with a popsicle mixer on its head and weilds two popsicles as weapons. Daipenmon was imprisoned inside an iceberg and was unleashed by Lilithmon to replace IceDevimon. He was fused along with IceDevimon to becom IceDevimon/Daipenmon Enchanced Absorbed Form. The hybrid was completely destroyed by Shoutmon X4K.
SkullScorpiomon (Sukopiomon, Scorpiomon, 12-14)
A squadron of SkullScorpion serve Blastmon and Lilithmon in the Sand Zone. They were absorbed by Machinedramon to form HiMachinedramon.
EBEmon (イーバモン Ībamon?, 13)
A bio-mechanical alien Digimon with the ability to mind-control others who works for Lilithmon. In the past, EBEmon used his powers on several Digimon including Baalmon's mentor Angemon forcing Baalmon to destroy his mentor in self-defense. Under orders of Lilithmon upon arriving in the Sand Zone, EBEmon uses his powers on Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Cutemon and Deputymon forcing them to attack Taiki until Baalmon injured EBEmon releasing the five Digimon from his control. EBEmon was then destroyed by Shoutmon x4.
Machinedramon (ムゲンドラモン Mugendoramon, Mugendramon?, 14)
A massive yet dimwitted mechanical dragon Digimon that is summoned to the Sand Zone by Lilithmon. After being presumably defeated by Shoutmon x4K, Machinedramon absorbed many SkullScorpiomon to become HiMachinedramon (ハイムゲンドラモン HaiMugendoramon, HiMugendramon?). However, his slow speed was no match for the teamwork of Shoutmon x4K and the recently-resurrected Beelzemon which resulted in HiMachinedramon's destruction.
MegaKabuterimon Blue (AtoraKabuterimon, AtlurKabuterimon, 18)
Several blue MegaKabuterimon comprise Kongoumon's army.
GranKuwagamon (グランクワガーモン GuranKuwagamon?, 19)
Many GranKuwagamon comprise the aerial fleet of Kongoumon's army. They were decimated by Beelzemon and the Meteor Cannon.
Arkadimon (Arukadimon, 22)
An archdemon Digimon that works for Lilithmon. According to the Monitamons, Arkadimon is a mythical Digimon who made a hidden nest in the Digital Airspace connecting zones together and turns whoever passes him by into data before eating them. He ended up separating Taiki from Team Xros Heart when they were on their way to the next Zone and trapped the others in a dark portal where he tried to attack them. With help from Wisemon and the Darkdramon DigiMemory, Shoutmon x5 destroyed Arkadimon.
Etemon (エテモン Etemon?, 23)
Many Etemon comprise Musyamon's army. Several them were sent to follow Team Xros Heart and the Monitormon Elder. They tried to make Karatenmon laugh and failed. Later, Etemon is then reveals to be the henchman for Musyamon. The lead Etemon was destroyed by Shoutmon while the other Etemon were defeated.
Kotemon (コテモン 24?)
A Kotemon serves as one of the guards of Musyamon's palace. He was defeated by Zenjirou and the Rare Star Sword.
Asuramon (アシュラモン Ashuramon?, 24)
An Asuramon is seen as a member of Musyamon's army. He was destroyed by Shoutmon x5 alongside Musyamon, Shurimon, and Gaiomon.
Gaiomon (ガイオウモン Gaioumon?, 24)
A Gaiomon is seen as a member of Musyamon's army. He was destroyed by Shoutmon x5 alongside Musyamon, Shurimon, and Gaiomon.
Ninjamon (イガモン Igamon, Igamon?, 24)
Several Ninjamon make up Musyamon's army. Some accompanied Shurimon in attacking Team Xros Heart while the others assisted Kabukimon in fighting Dorulumon.
Kabukimon (カブキモン 24?)
A Kabukimon serves as one of the guards of Musyamon's palace.
Chatsuramon (チャツラモン Chatsuramon, Caturamon?, 24)
A Catsuramon serves as one of the guards of Musyamon's palace.
Monzaemon (Monzaemon, 27)
A horde of Monzaemon comprise Matadormon's army led by WaruMonzaemon and an eyepatch-wearing Monzaemon. They are all absorbed by WaruMonzaemon to form Giga WaruMonzaemon.
WaruMonzaemon (ワルもんざえモン 27?)
A WaruMonzaemon serves as the leader of Matadormon's Monzaemon fleet. In the battle against Team Xros Heart, WaruMonzaemon absorbed his entire fleet to form Giga WaruMonzaemon (ギガワルもんざえモン?). GigaWaruMonzaemon was then destroyed by Shoutmon ×4S.
Raremon (レアモン Reamon?, 28)
Several Raremon make up Matadormon's army. Some of them were actually transformed prisoners of Matadormon upon losing some of their data. They were restored to their normal forms following the destruction of Matadormon and Brakedramon.
Brakedramon (ブレイクドラモン Bureikudoramon?, 28)
The Ultimate Destroyer Digimon. A mechanical Digimon that is found in slumber below the Sweets Zone. According to Spadamon, it was Brakedramon who broke up the Digital World into different zones in the first place. Matadormon used the Sweet Zone's villagers data to awaken it.
Dinohyumon (ディノヒューモン Dinohyumon, Dinohumon?, 29)
Several Dinohyumon make up Grademon's army.
Megadramon (メガドラモン Megadoramon?, 31-32)
Several Megadramon make up Dorbickmon's army.
Flarerizamon (フレアリザモン Furearizamon?, 31-32)
Several Flarerizamon make up Dorbickmon's army. Three Flarerizamon were DigiXrossed with Dorbickmon Darkness Mode to become a flaming sword for him to wield. Some of them were DigiXrossed with Dorbickmon Darkness Mode alongside Brachiomon and Gigadramon to form UltimateDorbickmon.
Brachiomon (ブラキモン Burakimon, Brachiomon?, 31-32)
Several Brachiomon make up Dorbickmon's army. Destroyed by OmegaShoutmon. Some of them were DigiXrossed with Dorbickmon Darkness Mode alongside some Flarerizamon and Gigadramon to form UltimateDorbickmon.
DarkTyrannomon (ダークティラノモン Dakutiranomon, DarkTyranomon?, 31)
Several DarkTyrannomon make up Dorbickmon's army. Destroyed by OmegaShoutmon.
Devidramon (デビドラモン Debidoramon?, 31)
Several Devidramon make up Dorbickmon's army with the lead Devidramon claiming that the Dragon Digimon are the strong arm of the Bagra Army. One was destroyed by Dorbickmon while the rest were destroyed by OmegaShoutmon.
Salamandermon (サラマンダモン Saramandamon?, 31)
Several Salamandemon make up Dorbickmon's army. Fanglongmon used the Salamandermon to heat up the mountain where Taiki and Kiriha were hiding in. Destroyed by OmegaShoutmon.
Gigadramon (ギガドラモン Gigadoramon?, 32)
Several Gigadramon make up Dorbickmon's army. Some of them were DigiXrossed with Dorbickmon Darkness Mode alongside some Brachiomon and Flarerizamon to form UltimateDorbickmon.
LadyDevimon (レディーデビモン Redidebimon?, 33-34)
Several LadyDevimon make up NeoMyotismon's army. A reddish LadyDevimon alongside two other LadyDevimon fought Xros Heart. The attacks from Shoutmon's Jet Sparrow mode couldn't harm the three LadyDevimon until the repeating blasting of MetalGreymon was enough to destroy the three LadyDevimon. Two LadyDevimon serve as guards to NeoMyotismon's castle. Some of the LadyDevimon are DigiXrossed into NeoMyotismon in order to assume his Darkness Mode.
Devimon (デビモン Debimon?, 33)
Several Devimon make up NeoMyotismon's army. Some of the Devimon are DigiXrossed into NeoMyotismon in order to assume his Darkness Mode.
Honeybeemon (ハニービーモン Honibiimon?, 35-36)
Several Honeybeemon make up Zamielmon's army.
GrandisKuwagamon (グランディスクワガーモン GurandisuKuwagamon?, 35)
A GrandisKuwagamon was Zamielmon's soldier. He was the one who told Zamielmon that the Team Xros Heart United Army was responsible for the destructions of Dorbickmon and NeoMyotismon. Zamielmon DigiXrossed him with the Honeybeemon to form GrandisKuawagamon Honey Mode (GurandisuKuwagamon Honi Modo) in order to attack Mervamon with Ignitemon riding on top. After Nene forcefully removed Ignitemon from the back of GrandisKuwagamon Honey Mode, she combined Sparrowmon with Mervamon to form JetMervamon who destroys GrandisKuwagamon Honey Mode.
Blossomon (ブロッサモン Burossamon?, 36)
Some Blossomon make up Zamielmon's army
Flybeemon (フライビーモン Furaibimon?, 36)
Some Flybeemon make up Zamielmon's army.
Scorpiomon (アノマロカリモン Anomarokarimon, Anomalocarimon?, 40-41)
Some Scorpiomon make up Olegmon's crew before a good number of them are destroyed by Kiriha's Cyberdramon.
MarineDevimon (マリンデビモン Marindebimon?, 40-41)
Some MarineDevimon make up Olegmon's crew.
Depthmon (デプスモン Depusumon?, 40-41)
Some Depthmon make up Olegmon's crew and they attacked some of the residents in Gold Land.
Centarumon (ケンタルモン, 42-44)
A bunch of Centarumon make up the reserve forces of Gravimon's army.
Cerberumon (ケルベロモン?, 42-44)
A bunch of Cerberumon make up the initial forces of Gravimon's army.
Hippogriffomon (ヒポグリフォモン?, 42-44)
A bunch of Hippogriffomon make up the initial forces of Gravimon's army.
Sagittarimon (サジタリモン?, 42-44)
A bunch of Sagittarimon make up the reserve forces of Gravimon's army.
Wendigomon (ウェンディモン Wendimon?, 42-44)
A bunch of Wendigomon make up the initial forces of Gravimon's army.
Eaglemon (44)
A bunch of Eaglemon make up Gravimon's army.
Thunderbirmon (44)
A bunch of Thunderbirmon make up Gravimon's army.
Sethmon (Setomon, 45, 46, 47, 48)
A bunch of Sethmon make up Apollomon's army. Apollomon DigiXrossed a Sethmon, some Dobermon and a Grizzlymon to form Sethmon Wild Mode (45-).
Dobermon (45, 46, 47, 48)
A bunch of Dobermon make up Apollomon's army.
Grizzlymon (Grizzmon, 45, 46, 47, 48)
A bunch of Grizzlymon make up Apollomon's army.
Reppamon (46, 47, 48)
A bunch of Reppamon make up Apollomon's army.
Gorillamon (Gorimon, 46, 47, 48, 50)
A bunch of Gorillamon make up Apollomon's army.
Oryxmon (Goatmon, 46, 47, 48)
A bunch of Oryxmon make up Apollomon's army.
Bullmon (48)
A bunch of Bullmon make up Apollomon's army.
RookChessmon (52)
KnightChessmon (52)
BishopChessmon (52)

Digimon Hunters

Ryouma Mogami

Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara

Ryouma Mogami (最上リョウマ Mogami Ryōma?) is a boy who owns a green Xros Loader. He is the leader of his Digimon hunting team, consisting of Ren and Airu. Through unknown circumstances, he is aware of Taiki's prior actions in the Digital World.


Psychemon (サイケモン Saikemon?) is a reptile Digimon wearing a fur pelt. He is similar in appearance to Gabumon.

Astamon (アスタモン Asutamon?): Pyschemon's digivolved form, a Demon Lord Digimon in mafia attire whose weapon of choice is the Oro Salmón tommygun.

Ren Tobari

Voiced by: Houko Kuwashima

Ren Tobari (戸張レン Tobari Ren?) is a cool-headed boy who owns a light gray Xros Loader. Even though he respects Taiki and Yuu, he has no respect for Tagiru.


Dracmon (ドラクモン Dorakumon?) is an mischievous vampire-themed Undead Digimon.

Yasyamon (Yaksamon): Dracmon's digivolved form, a Majin Digimon armed with two wooden swords.

Airu Suzaki

Voiced by: Megumi Han

Airu Suzaki (洲崎アイル Suzaki Airu?) is a girl who owns a pink Xros Loader. She exclusively hunts "cute" Digimon and is very persistent while doing so, even going as far as flirting with Tagiru to coax out Gumdramon's location.


Opossumon (オポッサモン Opossamon?) is a beast Digimon who flies the sky with her virus-filled balloons.

Cho·Hakkaimon (チョ・ハッカイモン?): Opossumon's Digivolved form, a girl in a pig-themed costume who wields a fearsome weapon.


The Watchmaker

The Watchmaker is a mysterious old man who owns a black Xros Loader with golden markings. He gives Xros Loaders and Digimon Hunter rulebooks to aspiring Digimon Hunters while running this operation out of his clock repair shop in the human world. His partner is Clockmon.


Clockmon (クロックモン Kurokkumon?) is a Digimon who resembles a traditional alarm clock.

Other Digimon

Pharaohmon (ファラオモン Faraomon?, 12-14)
A massive pharaoh Digimon that Xros Heart encounters in a tomb in the Sand Zone. He was the ruler of the Sand Zone. In a fight with Shoutmon x4, Pharaohmon seemed to be intangible never being affected by the Star Sword. It was revealed that the large Digimon was actually just a sarcophagus for a spirit. Pharaohmon later instructs Taiki to use the Sand Zone's Code Crown to merge all the pyramids into the large Pyramid of Resurrection in order to save Baalmon's life.
Angemon (エンジェモン Enjemon?, 13-14)
The leader of the Goddess' Warriors who also served as Baalmon's mentor. When Lilithmon had Ebemon brainwash the Warriors, Baalmon was forced to kill them in self-defense, including Angemon.
GuardiAngemon (スラッシュエンジェモン Surasshuenjemon, SlashAngemon?, 15-17)
An armored guardian angel Digimon with blades for hands. GuardiAngemon serves as the president of the Heaven Zone and the head of the Heaven Zone's police force. He was about to execute Xros Heart for a crime committed by Dondokomon until a Cupimon came forward as the true culprit. Taiki and Shoutmon Shoutmon ×4 interrupted the execution and GuardiAngemon's speed and flight abilities almost resulted in Shoutmon ×4's defeat until Beelzemon's intervention. GuardiAngemon was about to be defeated by Shoutmon ×4B but Taiki called him off, giving Lucemon the opportunity to convince GuardiAngemon to spare Cupimon's life. This act allowed Lucemon to overthrow GuardiAngemon as Heaven Zone's president. However, Lucemon quickly revealed himself to be an agent for the Bagra Army. After Lucemon's destruction, GuardiAngemon thanked Xros Heart for saving the Heaven Zone.
Gargoylemon (ガーゴモン Gāgomon, Gargomon?, 15)
A trenchcoat-wearing gargoyle Digimon that serves GuardiAngemon as the sergeant of the Heaven Zone's police force. Gargoylemon arrested and interrogated Taiki, Shoutmon and Dondokomon and oversaw Xros Heart's attempted execution. After Lucemon's destruction, Gargoylemon thanked Xros Heart for saving the Heaven Zone.
Monitamon Elder (23-24, 26)
An orange Monitamon with a moustache who leads the Monitamon in the Shinobi Zone.
Karatenmon (カラテンモン 23?)
The holder of the Shinobi Zone's Code Crown, only willing to give it away to the one who make him laugh. Akari and Nene manage to succeed in the task with a comedy act after the rest of Team Xros Heart and the Etemon squad failed. Some Karatenmon also appeared in flashbacks as warriors under Angemon in the Sand Zone.
Babamon (ババモン 24?)
The princess of the Shinobi Zone who was kidnapped by Musyamon and his forces before being rescued by Zenjirou.
Panbachimon (パンバチモン 25-26?)
A panda Digimon in a bee suit who carries a large piece of bamboo. He was a citizen of the Disc Zone but was transferred to the Shinobi Zone with the other Disc Zone habitants after the Disc Zone became uninhabitable. The character was designed and voiced by former Morning Musume star Mari Yaguchi.[17]


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