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This is a list of known Decepticons from the Transformers fictional universe and toyline.

Generation One


  • MegatronWalther P-38 Pistol
  • GalvatronLaser Cannon / Futuristic Handgun (In most continuities, Megatron is reformatted into Galvatron .)


Military Operation Commander ShockwaveCybertronian Space Gun

Governor of Polyhex Lord StraxusMobile Cannon (Later referred to as "Dark Mount" for trademark reasons.)



Seeker was a term originally coined by fans to describe the Decepticon Jets of the same mode, eventually adopted by Hasbro and various comic continuities. Only Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker were named during Season 1 of the animated series. The name Sunstorm was given retroactively by toy-distributor E-Hobby to the previously unnamed yellow/orange Seeker. This was later picked up by comics publisher Dreamwave Productions. Starscream is also second-in-command of the Decepticons and notorious for trying to assassinate Megatron in order to take his place.

Season 2 Seekers (Coneheads)

These characters essentially used the same mold as their Season 1 counterparts, but with small modifications. They are also known as the "Coneheads".

Season 3 Jets

After Starscream is destroyed, Cyclonus takes over as second-in-command of the Decepticons.

  • CyclonusCybertronian Fighter Jet
  • Cyclonus's armada — Cybertronian Fighter Jets (clones of Cyclonus)
  • ScourgeCybertronian Flying Hovercraft
  • SweepsCybertronian Flying Hovercrafts (Mass-produce Transformers sharing the same body-type of Scourge)



Soundwave - MicroCassette Recorder

Decepticon Mini-Cassettes
  • Nightbird — A human-built ninja robot reprogrammed as a Decepticon.
Decepticon City
  • TrypticonTyrannosaurus rex / Battle Platform / City
    • Full Tilt — Cybertronian Car / Robot
    • Brunt — Tank / Tower
    • Wipeout — Earth Car (Marvel Comics only)


Deluxe Insecticons

Combiner Teams

The Combiners (more commonly known as Gestalts by the fans) are the Transformers who could combine with each other to form a larger robot.

Constructicons / Devastator

Stunticons / Menasor

Combaticons / Bruticus

Predacons / Predaking

Terrorcons / Abominus

Seacons / Piranacon


Triple Changers

The result of a program of experimentation initiated by the Decepticon Shockwave and carried out on captive Autobots to push the limits of transformation, the Triple Changers are the Transformers who could change into two different vehicles in addition to their robotic form.


Horrorcons are Headmaster Triple Changers.

Six Changer


Decepticon Clones


Headmasters are figures whose heads became smaller robots (Nebulans).


Targetmasters are Transformers whose weapons became smaller robots (Nebulans).

Double Targetmasters


  • Battletrap — Jeep and Helicopter
  • Flywheels — Tank and Jet


  • Cindersaur — Dinosaur Monster
  • Flamefeather — Bird Monster
  • Sparkstalker — Insect Monster



Powermasters (Godmasters in Japan) are figures whose engines transformed into smaller figures (Nebulans) that, when combined with the host, allowed the figure to transform.

Powermaster Mercenary

  • DoubledealerMissile Transport (Figure also transforms into Autobot warrior, his allegiance was controlled by which partner was merged with him.)
    • Scar (Decepticon partner)
    • Knok (Autobot partner)


Pretenders are Transformers who had an inner robot secluded behind a protective outer shell.

Pretender Beasts

  • Carnivac — Wolf
  • Snarler — Boar

Pretender Vehicles

  • Roadgrabber — Futuristic Jet

Pretender Classic

Ultra Pretender

  • Roadblock — Assault Vehicle / Humanoid / Spacecraft / Car

Mega Pretender

Monster Pretenders / Monstructor

  • IcepickRock Monster
  • Birdbrain — Vulture Monster
  • Bristleback — Hedgehog Monster
  • Scowl — Wolf Monster
  • Slog — Blob Monster
  • Wildfly — Gargoyle


  • Military Patrol
    • Bombshock — Tank
    • Dropshot — Armored Troop Transport
    • Growl — Armored Car
    • Tracer — Helicopter

Micromaster Bases

  • Micromaster Decepticon Jet Command Center

Micromaster Transports

Micromaster Combiners

  • Battle Squad
    • Direct—Hit & Powerpunch — Anti—aircraft Truck
    • Fireshot & Vanquish — Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird
    • Meltdown & Half—Track — Missile Trailer
  • Constructor Squad
    • Grit & Knockout — Steam shovel / Truck
    • Stone Cruncher & Excavator — Crane Truck
    • Sledge & Hammer — Dump Truck
  • Micromaster Combiner Transports
    • Cement—Head & Terrortread — Dump Truck
      • Base — Cannon Trailer
  • Micromaster Combiner Decepticon Anti—Aircraft Base

Action Masters

Action Masters are posable figurines which could not Transform, however they came with accessories which transformed into weapons and animals.

  • Banzai-Tron
    • Razor-Sharp — Crab / Gun
  • Charger (European Exclusive)
    • Firebeast — Rhino / Gun
  • Krok
    • Gatoraider — Alligator / Gun
  • Take-Off (European Exclusive)
    • Screech — Bird / Gun
  • Treadshot
    • Catgut — Tiger / Gun

Action Master Decepticon Attack Vehicles

  • Gutcruncher
    • Stratotronic Attack Jet — Jet Fighter — Tank & Battle Station

Action Master Action Blaster Vehicles

  • Axer with Off-road cycle

Action Master Motorized Exo-Suit Vehicle

  • Slicer (recolor of Autobot Wheeljack, European Exclusive)
    • Exo-Suit Vehicle — 4WD Assault Vehicle / Battle Suit

Action Master Classics

Action Master Decepticon Attack Vehicles

  • Megatron
    • Neutro Fusion Tank — Tank / Jet & Battle Station

Action Master Action Blaster Vehicles

Action Master Motorized Exo-Suit Vehicle

  • Thundercracker (recolor of Starscream, European Exclusive)
    • Solo Mission Jet Plane — Stealth Fighter / Battle Suit

Actionmaster Elites

  • Double Punch — Scorpion
  • Turbo Master — Airplane & Helicopter Hybrid

European Exclusives


Talon toy


Generation One (Japan)


  • Soundblaster - Microcassette Player (recolor of Soundwave w/ extra cassette.)



Breast Force

  • Deszaras - Dragon
    • Breast Beast - Hawk / Gun
    • Breast Beast - Tiger / Gun

Breast Force / Lio Kaiser

  • Leozack - F-14 Tomcat
    • Breast Beast - Lion / Gun
  • Drillhorn - Drill Tank
    • Breast Beast - Rhino / Gun
  • Gaihawk - Mikoyan MiG-29 "Fulcrum" Jet
    • Breast Beast - Hawk / Gun
  • Hellbat - Dassault Rafale
    • Breast Beast - Bat / Gun
  • Jaruga - Baja Buggy
    • Breast Beast - Jaguar / Gun
  • Killbison - Gepard Anti-aircraft Tank
    • Breast Beast - Bison / Gun
  • Deathcobra - Mil Mi-24 "Hind" Assault Helicopter (He was Killed by Hellbat.)
    • Breast Beast - Cobra / Gun

Dinoforce / DinoKing

Recolor of Pretender Monsters w/ new dinosaur-themed shells.


  • Black Shadow - Humanoid / Jet (Remolded Thunderwing)
  • Blue Bacchus - Humanoid / Helicopter (Remolded Crossblades)

Other Series

  • Metrotitan
    City / Battle Station. The recolored version of Metroplex.
    • Metroshot
      Robot. The recolored version of Six-Gun.
    • Metrodash
      Car. The recolored version of Scamper.
    • Metrotank
      Tank. The recolored version of Slammer.
    • Metrobomb
      Car. The recolored version of Skystalker.
  • Jet Army Corps
    • The Predator jets, bar Skyquake, were released in two-packs with the European Autobot Turbomasters, renamed Flarejet, Darkjet, Moonjet & Shadowjet. Additionally, Stalker and Skyquake were released, but not as part of the official Transformers line of that year, but rather in European packaging, with a Japanese sticker on the back. The magazine articles on the fiction of this Transformers line, Operation Combination, make reference to a Decepticon leader name "Scrash" - apparently, this was intended to be Skyquake, given a name that combined both his European monikers.
  • Battle Gaea
    The recolored version of Bruticus.
    • Great Cannon
      The recolored version of Onslaught.
    • Shuttle Gunner
      The recolored version of Blast Off.
    • Target Hawk
      The recolored version of Vortex.
    • Leeland
      The recolored version of Swindle.
    • Sandstorm
      The recolored version of Brawl.

Transformers: Generation 2

A major revamp of the Transformers line, which included new toys, a new comic book series from Marvel Comics and a re-edited release of the 1984 TV series.[1]


Combat Hero

Decepticon Jets


Gestalt Teams

Rotor Force

Laser Rods

Laser Cycles





Power Masters


Power Master Meanstreak

Not to be confused with G1 Powermasters, these figures had a wind-up wheel gimmick.

Cybertronian Empire

European Exclusives




Robots in Disguise / Car Robots

In Robots in Disguise, the Decepticons are a group of Autobot Protoforms recruited by the Predacons to serve Megatron/Galvatron.

Commandos / Ruination

Toy-only Decepticons

Unicron Trilogy

Transformers: Armada/Transformers: Energon


Destruction Team / Bruticus Maximus

  • Barricade - Missile Truck
  • Blight - Tank
  • Blackout - Attack Helicopter
  • Kickback (Tank, recolor of Blight)
  • Stormcloud (Attack Helicopter, recolor as Blackout)

Construction Team / Constructicon Maximus

Toy Line Exclusive

Transformers: Cybertron

Cybertron Decepticons

Earth Decepticon

Velocitron (Speed Planet) Decepticons

Animatros (Jungle Planet) Decepticon

  • Nemesis Breaker - Robotic lion / Dark Claw (recolor of Leobreaker)- Not native to the Jungle Planet

Planet X Decepticons

Alternators / Binaltech


  • Heatwave - Transformers Collectors Club membership exclusive for 2009. A recolor of Energon Barricade with a new head mold. Forms part of Nexus Prime.

Transformers Animated

Main Characters


Recurring Characters

Team Chaar

Starscream Clones

Omega Sentinels

  • Lugnut Supreme

Live Action Film

For more details about the Action Figures, visit the 2007 Movie Toy-Line Section.

Transformers film

Toyline Decepticons

Video-Game Decepticons

Real Gear Decepticons

  • Power Up VT6 - Playstation Portable
  • Zoom Out 25x - Video Camera
  • Booster X10 - MP3 Player
  • Wire Tap V20 - Cell Phone (repaint of Autobot Speed Dial 800)
  • Meantime - Wristwatch
  • Photon T-34 - Camera (repaint of Autobot Spy Shot 6)
  • Twitcher F4S1 - video game controller (repaint of Autobot High Score 100)
  • Midnighter XR-4 - Wristwatch (repaint of Decepticon Meantime)
  • Dispensor - Vending Machine

Premium Series

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


  • The Fallen - Cybertronian Destroyer (Killed by Optimus Prime)
  • Megatron - Cybertronian Jet/Tank Combo (Resurrected by an All Spark shard with the help of Scalpel, Ravage and Constructicons)(Survived)




  • Reedman - Microbots / marbles (Unknown)


Constructicons are mass-prodused Transformers in the live-action film series.

Toyline Decepticons

Video Game Decepticons

  • Seeker - F/A-18 Hornet
  • Combaticon Drones
    • Scout Class (Swindle) - Jeep
    • Aerial Class (Vortex) - Comanche Helicopter
    • Warrior Class (Onslaught) - Anti-Aircraft Vehicle
    • Voyager class (Scrapper) - Caterpillar 992G Scoop Loader

Hunt for the Decepticons

  • The Fallen
  • Megatron
  • Starscream
  • Axor (redeco of Lockdown)
  • Bonecrusher
  • Payload
  • Brimstone
  • Rampage
  • Ravage
  • Oil Pan (redeco of Breakdown)
  • Crankstart
  • Tailwhip
  • Brawl
  • Sunspot
  • Hailstorm
  • Jetblade
  • Sideways
  • Terradive

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The Dreads

Toyline Decepticons

Video-game Decepticons

  • Mixmaster


Transformers: Power Core Combiners

Transformers: Prime


Decepticons under the command of Soundwave.



Some of Shockwave's many experiments.


Three combiner drones created as an experiment by Shockwave for battle in the gladiatorial arenas of Kaon.


The Combaticons were the subject of Shockwave's first combiner experiment, but were considered a failure.

  • Bruticus Maximus


The Constructicons are Shockwave's perfected combiner experiment.


Decepticon drones who serve as foot soldiers


Megatron's army of the undead Cybertronians brought to live by Dark Energon.

Nintendo DS




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