The principal characters from Beast Wars Neo.

A list of characters from the 1998 anime series Beast Wars Neo.


Longrack, one of the Maximal heroes of Beast Wars Neo.

  • Big Convoy

Big Convoy is a powerful, independent warrior character. He transforms into a mammoth.

  • Longrack

Longrack is a gregarious Maximal. He has one Arm Shot attack on his right arm, while his Crush Arm allows him to mangle his enemies. He transforms into a giraffe.

*Cohrada His transformative powers favor dry climates. His right hand produces a vacuum shockwave, the Hand Vute, that slices through steel. He transforms into a cobra.

  • Stampy

Stampy has Mighty Ears to allow him to hardly miss any distant sounds. He transforms into a white rabbit.

  • Break

Break launches anchors from his right arm as his weapons. He transforms into a penguin.

  • Heinlad (aka Heinrad)

Heinlad has a clock in his stomach, giving him the ability to manipulate time. He transforms into a Tanuki Raccoon Dog.

  • Mach Kick

Mach Kick has an Elastic Hand attack and a Tail Tomahawk, a combination axe/whip. He transforms into a horse.

  • Navi

Navi is the Maximal's navigational computer.


  • Rockbuster

Rockbuster has a hard shell that provides endurance for the character in battle. His Claw Buster and Crush Claw are powerful weapons that destroy armor. He transforms into a crab. The toy version is a redesign of Beast Wars Razorclaw.

  • Randy

Randy's firepower is his Charge Buster weapon. He transforms into a boar. The toy version is a redesign of Beast Wars Razorbeast.

  • Sharp Edge

Sharp Edge's weapon is a powerful cutter hidden in his flank region, the Diamondtail. He transforms into a sawshark. The toy is a remold of Beast Wars Cybershark.

  • Bump

Bump has strong, shell-like skin, and displays a lightning-fast draw-and-fire technique with the weapons at his hips. He transforms into an armadillo. The toy is a redesign of Beast Wars Armordillo.

  • Survive

Survive transforms into a bear. The toy is a redesign of Beast Wars Polar Claw.


Magmatron's beast mode involves three dinosaurs: Landsaurus, Skysaurus, and Seasaurus.

  • Guiledart

He is Magmatron's right-hand man. He releases the Thunder Horn blast from his horns to damage an enemy, while his tail can become a Tail Shooter, a missile launcher. He transforms into a Triceratops.

  • Saberback

Saberback is able to use his tail to disguise himself as a flower to lure in enemies. He uses the Triple Claw, sharp talons in his right hand, at full power. He transforms into a Stegosaurus.

  • Sling

Sling's right arm becomes a Tail Bunker to pierce through his enemies, while his left becomes the Sling Shield for protection. He transforms into a Dimetrodon.

Dead End's weapon is a Spiral Bomb attack, launching the shell off his right shoulder. He transforms into an ammonite.

  • Archadis

Archadis' wings are armed with Wing Gundreads, rapid-fire cannons, and can drop Wing Bombs. He transforms into an Archaeopteryx. Archadis' toy was later remolded into Beast Machines Airraptor.


DNAVI is a dragonfly-shaped navigational computer.


  • Killerpunch

Killerpunch has a Head Punch that is used as offense, as well as a homing device. He transforms into a Styracosaurus.

  • Hydra

Hydra has a Wing Shot, and transforms into a Pteranodon.

  • Crazybolt

Crazybolt has a tail rifle as his weapon. He transforms into a Frill-necked Lizard.

  • Bazooka

Bazooka uses the hammer-like lump attached to the end of his tail to smash open enemy head modules with his Gigaton Stamp. He transforms into an Ankylosaurus.

Hardhead's uses his Head Attack to confront his enemies. Hardhead also wields a Pilesaber blade. He transforms into a Pachycephalosaurus.


  • Rartorarta

He possesses the form of a Lionfish[disambiguation needed] and a hornet fused together; and uses a rapid-fire poison arrow launcher. The toy version is a remold of Beast Wars Injector.

  • Elephaorca

He possesses the form of an orca and an elephant fused together. His Killer Tusks shoot a liquid that liquefies any material on contact. The toy is a remold of Beast Wars Torca.

  • Drancron

It possesses the form of a lizard and dragonfly. It uses its Drancutter to sneak up on its prey. He also has a Clap Missile. The toy is a redesign of Beast Wars Sky Shadow.

Unicron is the leader of the Blendtrons.

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