Koji Minamoto
(源輝二 Minamoto Kōji)

Voice actor(s):Hiroshi Kamiya (Japanese)
Steve Staley (English)
Digimon forms

Koji Minamoto (源 輝二 Minamoto Kōji?) is a main character in the Digimon anime series "Digimon Frontier". In this series, a group of chosen human children were given the ability to turn into Digimon.


Koji was the child chosen to wield the Spirit of Light. Koji starts the series as the group loner - a kid who wanted friends, but never had the chance to make any because he had to change schools too many times. Koji receives Ophanimon's cell phone message while he was out buying flowers for his stepmother. He followed the instructions on the SMS, which led to a subway station where a Trailmon took him to the Digital World.

Koji traveled alone until he met Tommy and J.P. and had to save the two from a horde of attacking Pagumon. From then on, Koji showed up to help the other Digi Destined from time to time, and then eventually joins the group permanently. He often distances himself from the others, refusing to let anyone get too close to him. This was revealed to be because he moved a lot, and believes that no matter how close two people can get, something pulls them apart, so he stops trying to make friends and be, as he puts it, 'better prepared for it.' Originally, he is rather cold and rude towards the other DigiDestined, but eventually softens up as he becomes closer to them.

Koji has a rough relationship with his stepmother Satomi, whom he insists is: "Not my mom!" As such, he is distant from his father, Kousei Minamoto, who often tries pushing Koji into trying to get along better with her. Around halfway through the series, Koji realises that Satomi wasn't trying to take his real mother's place, but only wanted to be a part of his family. Upon returning to the real world, Koji decides to give her a second chance.

Koji also meets his twin brother, Koichi Kimura, for the first time in the Digital World. Koji's parents had split up when they were young, and his mother had moved out with Koichi and their grandmother. Koji's father remarried, told Koji that his mother had died, and never informed him of his twin brother. As such, Koji never knew he had a brother, let alone a twin.

Ironically, Koji was the last to find out that Koichi, in the Digital World, was only spirit with a semi-physical form (in the real world, Koichi fell down a flight of stairs and went into a coma). Bokomon overheard the conversation between Koichi and Crusadermon, and was forced into telling the others (Takuya, J.P., Zoe and Tommy) while Koji and Koichi were out of hearing range.

After he returned home, Koji accepted his stepmother and went with Koichi to finally meet his mother, whom his father had always told him was dead.

Digimon forms

Koji wields AncientGarurumon's power through the "Spirit of Light".

He never goes to the Rookie stage of Lobomon, Strabimon, stage in the show.



Lobomon (ヴォルフモン Wolfmon)


Human Spirit of Light

Lobomon (Wolfmon) is Koji's Digimon form when he uses the Human Spirit of Light. The name "Lobomon" comes from "Lobo", the Spanish word for "Wolf". Lobomon first appears in "Lobomon: Warrior of Light" of Digimon Frontier. Tommy and J.P. were being chased by a group of Pagumon and fell into a mysterious chamber. They were found by Koji, who beat off the Pagumon using a pole. However, a Pagumon digivolved into Raremon, and turned the tables against Koji. Takuya and Zoe arrived and Takuya proceeded to Spirit Evolve to Agunimon. However, he lost the fight and reverted to his human form. Trying to push Tommy away from an attack, Takuya accidentally pushed Koji into a deep hole. Raremon's acid attack hit the wall at just the correct spot, releasing a beam of light that revealed Koji's Human Spirit of Light. This allowed Koji to Spirit Evolve into Lobomon for the first time.


  • Lobo Kendo [Licht Sieger (German for "Light Winner")]: Lobomon uses his "Light Kendo" swords to slice his enemies in two.
  • Howling Laser [Licht Kugel (German for "Light Ball")]: Lobomon gathers energy to the weapon on his left wrist, and releases it in a burst of light energy.



KendoGarurumon (ガルムモン Garmmon)


Beast Spirit of Light

KendoGarurumon (Garmmon) is Koji's digimon form when he uses the Beast Spirit of Light. KendoGarurumon is a wolf-like digimon who can move at the speed of light. It looks similar to MetalGarurumon.

KendoGarurumon first appears on "Can't Keep a Grumblemon Down" when the group fought against Grumblemon. Koji helped some Gotsumon by replacing a gem into the eye of a rock, and released the Beast Spirit of Light. Koji became the first of the group to Spirit Evolve with a Beast Spirit, turning into KendoGarurumon and defeats Grumblemon. He had trouble at first controlling the Beast Spirit but quickly got over it.

KendoGarurumon has no relation to Garurumon—the "Garurumon" in his name is the result of the producers of the English dubbed version changing his name from Garmmon, his original Japanese name.


  • Lupine Laser (Solar Laser): KendoGarurumon shoots a beam of energy from his mouth.
  • Howling Star (Speed Star): KendoGarurumon uses the Wing Blades on his back to slice apart the enemy.




Koji assumes this form when he gains the power to combine both his spirits. Beowulfmon's name derives from the Epic poem Beowulf, and the poem's protagonist hero of the same name.

Beowulfmon first appears in "Stuck in Sakkakumon with You", where Koji was trapped within Mercurymon's Darkness Sphere. Koji fought, and was defeated by Duskmon, forcing him to revert to his human form. About to be killed by Duskmon, Koji started thinking back to all the things he felt he regretted in his life. His will to continue living wakened Seraphimon's Digi-Egg, upgrading Koji's D-Tector and giving him the power to combine his Beast and Human Spirits.


  • Frozen Hunter [Zweihänder (German for "Two Hander")]: He raises his saber forming a giant wolf of light energy, and then takes a slash that is faster than the eye can see.
  • Cleansing Light [Lichtangriff (German for "Light Attack")]: Fires missiles and a laser at his opponents.
  • Beo Saber: Uses his saber to attack his opponent.




Koji achieves this form when he Unifies the Spirits of Light, Darkness, Thunder, Water and Steel.Magnagarurumon looks similar to Metalgarurumon X from digital monster X evolution .He fights against, and eventually defeats, Dynasmon and Crusadermon alongside EmperorGreymon. This is the form he assumes during most of his fights against Crusadermon. He also fights against the corrupted Cherubimon. When he attacks with any move except Magna Saber, the weapon falls away from MagnaGarurumon afterwards, meaning he can only use each attack (except Magna Saber and Starburst Hunter) once per use of this form.


  • Starburst Hunter (Starlight Velocity): MagnaGarurumon dashes forward, and surrounds himself in an aura of light as he crashes into the opponent (When he does not have any armor on).
  • Feral Fire (Machine Gun Destroy): MagnaGarurumon leaps into the air, propelling himself forward while raining a wave of gunfire blasts down on the enemy below.
  • Magna Missiles: Consecutive missiles are launched at the opponent.
  • Magna Rockets: Consecutive missiles are launched at the opponent.
  • Magna Laser: Fires two beam charges from the cannons on this chest plate.
  • Magna Saber (Magna Blade): Unarms himself and unleashes a fury of slashes with his "Magna Blade".
  • Starburst Cannon: Fires a powerful blast of light from the twin cannons on his chest armor.


Susanoomon is created when all 10 spirits left by the Ancient Warriors are fused together, and possesses the combined powers of all 10 Legendary Warriors. The name "Susanoomon" comes from the Shinto Storms God Susanoo.

When Kouichi sacrificed himself to save the others from Lucemon Chaos Mode, he gave his Spirit of Darkness to his brother Koji. Takuya and Koji then brought all 10 Spirits together and became Susanoomon. In this form, they fought against Lucemon twice - the first time against Lucemon Chaos Mode, and then again to stop Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode from entering the human world. In this second fight against Lucemon, Susanoomon was able to penetrate the shadow-sphere where Lucemon Larva was hiding. In the final battle, Susanoomon managed to shatter the shadow-sphere, destroy Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode, and then split into the 10 separate Legendary Warriors and destroyed Lucemon once and for all.


  • Celestial Blade (Amanohabakiri): Susanoomon fires a blade of energy that can be used to cut his enemies in two.
  • Heaven's Thunder (Yakusanoikazuchi): Susanoomon creates clouds which rain enormous bolts of energy down onto his enemies.

Theme song

Koji's theme song is called: "In the Blue".

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