Voice actor(s):Naozumi Takahashi (Japanese),

Jeff Nimoy (English)

Partner(s):General Yushima

Kamemon is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise, a rookie-level cyborg Digimon whose human partner is General Yushima. "Kame" means "turtle" in Japanese.


Kamemon's appearance is based on a PC mouse, the ball on his stomach being the track-ball, his shell being the back of the mouse, and his tail being that of a wire of a mouse. He is similar to Squirtle of the Pokémon franchise.


Kamemon is a Digimon who's constantly underfoot in DATS, kindly serving drinks to both human and Digimon alike. In episode 18, Kamemon went into the Digital World with General Yushima to help Marcus and the others with Merukimon. He reappeared with Homer in the Holy Capital and helped to defend it from Kurata's Gizumon. Homer and Kamemon disguised themselves as doctors upon approaching Thomas H. Norstein's sister, only to be caught by Thomas who withdraws Kamemon into Homer's Digivice. When Thomas destroyed the Digimon Control Device that allowed Kurata to control Belphemon, Thomas freed Homer and Kamemon.


  • Met Knuckle: Rushes towards the opponent by rolling the ball on his stomach and knuckles by the helmet on his head.
  • Pointer Arrow: A secret compartment at the top of his helmet opens up and a green arrow-shaped missile is fired at the desired target.
  • Cora Guard: Hides into his body-armor and rebounds the opponent's attacks.
  • Cora Attack: Headbutts the enemy.

Other forms

The name "Kamemon" refers only to the Rookie form of this Digimon. Kamemon can digivolve into several more powerful forms, each with a different name and special attack. The vast majority of his time is spent in the rookie level.




Gwappamon is Kamemon's champion form. Kamemon first digivolved into this form in episode 18 to distract Merukimon so that the DATS team could go back to the real world. He later helped out in defending the Holy Capital from the Gizumon XT. He also fought against Knightmon.


  • DJ Shooter: Throws CDs from his head.
  • Gawappunch: His arm elongates to punch the opponent.




Shawujinmon is Kamemon's ultimate form. He first appears in the fight against numerous Knightmon to protect Thomas and his family.


  • Aqua Vortex: Spins his staff to create tornadoes of water.
  • River Stream: Crushes the earth with his staff and releases raging streams of water.
  • Crescent Slash: Thrusts his crescent blade at the enemy.


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