J.P. Shibayama
(柴山純平 Shibayama Junpei)

Voice actor(s):Masato Amada (Japanese)
Steven Blum (English)
Digimon forms

J.P. Shibayama, known in Japan as Junpei Shibayama (柴山 純平 Shibayama Junpei?), is a main character in the Digimon anime series Digimon Frontier. In this series, a group of chosen human children were given the ability to turn into Digimon.


J.P. is the oldest member of the group, and was the one who was chosen to wield the "Spirits of Thunder". This allows J.P. to use AncientBeetlemon's power to turn into two Digimon forms which use mainly electricity attacks.

At the start of the series, J.P. shows some jealousy towards Takuya Kanbara, the main character of this series for being Tommy Himi's hero and being able to combine both of his Digimon forms into a more powerful form. He also shows feelings for Zoe Orimoto, the only female of the group. J.P. also seems to have a hidden fear of being alone - despite being constantly surrounded by people when he was in the real world, he felt that he had never really been anyone's real friend.

He's the first one to kill one of the evil Legendary Warriors: after Grumblemon lost his Beast Spirit to Takuya as BurningGreymon, Grumblemon ambushes the Digidestined with a bunch of Golemon. After Whamon saves him from Grumblemon's attack, J.P. finally gets his Beast Spirit which was in Whamon's stomach and evolves into an out of control MetalKabuterimon. He gains control over himself quickly and shoots Grumblemon, killing him, allowing J.P. to take his Human Spirit and give Zoe back hers.

Ironically, J.P. is astraphobic, meaning he is afraid of thunder and lightning, despite having the Spirits of Thunder.

Digimon forms

J.P. wields AncientBeetlemon's power through the "Spirit of Thunder". Both of the spirits of thunder are transferred to Koji, so that he could become MagnaGarurumon.



Beetlemon (Blitzmon)


Human Spirit of Thunder

J.P. becomes this Digimon when he uses the Human Spirit of Thunder. Beetlemon is a large humanoid digimon who has a large horn on his head. He is capable of flight, and is covered in a blue and yellow armor-like exoskeleton. The armor plates just above his knees bear the insignia of AncientBeetlemon.

Beetlemon is significantly larger than the other hybrids formed from Human Spirit evolutions, and appears to have more raw, non-elemental strength. Beetlemon first appeared on "Ladies and Gentlemen: the Beetlemon" while the group was at the Wind Factory. Snimon, and his Goblimon had been using the spirit as a power source. After J.P. received it, he spirit evolved into Beetlemon and scanned the Snimon.

Beetlemon's original, Japanese name is Blitzmon.


  • Lightning Blitz (Mjolnir Thunder): Beetlemon's horn emits a powerful electric charge.
  • Thunder Fist (Thor Hammer): A powerful electrified punch is launched at the enemy.
  • Proton Slam (Lightning Bomber): Beetlemon tackles the enemy while his body is charged with electricity.



MetalKabuterimon (Bolgmon)


This is the form J.P. assumes when he uses the Beast Spirit of Thunder. MetalKabuterimon's entire body is covered in armor, and has two cannons for arms and one larger cannon on his head. The larger cannon on his head is able to open up to reveal a power gauge for his "Electron Cannon" attack. Of all the Beast Spirit Digimon, MetalKabuterimon is the third largest (beaten by Sakkakumon and Petaldramon). Although his "Electron Cannon" attack is slow to fire, it is the most powerful attack belonging to the Spirit Digimon. MetalKabuterimon first appears on "No Whamon" when J.P. acquired its spirit from a Whamon. At first J.P. had no control over this form, but gained control very quickly. MetalKabuterimon's first act was to defeat Grumblemon with a single shot of his Electron Cannon, making him the first one to defeat one of the evil Legendary Warriors.

MetalKabuterimon's original, Japanese name is Bolgmon.


  • Bolo Thunder (Ultimate Thunder): MetalKabuterimon releases from both his arms energy that resembles a two-weight bola.
  • Electron Cannon (Field Destroyer): A powerful electric blast that can be fired from the distance. This attack requires a brief charging period.


Susanoomon is created when all twenty spirits left by the Ancient Warriors are fused together, and possesses the combined powers of all 10 Legendary Warriors. The name "Susanoomon" comes from the Shinto Storms God Susanoo.

When Koichi sacrificed himself to save the others from Lucemon Chaos Mode, he gave his Spirits of Darkness to his brother Koji. Takuya and Koji then brought all twenty Spirits together and became Susanoomon. Later on, in the real world, all five children (Takuya, Koji, J.P, Tommy and Zoe) fused to form Susanoomon again, this time to stop Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode from entering the human world. In this second fight against Lucemon, Susanoomon and was able to penetrate the shadow-sphere where Lucemon Larva was hiding. In the final battle, Susanoomon managed to shatter the shadow-sphere, destroy Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode, and then split into the 10 separate Legendary Warriors and destroyed Lucemon for good.


  • Celestial Blade (Amanohabakiri): Susanoomon fires a blade of energy from his sword that can be used to cut his enemies in two.
  • Heaven's Thunder (Yakusanoikazuchi): Susanoomon creates clouds which fire enormous bolts of energy down onto his enemies.


J.P.'s theme-song is called: "Spark!"

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