Voice actor(s):Hiroki Takahashi (Japanese)
Derek Stephen Prince (English)
Partner(s):Ai and Mako
MegaBeelzemon Blast Mode

Impmon (インプモン Inpumon) is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise. Impmon is featured as a main character in Digimon Tamers (and the movie Runaway Locomon) and is the Digimon partner of Ai and Mako.


Impmon is a small humanoid imp creature with a tail and large pointed ears. He wears a pair of red gloves and a matching red scarf and an evil sharp-toothed smile on his chest.

Digimon Season 3: Episode 6 (O Partner, Where Art Thou?)


At the beginning of Digimon Tamers, Impmon was a trouble making digimon who spent most of his time picking on humans, and later harassing the Tamers and their Digimon (Terriermon later briefly fights back and sends him flying). Impmon seemed to dislike humans, saying that no 'self-respecting Digimon' would ever ally themselves to one. It is revealed later in the series that Impmon is in fact the Digimon partner of two children - Ai and Mako. Impmon had run away from the two after they had continuously quarreled over him, and treated him as if he were a toy.

Impmon had resented the Tamers and their Digimon because they, unlike him, were able to Digivolve. Overconfident, he tried to prove himself by fighting Indramon (despite Renamon's warnings), but suffered a devastating and painful defeat. Being humiliated, having his ego crushed,and feeling unhappy and hated, Impmon readily accepted the Deva Chatsuramon's offer. Chatsuramon offered Impmon the ability to digivolve, but in return, Impmon would have to kill the Tamers and their Digimon. He is very conflicted by this at first, remembering the kindness Guilmon would show Impmon despite his constant insults of him, but still accepts, desperate to digivolve.

Impmon is granted the power to become Beelzemon, a mega-level digimon who becomes the Sovereign Zhuqiaomon's personal assassin, and it is suggested that he is corrupted in the process. Beelzemon eventually meets up with the Tamers and kills Leomon, Jeri's Digimon partner. Growlmon then Digivolves into WarGrowlmon, then again into Megidramon. Takato sees that he has done a terrible thing, and this leads to the destruction of his D-Arc. Once Megidramon is defeated by Beelzemon, Guilmon and Takato to bio-merge into Gallantmon, who fought an intense battle against Beelzemon. Gallantmon wins the battle, but spares Beelzemon on Jeri's request.

Beelzemon, in his weakened state, de-digivolves into Impmon again. Luckily, he encounters Renamon and Rika, who decide to bring Impmon back into the Real World. After being not only spared but saved by the people he had once hated, Impmon begins to have a change of heart and decides to instead help the tamers. With their help, (Mako gives him a toy gun) Impmon Digivolves once again and becomes Beelzemon Blast Mode to save Jeri but ends up needing saving himself.

At the end of the series, after the D-Reaper's destruction, Impmon at last asks Jeri for forgiveness. She agrees, leaving Impmon finally at peace with the humans.

He has an extremely interesting relationship with Renamon. At first he hated her, then hated and liked her, then finally, at the end of the series, he developed a crush on her.

Impmon also seems to have a strange relationship with Calumon. At first, he seems to hate him, while Calumon thought they were friends. After he became Beelzemon, Calumon got the message that he hated him, that he had no friends. When he was Impmon again, he accepted Calumon's friendship, helping him escape the D reaper and headbutted him in the kernal sphere to get Jeri.


  • Badda-Boom (Night of Fire): Creates a small fire ball at his finger tips then hurls it at the opponent.
  • Infernal Funnel (Dark Summoning): Creates two rings of fire, one within the other, and creates a sphere of fire from the ring, which he then hurls at the target.

Other forms

The name "Impmon" refers to only the rookie form of this digimon. Throughout the series, Impmon gains the ability to Digivolve into other more powerful forms (with different names).

Since Impmon Digivolves directly to his mega form Beelzemon, his champion and ultimate forms are unknown.



Yaamon (ヤアモン)

Yaamon is Impmon's In-Training form. The name "Yaamon" could come from the Japanese word "yancha", meaning mischievous. Impmon De-Digivolved into Yaamon after the defeat of the D-Reaper, and returned to the Digital World.


Beelzebumon Blast Mode


Beelzemon is the Mega form of Impmon. Beelzemon's name is derived from Beelzebub, the Hebrew word for Lord of the Flies and a word which is often synonymous with devil.

Beelzemon appears when Impmon accepts Chatsuramon's offer. With this new power, Impmon is able to Warp Digivolve into his mega form. Calumon was the first he encountered when he briefly stopped his motocycle in front of the fatigued Digimon, however Calumon had not recognised him as Impmon and asked him for help. Despite Calumon's pleading, Beelzemon left him behind. Later he encountered the Tamers and Renamon was able to recognize him as Impmon. However, the ensuing battle was interrupted by a fierce storm created by the reactivation of the unstable Juggernaut program.

Beelzemon appears again at the entrance to Zhuqiaomon's Red Tower to hinder Takato and his group. During the fight that ensued, Beelzemon's lust for power quickly overtakes him, severely injuring the Tamers Digimon and impaling Leomon, killing him and loading his data. Takato went into a rage and caused WarGrowlmon to Dark Digivolve into Megidramon. At first, Megidramon seemed to match Beelzemon evenly. However, when Makuramon appeared to berate Beelzemon, he was killed and his data used to increase Beelzemon's strength. This allowed Beelzemon to fend off Megidramon and nearly kill Taomon and Rapidmon.

However, Takato and Guilmon where able to Biomerge in time to form Gallantmon for the first time. Beelzemon was then defeated by the newly formed Gallantmon, and nearly met his demise had it not for Jeri's destressed request that he be spared (the reason being that she did not want any further deaths on her part).

Beelzemon reflected on the events in his life that led up to this point and leaves, wandering the desert with the image of Jeri haunting his mind. This left him vulnerable to the revenge of Chrysalimon, who siphoned his energy and left behind a beaten and defeated Impmon.


  • Corona Blaster (Death Slinger): Fires a powerful energy blast from his cannon.
  • Corona Destroyer (Chaotic Flare): Draws an inverted pentagram with his cannon and fires energy blasts through it.
  • Darkness Claw Slashes claws at enemy.
  • Double Impact Rapidly shoots sawn off shotguns
  • Fist of the Beast King: Absorbed from Leomon, he used it only when he was trying to rescue Jeri from the D-Reaper, after his cannons were destroyed by D-Reaper. Unfortunately it had the effect of driving her away from him.

Beelzemon Blast Mode

After De-Digivolving from Beelzemon, Impmon is found by Rika and Renamon, who brings him back to the Real World. Impmon is eventually reunited with Ai and Mako, who apologize to him for all their fighting (which had led to his desertion). When the D-Reaper finally appeared in Shinjuku, Impmon leaves to help the other Tamer digimon. Ai and Mako sends him their best wishes and a small toy gun.

As Impmon runs towards the battle, his determination caused him to Digivolve once again to Beelzemon. The gun, "energized" by his Mega form, transforms into a huge "blaster", Death Slinger. Beelzemon finishes his digivolution into his winged Blast Mode. In Blast Mode he is virtually identical to before, however, he gains Death Slinger, his eyes turn green, he gets wings and several parts of his clothes and gloves turn a much lighter shade of grey. Through out the entire series he becomes more accustomed to his new form and more passionate about saving Jeri as he says "I'll save you if it's the last thing I freakin do!" (It very nearly is: only the intervention of Grani saved him). During his main appearances in this form he is very dedicated to saving Jeri in an attempt to atone for his actions even though he knows what he did was unforgivable. The last time he takes this form during the series is during his and Calumon's rescue mission of Jeri (Calumon somehow was able to sense her presence and where she was) and some Bubbles attacked them. Impmon digivolved to Beelzemon Blast Mode to destroy them and used his guns to get Calumon into the Kernel Sphere and then he was captured by the Sphere and knocked out. He was later released and thrown from the Sphere because he was nearly successful at breaking out. He teams up with Gallantmon and Grani to break back in and free Jeri and after Gallantmon and Grani successfully destroy the Gatekeeper he tries to break into the Kernel Sphere through brute strength alone. His determination causes him to tap into Leomon's data within him (and considering the fact that an image of Leomon seemed to appear over him at the time perhaps Leomon's spirit helped him) and he used Leomon's Fist of the Beast King attack to break in but Jeri rejects him until the very last second because he's not Leomon. He gets badly hurt afterwards by an attack and falls into the Chaos Mass and is thought dead (he was losing data all the way down) but is saved by Grani and de-digivolves back into a badly injured Impmon. He returns in Runaway Locomon in first his original Beelzemon form riding Behemoth trying to "get on" Locomon (he fails and Behemoth is once again destroyed) and then in Blast Mode during the final battle using his Corona Blaster attack (apparently he got another gun as his original was destroyed) and destroying two Parasimon that were about to slay Suzie and Lopmon.


Behemoth (Digimon)

Behemoth (べヒーモス)

Behemoth is a dark motorcycle that can control its rider. Behemoth's origins are unknown, but it first appears after the Tamers arrive in the Digital World. Behemoth is originally piloted by a possessed MetalKoromon and constantly rampages through a village. Guilmon gets on only to fall under the spell himself. Thanks to Leomon, Guilmon is freed, and Behemoth fell into a pool of lava.

To everyone's surprise, the motorcycle emerged again, this time with the recently digivolved Beelzemon as its rider. Unlike other Digimon, it seems Beelzemon is not affected by Behemoth's mind-controlling abilities. Behemoth serves as Beelzemon's mode of transportation, giving him a serious advantage in terms of speed.

In the final battle between Gallantmon and Beelzemon, it is finally destroyed by Gallantmon with his Lightning Joust attack. Beelzemon later has to travel on foot wherever he goes until he gains the ability to fly in his Blast Mode. Behemoth somehow returned in Runaway Locomon where it was yet again destroyed, this time by Locomon, so possibly, the Behemoth never really was destroyed, since its data wasn't loaded and it may have put itself back together, as it seems to have a mind of its own.

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