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Voice actor(s): Ikkei Seta (Japanese)
Lex Lang and (Steve Staley Justimon) (English)
Partner(s): Ryo Akiyama
Fresh Ketomon
In-Training Hopmon
Rookie Monodramon
Champion Strikedramon
Ultimate Cyberdramon
Mega Justimon

Cyberdramon is an Ultimate Level Digimon, and is the partner of Ryo Akiyama. Feral in personality, his mission is to annihilate any Virus-type Digimon that have invaded the network. However, Cyberdramon is a lone soldier not affiliated with the "Virus Busters" group. His partner whips him if he gets out of control.

Conception and creation

Cyberdramon was the default Digimon chosen after the Digimon video game character Ryo was adapted for television and needed a Digimon partner. Game developers at Bandai conceived of Cyberdramon's aggressive persona. One of his Digivolutions, Justimon, was inspired by Kamen Rider and other superheroes from the 1970s.[1]


Cyberdramon is a Cyborg Digimon of Dragon Man lineage who is clad in a special eraser-made armor.


Ryo and Cyberdramon first appeared in the clockwork-like cloud plain of the Digital World when they stopped Megadramon and resealed him by pushing him back into the ground and rejamming the clock. Cyberdramon also defeated Majiramon, and he and Ryo went off to find Cyberdramon's ultimate opponent. This led them to Baihumon's realm where Ebonwumon was watching it while Baihumon was fighting the D-Reaper. Cyberdramon was also present when it came to him and Ryo Bio-merging to Justimon to fight the D-Reaper.

He is also unique in the sense that when Ryo and Cyberdramon biomerge they do it while he is in his Ultimate form, unlike traditional tamers who merge with their digimon in their Rookie forms to become Mega Digimon.

In the movie Runaway Locomon, after the battle against the Parasimon, Cyberdramon was present at Rika's birthday party.

Other forms

The name "Cyberdramon" refers to only the Ultimate form of this digimon. Throughout the series, Cyberdramon also appears in other forms (each with a different name). The Ultimate form, however, remains as his most common form.



Hopmon is Cyberdramon's In-Training form. After the D-Reaper was defeated, he de-digivolved to Hopmon and was forced to return to the Digital World.



Monodramon is Cyberdramon's Rookie form. Cyberdramon de-digivolved to Monodramon when he boarded the Arc. When in this form, his personality also changed from a fierce, growling beast to a more inquistive, playful Digimon.



Justimon is Cyberdramon's Mega form. Ryo Biomerged with his partner to become Justimon. This form's appearance and abilities were inspired by Super Sentai and other Tokusatsu-based heroes, more specifically from the Showa-era Kamen Rider series. There he teamed up with the other Mega-Level Digimon of the Tamers to fight against the D-Reaper. He helped out a lot in the fight against the evil program. When the D-Reaper grew in size, the team again met to free Jeri from the core of the D-Reaper. While Gallantmon tried to reach the core, Justimon, together with Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon, fought against the massive Cable Reaper. Because all of their attacks couldn't defeat the powerful being, Sakuyamon gave her powers to Justimon, who redirected it into his blade. With his now immense blade he cut the Cable Reaper in half but it soon regenerated. The Digimon Sovereign then arrived, however, and dragged the Cable Reaper back into the Digital World. Soon afterwards MegaGargomon activated the Juggernaut program which devolved the D-Reaper and during this time Justimon split back into Ryo and Cyberdramon.

In the movie Runaway Locomon, Justimon arrived from the Digital World to help the other Tamers fight the swarm of Parasimon. It is unknown why he was there in the first place or how he knew that they needed his help.


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