Mini Vehicles are a subgroup of Transformers toys initially based on the Japanese Microman toy line. These smaller toys were initially called Minicars, but as new characters were added to the line that turned into things like tanks, jets and hovercraft, Hasbro changed the subgroup's name to Mini Vehicles. A popular Transformers fandom term for the Mini Vehicles are the "Mini-Bots."

There are a number of color and sticker variations in Mini Vehicle models, resulting in dozens of rare or unusual versions.

Initially the Mini Vehicles were all Autobots, but some foreign and late released Mini Vehicles were Decepticons - so far all Decepticon Mini Vehicles are recolors of Autobot ones.

In Argentina, a number of the Mini-Bot molds were released with different names than in the rest of the Americas, and in many different colors.

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