Transmetal IIs are a type of Transformer technology in the fictional Transformers Universes.

First named by Megatron in Season Three of the Beast Wars series, it was a term used to described Predacons and Maximals who had undergone a process that converted their beast modes into a sort of cyborg. This was also mirrored in their robot forms as well. Their feral instincts were also enhanced, which while this allowed them to fight better, meant they could lose themselves to their base animal instincts.

Transmetal II technology is created by altering the preexisting Transmetal technology. Usually with the Vok Transmetal II Driver, although it may be possible that there are other ways this might be done. Transmetal II Technology has three primary characteristics:

1) The Transformer must have organic components
2) The Transformer’s “beast mode” has cybernetic implants, much like a cyborg
3) The robot mode is heavily influenced by the beast half

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