Beast Wars Neo
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Genre(s) Anime
Voices Hozumi Gôda
no. of Seasons 1
no. of Episodes Beast Wars Neo#Episodes
Runing time 30 minutes
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[[Transformers Beast Wars Neo video cover.jpg|250px]]

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Beast Wars Neo is a 1999 Japanese Transformers television animated series and toy line, and a sequel to Beast Wars II.[1][2]


The series focuses on a battle between Maximal and Predacon factions for possession of an energy source called Angolmois. The lone "one-man army" Big Convoy is assigned the task of being teacher to a group of young recruits against Magmatron's group. By the end of the series, however, both forces unite to oppose the wrath of the dark god Unicron.


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Beast Wars Neo's toy line contains exclusive figures available only in Japan, some of which later became available to other fans via the Hasbro online store or were available in later series, sometimes repainted and remolded. The Transformers: Universe release of Nemesis Prime was Hasbro's repaint of Big Convoy and was released in Australia as exclusive item, in addition to being a Target exclusive in the United States. Magmatron also ended up as a Target exclusive.


  1. Move Out Big Convoy!
  2. Get the Mysterious Capsule!
  3. Burning Spirit Below Freezing
  4. Hang in there Stampy!
  5. Mirage in the Sand
  6. Dinosaur Combiner Magmatron
  7. Duel in the Midst of Labyrinth
  8. Danger of the Black Hole
  9. Sub-Commander Longrack
  10. Whoa! Eaten!
  11. Planet of Time
  12. Hydra Alone
  13. Break is a Destron
  14. Ship's Log (clip show of previous episodes)
  15. Mach Kick Enlists!
  16. Planet of the Ultimate Weapon
  17. Troubled DNAVI
  18. Randy, Attack!
  19. Physicist Bump
  20. Hardhead is Hardheaded
  21. Deep-sea Personal Combat
  22. The Stolen Gung-Ho
  23. Hot-blooded Instructor Survive
  24. Assemble, New Warriors! (clip show of previous episodes)
  25. The Mysterious Beast Warrior
  26. The Stolen Capsule
  27. Pursue the Blendtrons
  28. Angered Magmatron
  29. Illusions? LioConvoy
  30. Unicron Revived...
  31. Unicron's Ambition
  32. Fight, Cybertrons!
  33. The End of the Cybertrons...
  34. The Last Battle
  35. Graduation (larger part is a clip show of previous episodes)


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