Voice actor(s):Takeshi Kusao (Japanese)
Partner(s):Taiki Kudou
Zenjirou Tsurugi


Ballistamon is a noble and taciturn warrior who bears a resemblance to a robotic Hercules beetle. Ballistamon has been seen to have a compartment in his chest that can be used to carry cargo, such as the Wristers given to the members of the Xros Heart army. Ballistamon was one of the first members of the Xros Heart to Digixros alongside Shoutmon to create Shoutmon X2. Ballistamon usually DigiXroses with Shoutmon and Dorulumon to form the chest and arms of Shoutmon X3 and his more stronger forms.


Ballistamon is a Digimon whose name and design are derived from the ballista. It is a heavyweight Digimon that possesses bulky metallic armor and overwhelming power. It appears warlike at first glance, but because of its gentle personality, preferring harmony to conflict, it will never attack first. However, if it gets into a fight, it becomes a powerful and matchless fighter that swings its stout arms and wipes out the opponent. With its heavy armor and great power, its potential for both offense and defense is great, and if it connects with a hit then it doesn't quit, although its specialty is a single blow of its certain-kill attack, which capitalizes on its great power. However, its too-heavy body can be its ruin and there is a problem with its keenness, so it is not very good at fighting with fast-moving opponents. The horn on its head is its pride, and though the horn becomes the essence of its close-combat attacks, it hates for the horn to be carelessly touched. Also, Ballistamon is able to lend its heavy armor and power to another Digimon by changing into its "Enhanced-armor Mode" (強化装甲形態 Kyoukasoukou Keitai?).[1]


  • Horn Breaker: Heroically uses its horn to fling the opponent.
  • Heavy Speaker: Emits a low tone from the speaker in its belly, shattering the opponent. This technique conceals the power to smash rocks and shake mountains, and that power level rises when it gets hungry.
  • Arm Bunker: Charges energy into its arm.

Other Forms




DarkVolumon is the original form of Ballistamon, a stag-beetle type digimon who was a member of Olegmon's crew.




After Ballistamon merged with Persiamon, they both share a comedic mixed version of themselves.


  • Belly Balli Dance: Entices foes with a sensual belly dance.
  • Cat Speaker: Emits a low tone from the speaker in its belly, shattering the opponent.

Ballistamon Sexter Launcher

Ballistamon Sextet Launcher, shortened to Ballistamon SR, is the DigiXros of Ballistamon and Dorulumon in the manga, .


  • Sextet Storm: Unleashes its ordinance of six cannons.

Ballistamon Mush Cottage

Ballistamon Mush Cottage shortened to Ballistamon MC, is a the DigiXros of Ballistamon and three Mushroomon. In this form, it takes the appearance of a cottage complete with a kitchen and dining room, all of which are mushroom-themed. It comes equipped with a "Teppan Soul" griddle, "Mask Freezer" freezer, "Blast Oven" oven, and "Armed Conro" stove.


  • Mush Full Course: Cooks and serves a wide variety of mushroom-themed dishes.

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