(アルボルモン Arbormon)

Type:Cyborg Digimon
Family(s):Nature Spirits
Voice actor(s):Richard Cansino (English), Kenji Nomura (Japanese)

Arbormon is a fictional character in Digimon and is a major character in Digimon Frontier. He was voiced by Richard Cansino (US), who did an impersonation of Sylvester Stallone as Rocky, and Kenji Nomura (Japan).



Human Spirit of Wood

Arbormon is the Legendary Warrior of Wood, using the power of AncientTroiamon. His Beast Hybrid form is Petaldramon.

A wooden android Digimon modeled after a Karakuri puppet, Arbormon is notorious for seemingly randomly giving advice for a good life (this personality trait was not retained in the dubbed version). Arbormon's primary traits are sloth and gluttony, having spent most of the series either trying to find something to eat or sleeping. However, he is fiercely loyal to his allies and his primary goal in fighting the DigiDestined was to avenge Grumblemon having his Beast Spirit lost. Arbormon was capable of Slide Evolving to Petaldramon.

Ultimately, he fought the DigiDestined on his own and was defeated, whereupon his Beast Spirit was absorbed by Lobomon. Immediately afterwards, Duskmon appeared and destroyed Arbormon, stating that, without his Beast Spirit, there was really no use for him. After his death, Arbormon's Human Spirit was absorbed by Duskmon. Later on when Koji took the Spirits of Darkness, he also took Arbormon's Spirit (though it wasn't shown clearly). Arbormon's spirits were later transferred into Takuya's D-Tector so he could Hyper Spirit Evolve to EmperorGreymon.

A purified Arbormon later appeared at the Village Of Beginnings to help the other legendary warriors fight Crusadermon and Dynasmon.


  • Roundhouse Punt/Power Pummel (Machinegun Dance): His legs and arms spin while attached to ropes when he uses them to punch/kick his opponents from long distances.
  • Blockade Seed: Fires a seed-like bomb from his mouth which on contact opens up to release several vines that bind up the enemy and drains them of energy. This is not referred to by name in the anime.



Beast Spirit of Wood




  • Leaf Cyclone: Stands on his hind legs and releases a twin tornadoes of wind and leaves from his nostrils while the ring of leaves around his neck rotates.
  • Thorn Jab (Thousand Spike): Can send his tail underground and make it sprout several times elsewhere, ensnaring his opponents with thorny vines.
  • Leaf Torture: Can swallow wood to grow giant sized. This is not referred to by name in the anime.

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