Mako and Ai

Ai (アイ?) and Mako (Makoto (マコト?) in the original Japanese version) are fictional characters from the anime Digimon Tamers, the third season of the popular Digimon series. Ai is voiced by Rebecca Olkowski, while Mako is voiced by Wendee Lee in the English language version.

In Digimon Tamers, Ai and Mako are the sibling pair who were destined to be the Tamers of the rogue Digimon Impmon. Having no one to properly teach them on the duties and behavior of being Tamers, the 4-year-olds originally treated him as an object to argue over. The discouraged Impmon fled his toddler trainers and went off to become involved with the other adventures of the series.

Much later in the series, Impmon returned to find Ai and Mako deeply ashamed at how they had acted and missing him terribly, they begged the Digimon for his forgiveness. Impmon accepted and they became a family once again. When Beelzemon had to take up arms against the threat of the D-Reaper, Mako provided him with a toy gun, which Beelzemon morphed into a very real and very powerful energy rifle, and Ai provided a kiss to the taken-back Digimon for good luck. With that he raced off to play a major role in the last few episodes of the series, fighting off the D-Reaper and attempting to save Jeri Katou. By the end of the series they have officially become his Tamers having been granted a D-Power by a DigiGnome.

Not much is known of what became of Ai and Mako after Impmon returned to the Digital World, other than that they were eventually reunited with him when Takato Matsuki discovered a Digital Portal, and the three are presumed to be living together as a family.

The name of the two characters, Ai and Makoto, may be an homage to Ai Maeda (AiM) who sings some of the theme songs for Digimon in the Japanese version.[citation needed]

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